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SKY3DS+ or SKY3DS PLUS is the best one for playing 3ds games. Support all new 3DS games including Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon with V130  firmwareNew 2 buttons are easier and convenient to change games. It is also easy to use, drag, plug, then play,no diskwriter required. Now, it is working on 3DS 11.3.0 and region free with soundhax or ninjhax 2.9.

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  • No SD Card
  • SanDisK 8G
  • SanDisK 16G
  • SanDisK 32G

Availability: WORLDWIDE

$97.99 $97.99

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SKY3DS team new product, SKY3DS+ or called SKY3DS PLUS. which has all the functions of blue button sky3ds. That's meaning you can play any 3ds roms directly on your 3DS/N3DS/2DS console. No difficult setup. Very easy to use. SKY3DS+ /PLUS is working with no diskwriter tool. We will ship you the card from USA/France or other stocks in the worldwide!

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Latest News:

  • SKY3DS+ V130 firmware released to support Pokemon Sun and Moon and exFAT, solved new AP check. (13/02/2017)
  • SKY3DS+ PLUS can support the newest 3DS V11.3.0-36 (06/02/2017)

  • Sky3DS+ the newest firmware V112 is released! download it in Support you play all games online with one private game header. (02/22/2016)
  • SKY3DS+ PLUS V110 Firmware is updated, support NEW 3DS Games without download or updating gamelist.bin file.(01/18/2016)
  • SKY3DS+ PLUS supports 3DS 10.4.0-29U/J/E firmware directly!(01/18/2016)

Why buy from us ?

  1. USA customer can get the product within 3-5 workding day.
    Send from USA. 
  2. French customer can get the product within 1-3 workding day.
  3. Send from USA/France and Other Places to Worldwide sutomers.
  4. For other countries users use DHL express shipping
    SKY3DS is very expensive, the free shipping or normal air mail will take a long time. It's not safe.
    DHL express is very fast and safe. 3-7 working days to all over the world and delivery
  5. is the official reseller of sky3ds.You can check our site on
  6. We provide more than 1300+ free 3DS game source,you can download directly
  7. We provide https for accounts and payment. It's very safe.
  8. we provide the best service for our customer.
    7x24 hours online chat,emails will be reply within 24 hours(working days).
  9. Money back guaranty
    If the product can' work we can change a new one or refund full money back.
  10. Reputable site which have many customers and facebook fans.
    You can get latest news tutorials and help from our blog .

 (PS: there are many fake sites cheat users money,please be careful,if the site no any reply please don't buy from them,even if they are listed on the sky3ds reseller)

SKY3DS Initial Guide:

* Playing games:

1.Format your microSD card to FAT32 in Windows,and copy the roms into it directly, no diskwriter tool required any more.
2.Download the newest gamelist.bin(like a template file used by the old sky3DS card, will keep it updated 
constantly for new games later) from,copy it into the root of your microSD card. 

3.Enjoy your games, switch games by pressing the orange button back and forth.


Note: A settings.txt file and other .sav files will be built in your microSD card once start to play 
games, open the settings.txt, set the CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS = 1(default 0, can change 
it anytime later) and save it, a .CFG file will be created in your microSD card after a game has 
been played, it includes the specific info for that game(CART_ID,FLASH_ID...), you can build
you own .CFG file for playing a new game(or an online game) later if you know how to get those
info properly, which means you don't have to wait for the updated gamelist.bin file by our site, 
the .CFG file has a higher priority than a gamelist.bin file.

*Firmware update:

sky3DS+ will come with the newest firmwareV4(FIRMWARE_VERSION=4 in the settings.txt, you
don't need to do any update at the moment), we will keep it updated on our site if needed.

1.Download the updated firmware.bin from, and copy it into the root directory of 
your microSD card.

2.Insert your microSD card into sky3DS+, connect your PC and sky3DS+ with a USB cable(come 
with, which can also work as a USB Adapter once connection built).

3.The LED red light will turn on for 10 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing for
10 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully. Alert:
Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keep flashing, it might damage your sky3DS+ card! 

4.Delete the firmware.bin file in your microSD card.

Sky3DS+ PLUS Features:

  • Support Any 3DS console. New3DS(LL),3DS(XL,LL),2DS,any region, any firmware (inlucde 11.3.0, 11.2.0,11.0.0, 10.7.0, 10.6.0,10.5.0,10.4.0, 10.3.0,10.2.0,10.1.0,9.6.0,9.5.0)
  • Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support.
  • Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with all saving,load,online game, etc..functions).
  • Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC cards.
  • Support Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon and other New or Old 3DS Games.
  • Support exFat, 3ds roms over 4GB can be played directly by Sky3ds+ V130 firmware.
  • Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;
  • More easier to use,copy and play,no diskWriter required;
  • Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
  • AP checks solved;
  • Firmware updatable.

Why it's worthy to buy ?

You can use the SKY3DS+ enjoy at least more than 300+ free 3DS games. The latest and old games are all work as the retail game card.Becuase it's not like classic r4 flashcart,it's not hacked the 3DS system. So you don't worry about it will break your 3DS. 

