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Gateway 3DS Card

Gateway 3DS supports 3ds games, cheat code and emunand 11.0.Gateway 3DS supports all 3DS roms,play any 3DS ROM from all regions.Firmware spoofing allow gamers to play those games without the need for updating 3DS system.Support region free, multi-rom, built-in game menu and so on. Now ULTRA 3.7+ support 3DS 4.1~9.2 directly.

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  • No SD Card
  • kingston 2G
  • SanDisK 4G
  • SanDisK 8G
  • SanDisK 16G

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Gateway 3DS for Nintendo 3DS 3DS(XL): Now For 3DS V4.1 to V9.2

sky3ds+ ship free

Gateway 3DS is the first and only flashcart that can play 3ds games with cheats code.Gateway 3ds card is in the USA/French and Worldwide stock of Gateway 3DS card include 2 cards —blue card and red card .The blue card use for cracking 3DS’s NDS model,the red card use for saving 3ds game ROM.The red can run on 3DS V4.1.0~V 9.2.0.Gateway 3ds region free and firmware spoofing features have been released.Firmware spoofing is quite useful because newer 3DS games require you to update your 3DS to a higher firmware than the GW3DS supports. Firmware spoofing(EmuNand) can let your play high version request games on your lower version 3DS console, you don't need to upgrade your 3DS system and can enjoy the latest 3DS games..Region free will allow gamers to play any 3DS ROM, from any region, on any region-locked 3DS. Gateway 3DS is compatible with 3DS firmware 4.1~9.2 currently.

Gateway 3DS can save you a lots of money, you can play all the latest and old 3DS&DS games on your 3DS console. All the game roms are free from the Internet, you can download freely.

Why Buy From ?

  • USA Reseller,Shipping From USA, Fracne and Worldwide. USA customer can receive the product within 2-5 working days. French customer can have the card within 1 to 3 days.
    We ship to anywhere in the world. 
  • Professional flashcart reseller: we provide 100% original card, no fake,no clone!
  • Fast Delivery, We provide multiple choice,Free Shipping/USPS/DHL/UPS etc.
  • Professional after-sale service. Online live support.
  • Free numerous Game rom source. Game download links will be sent with tracing number email.


Gateway 3DS Card Latest Updates/News:

  • News: Gateway 3DS 4.0 Private Beta is out for supportting GW time machine app and A9LH installer.[2016.6.01] 
  • News: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.7.1 updated for emunand 10.6 on both old and new 3ds console, also fix In-game menu for certain games.
  • News: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.6.2 released for adding more functions in the cheatcode editor, support save back to Micro sd card, no PC need.
  • News: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.5.1 is for fixing cheats engine bug, loading issues for CIA based games in classic mode and supporting bigger ExFAT cluster sizes again.
  • Updates: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.5 supports 10.3 Emunand on Old 3ds and Cheats.
  • Latest News: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.4 was released to pass New anti-piracy check in latest 3ds games and improve firmware sproofing to support higher version games. Gateway cheat is coming soon!
  • Breaking News: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.2.1 was released to add Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds with New 3DS support and another option to boot into SYSNAND mode directly.
  • Breaking News: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.1 was released. Support NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL8.x~9.2 . 
  • Breaking News: Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.0 was released. Support 3DS 4.1~9.2 directly. 
    Now gateway 3DS works on latest 3DS. (from 4.1 ~9.2 firmwares)[2015.1.10] 
    NOt Support New 3DS currently,2DS have many bugs, don't recommend 2DS user buy this card.
    How to setup ultra 3.0 ?  
    How to downgrade ? 

  • BIG News: Gateway will support 3DS 9.0~9.2 soon [NOV 13,2014]
    Gateway 3DS working on New 3DS 9.2.0-20 is out. Support multi-rom,region free,homebrews.  

  • Gateway 3DS firmware OMEGA 2.5 released Support EmuNand 9.2.0-20[Oct 30,2014]
    1)Support region free

    2)multirom menu
    3)firmware spoofing 
  • Gateway 3DS firmware OMEGA 2.4B released Support 3DS 9.0 EmuNand.[Oct 16,2014]
  • Gateway 3DS firmware omega 2.2 released.[2014.5.9]
  • GATEWAY 3DS 2.0 SNEAK PEAK 2 OF 2 GW3DS Nand Emulation,emulation 3DS console NAND emulation solution that will allow you to run up-to-date firmware, without the need for spoofing!  But it can't run on 2DS/3DS(XL) 6.x.x yet
  • Gateway firmware 2.1 “OMEGA” released (2014.3.30)
  • Gateway 3ds release 1.2 : Support for iQue (China) and HK (Taiwan) region consoles has finally arrived !(2013.09.09)
  •  gateway 3ds V1.1 REGION-FREE and FIRMWARE SPOOFING features (hack 3DS) released!


Gateway 3DS Card for Nintendo 3DS Features:

  • Supports 3DS System menu v4.1.0 to v9.2.0
  • Supports N3DS System menu up to v9.2.0
  • Plays 3DS ROMs
  • Region free
  • System menu version spoofing
  • EmuNAND support
  • eShop support
  • .CIA and DevMenu support
  • Cheat Funcionality


How to use Gateway 3ds card: 

Step 1:  Prepare a micro sd card and farmat it to FAT32.Go to the folder
              GW_Release1.1->Blue Card(R4i),
              Copy all the files like the below picture. to the root dir of the sd card.

Step2:   Go to the folder GW_Release_1.0->GW Release.You can see the file Launcher.dat.
               Now get out the SD card on the 3DS right. put it into your PC(maybe you need a Reader).
               Copy the 
Launcher.dat to the SD card and put the sd card back to 3DS.

Step 3:  For 3DS 4.1~4.5
             Go to the 3DS system settings->Ohter Settings->Profile->Nintendo DS Profile Press A.
             The 3DS will be white screen for a while,don’t worry,just wait. then Press HOME to back.Now,all the crack jobs are finished.Be careful, keep the 3DS power on,don’t close the system.
              For 3DS 4.6~9.2
             you don't need to use the blue card. Just insert the red card. user the 3DS browser visit,the process will auto finish. If you want to goto the GW menu option. When the GW run Press the L button.
             For NEW 3DS(XL) 8.x~9.2                                                                                                                                                                              
             You must prepare the game copy either Zelda Ocean of Time or Cubic Ninja for booting into Gateway mode on NEW  3DS consoles. Or if you have a SKY3DS card, it could be done as well, here is the gui

Gateway 3DS setup tutorial

[Remember: every time your 3ds reboot, you must repeat the 3 steps above again.]

How to identify fake card:

Detailed tutorial about Gateway 3ds Card:



Gateway is in your French stock?

Hi, i prepare to buy the gateway 3ds card from you. Can you send it from France to my country United Kingdom, is the card stock in France, yes?

Reply: Yes, choose the DHL/FR-overseas service, the card will from France to UK. Gateway, Sky3ds+ and R4 card are full in stock in our USA and French stock, do not worry.



I have a question

I have a question, do you have the new gateway that can use for 10.3 or 10.7?

Reply: Sorry the Gateway 3ds card isn't working on 10.3 and 10.7. It is only supports 3DS FW up to 9.2.



Gateway 3ds supports 3DS V11.0?

The website says GW supports 3DS V11.0, is it true?

Reply: No, GW only says their card supports Emunand 11.0 not the 3DS Sysnand 11.0. You have to know the difference. If your 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS console with V11.0/V11.1, go to buy Sky3ds+.



gate way 3ds

can i use this card with version 4.4.0-10u please help me and is there a limit on how many games u can put on there



Gateway card in stock?

Hi, I hear you ship GW from USA and France in Reddit. I live in Canada,where do you send the card to me and how many days should i wait for it?
Placed the order already, choose the express service, it says 3 to 5 days for delivery, just ship it out now! Thanks.

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When will Gateway support 10.3?

I would love to buy Gateway 3ds card. The sky3ds and Sky3ds+ is too espensive. But my 3ds firmware is on 10.2, when can i use it with Gateway 3ds card?

Reply: The team just released the news, I thought 1 or 2 months you should waited. If you can't affor the Sky3ds price, we can give you discount.



Ship Gateway card by UPS or USPS?

I want to know which shipping service do you use in America, UPS or USPS? Which one is more quicker?

Reply: For the Gateway 3ds card, we use USPS First Class service, 3 to 5 days for shipping. UPS is more expensive and faster.



Impressed by your Fast Shipping!

I ordered from other sites but never got the Gateway 3ds shipped by them. You are the only one that ships the flashcard and only uses 3 days for shipping!

I'm gonna buy more cards very soon.



Awesome Card and Best Shop!

First of all I had a bad experience with another seller, i bought card from them but got no reply or product from them in a month. That's really make me worried and disappointed. Then, a friend of mine introduced you to me and said i could order Gateway 3ds card in your site. So i e-mailed you firstly, to my surprise, i received your e-mail very quickly after my first e-mail. I felt your reliability and placed the order. In the end, i received the card today. Thanks for all, i just waited for 4 days on the card. That's Amazing!



Buy the powerful GW!

I'm very urgent to get this card, on your site, it says shipping within 2 to 5 days, i need it before next Wednesday. Can you promise that?



GW card is all i want for 3ds console!

Really excited! I can use Gateway 3ds card and its software to do a lot of things on my 3ds console. I managed to downgrade my 3ds to v4.2. This card is super!!!

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The card is awesome! The quality is perfect and fit me greatly! Very good costumer service.




Boa noite , eu tenho um 3ds comprado na lojas americanas , esse Gateway funciona nele ?




anyone knows if works with nintendo Ver. 7.1.0-16E ? many thanks

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Great,My daughter lovers it

Great flashcart,my daughter lovers 3ds games. thank you so much.




a little difficult to use,but worth



I can play 3DS games!

It's ok to play 3DS games.Set up is very easy



My 3ds xl is v4.5 wating

just wating for my Gateway 3DS



Tank you!

The DHL is so fast.I got the Gateway 3DS card.
It's amazing!

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Gateway 3DS Card

Gateway 3DS Card

Gateway 3DS supports 3ds games, cheat code and emunand 11.0.Gateway 3DS supports all 3DS roms,play any 3DS ROM from all regions.Firmware spoofing allow gamers to play those games without the need for updating 3DS system.Support region free, multi-rom, built-in game menu and so on. Now ULTRA 3.7+ support 3DS 4.1~9.2 directly.

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Gateway Latest Firmware

Latest version: V3.7.1 Updated Date:[Jan 19,2016]

Official changelog

  • Latest emunand support (10.4)
  • In-game menu fixed for certain games (Centipede)
  • SAV backup and restore added again for CIA games and SaveDataFiler
  • L button hex and decimal switch too fast fixed in exact cheat search


Real changelog

  • The same as official changelog.


Known Bugs

  • Contains a bug when operating in New 3DS/XL in which 3D stable fails, is solved by closing and opening the cover.


Other Notes

  • SaveDataFiler still requires the .sav to be renamed in order to inject saves for games mounted via the Gateway 3DS flashcart. See Here
  • 10.7.0 and 11.0.0 Is working fine in emunand


GW 3DS Tutorial on 3DS/N3DS/2DS

How to setup Gateway 3DS with ultra 3.7.1?  

Download GW Ultra Firmware