SKY3DS+ is very easy to use, if you have kids, it's the best card, becasue it's support plug&play,you don't need waste time to setup again and again.

SKY3DS plus is a one card solution, you don't need to pay the expensive 3DS game card again. It will save you a lots of money.
sky3ds+ 3ds game

What's the SKY3DS+ PLUS include ?

sky3ds+ plus

The SKY3DS+ has only one card. Buy you must buy a micro sd card to hold the 3DS roms. The Max size is 128GB. 
Because the SKY3DS plus can play unlimited 3ds games ,so  you should buy the SKY3DS+  with one micro sd card. 



Works on my 3ds xl v11.3.0-36u!

First, shipping is fast and good, ths sites is really shipping from USA not China. I just waited it for 5 days. And this card also works on my 3ds xl latest console version 11.3, I'm so happy to use it to play Super Mario Maker and other games. Thanks, hope you can offer cheap price in the nex time.



Great service! Highly recommended.

Im very satisfied to chose this website to get my sky3ds+ card. The service and responce is incredibly fast. Payment super easy and you really get what you paid for. I can't wait to receive my card to start having fun. I will recomend this site to my friends in my social media. Really good one super legit.



my order

how long does it take to ship to canada??



Buy 2 or 3 Sky3ds+

I get one Sky3ds+ coupon from reddit but I'm the guy who prepare to buy 2 or 3 sky3ds+ cards, can i get a bigger discount? If so, please send me the voucher code, thanks!



Send from Europe?

Hi, I'm in Germany, already send money to our paypal account to buy this card. Just one question, do you ship from Europe, yes?

Reply: Yes, we have warehouse in NA, Europe and Asia. Yours Sky3ds+ will be shipped within Europe.



Receive the paypal payment?

Hi, sales, I already send money to your paypal account. When will my card be shipped and is it with pre-downloaded firmware or 3ds roms?

Reply: Don't worry, we checked and received your payment in Paypal. Your card will be sent out within 24 working hours. Currently, we provide sd card with rom and firmware pre-downloaded service with only Free shipping and DHL way. The card send from United State will include the service very soon!



Hey, card received in UK!

I'm getting the sky3ds+ package one day ago, no tax and no other fee, you really ship it in Europe. Thank you, my friend want to have it too. We will buy it soon.



Have a blue sky3ds, should i buy this too?

Buy the blue sky3ds one year ago, back to your site and find this new version card. Can you tell me will the team produce another sky3ds card in future, I just want to keep one card to play 3ds games. Is the sky3ds+ updatable, yes?

Reply: Yes, the sky3ds+ supports updating, it with firmware, so the team can release new firmware to update the card. It can be updated within the chip, so you don't have to buy another sky3ds in future.



How many days for shipping?

Need this card very urgently, I'm going for a trip in this week and now in UK, can you send it to me with 3-day shipping service?

Reply: Yes, just place order now, your card will be shipped from France, 3 to 4 day for delivery!



How many days to Canada?

The shipment to Canada is a little expensive, can you give me some discount and how many days for shipping?

Reply: Yes, we'd love to give you discount on the shipping. Will send the voucher code to your e-mail soon. 3 to 5 days to Canada, absolutely safe!



USPS to Los Angeles, right?

I want this card in one week. Please confirm you are shipping from USA, I already choose USPS as the shipment.

Reply: Yes, to the customers live in USA and choose the charged shipping, we send your card from USA. Don't worry, it's fast!



Works on 10.7.0-32u, Confirmed!

Just update my 3dsxl to the 10.7 version. Play 3ds games directly as before! You guys are offering the Amazing card, thanks.




I am very satisfied with the sky 3ds+, customer service is very good they email you right away.. Only downside for me is that if I want to play nds games I have to buy the r43ds to play only nds games. But still I'm happy and looking forward to buy more from you.



Best 3ds card

The shipment was really fast and it work good on my 3ds you can play any 3ds game ans is simple changing between games love it

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Sky3ds plus for 2ds 10.6.0-31u?

I only have the 2ds console,want to play 3ds games on it, now i already update it to the latest 10.6.0-31u, can i buy the sky3ds plus card for my game machine?

Reply: Yes, this SKy3ds+ is 100% working on 2ds/3ds/new 3ds with 10.6 to 1.0 firmware versions. No need to worry about its console compatibility!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Received the Sky3DS+. How to access roms download?

Hello, the shipping was fast. Thank you. As stated on the product page, there is a source provided to download 3DS roms, where could I access that please?

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Shipping question

I have just ordered my Sky3DS+ earlier today. I live within the USA, Eastern Standard Time. Will my product still be shipped soon despite the Chinese holiday? And how do I receive game ROM support? Other than that, I appreciate the great service this website provides, and hope my product can come soon.



Better than expected...

Didn't know what to expect, as this was my first time ordering from this site. Couldn't be more impressed with the ease of site use, the overall variety of items and the blazing fast shipping that i received. It was a pleasant surprise to open my mail today and have this in it. Will definitely purchase from here again. Also, it was beyond easy and super quick to get my card updated and games playing. Extremely impressed with the Sky3ds Plus!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


My card is working well!

I've received the card and used it well on the 3DS 10.5.0-30U. It supports all the 3ds games i download from their site, just notice you should attention the region of the games. I'm very satisfied with Sky3ds+.




Finally got it, and I'm pleased. It plays all my games so far, and now I don't have enough time in my day anymore



Card in stock?

A few days ago, you wrote pre-order on this page. Now i don't see. Does that mean you have the card in stock? If you I order one now, when can ship it out?

Reply: Yes, Sky3ds+ is full in our American and French and other Worldwide warehouses. After your order, Sky3ds+ card will be out after 24 hours in working days. You can have tracking number in e-mail!



Worth the wait

It was a long wait for the Sky3ds Plus, but it was worth it. The customer service was very helpful and replied right away. The Sky3ds Plus plays all my games perfectly.



Receive the card, I'm in USA.

It is really a long shipping time, but anyway, i have received your SKY3DS+ card and played 3ds games using the guide you gave. The Sky3ds+ is really easier to use than blue version and I could choose the pointed game to play via pressing the button several times. BTW, as for the free gift, micro sd card, i should say thanks.
Reply: Dear Customer, really apologize for letting you wait so long. Due to the delay releasing of Sky3ds+ cards and the busy USPS season, the pre-order time is rather long than we expected before. But from now on, all Sky3ds+ cards are in USA, French and Worldwide warehouses, we will ship the card very soon! We can promise here!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Happy to see the card in shipping!

I'm excited, my sky3ds+ card will arrive soon according the tracking info. Thanks and you do as promised, can i play Monster Hunter X, Happy Home Designer and Zelda 3ds games on the card?

Reply: Yes, you can download these games to play. But notice when you put 3ds rom larger than 4GB, you should trim the roms firstly.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


Thanks for telling me the truth!

You are so responsible for not shipping untested first batch sky3ds plus cards to us. Though i can't get this card for now, i appreciate your profession and reliability. I can wait for longer, just e-mail me once you prepare to send this card out!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.


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Sky3DS+|Sky3ds PLUS

Sky3DS+|Sky3ds PLUS

SKY3DS+ or SKY3DS PLUS is the best one for playing 3ds games. Support all new 3DS games including Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon with V130  firmwareNew 2 buttons are easier and convenient to change games. It is also easy to use, drag, plug, then play,no diskwriter required. Now, it is working on 3DS 11.3.0 and region free with soundhax or ninjhax 2.9.

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This page is for the Sky3ds+ card customers and users, if you are not sure whether or not Sky3ds+ supports your 3DS/N3DS/2DS console firmware version or a little worry about updating the 3ds family handheld to the latest system. You can find answer here. Yes, this post shows you Sky3ds+ plus card compatibility for DIFFERENT 3DS Firmwares!

Nintendo 3DS Latest Firmware: 10.7.0-32U/E/J

Sky3ds+ plus support 3DS 10.7: Yes. Sky3ds+ supports directly on N3DS/3DS/2DS console with firmware version 10.7.0-32U/E/J.

Nintendo 3DS Latest Firmware: 10.6.0-31U/E/J

Sky3ds+ plus support 3DS 10.6: Yes. Sky3ds+ supports directly on N3DS/3DS/2DS console with firmware version 10.6.0-31U/E/J.

Nintendo 3DS Firmware: 10.5.0-30U/E/J

Sky3ds+ plus support 3DS 10.5: Yes. Sky3ds+ supports directly on N3DS/3DS/2DS console with firmware version 10.5.0-30U/E/J.

Nintendo 3DS Firmware: 10.4.0-29U/E/J

Sky3ds+ plus support 3DS 10.4: Yes. Sky3ds+ supports directly on N3DS/3DS/2DS console with firmware version 10.4.0-29U/E/J.

Nintendo 3DS Firmware:10.3.0-28U/E/J

Sky3ds+ plus support 3DS 10.3: Yes. Sky3ds+ supports directly on N3DS/3DS/2DS console with firmware version 10.3.0-28U/E/J.

Sky3ds+ supports 3DS 10.2/10.1/10.0/9.9/9.8/9.7 to the lowest 1.0 firmware version?

When Sky3ds V3 is out by the official team the Nintendo 3DS has the 10.3 firmware at that time. So all the above video show you Sky3ds+ compatibility for 3ds firmware higher than 10.3.0-28. As for the 3ds system version lower than V10.3, it never be a problem for whatever Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ card. Like the R4 3DS, Sky3ds+ is with backward compatibility, so no matter you are having 2DS/3DS/N3DS console with 10.2, 10.1, 10.0, 9.x.x, 8.x.x to the 1.x.x, the Sky3ds+ plus card is 100% supporting 3DS Game Roms on them!

P.S: If Nintendo 3ds update again in future or you are still having question on the Sky3ds+ card compatibility, welcome to e-mail us here We are alwasy here to solve your problem and update Sky3ds+ game play on the latest 3ds system version here!