Secure payment

We use the Credit Card/PayPal Payment online. Support Debit and Gift Credit card.
Successful payment will get a confirmation email. Your payment details will be securely transmitted to the bank. 
All the payments are no risk.

Delivery state requried 

If the package is not delivered, the bank will not send the money to us.
and the money will return to customer. 

Paypal and credit card payment 

The 3 payment options you will see when you in the final step "Payment". If you still have questions on whether or not your order is going through in our site, just e-mail to us [email protected].

Option A: If you want to place order with Credit Card payment, click one of the 2 buttons here.

safe site to buy R4 card, SX Pro, Sky3ds with Credit card

Option B:If you want to place order with Paypal payment, place a Credit Card payment firstly with inputing a Wrong CC number, then send us an email to [email protected] with your Order ID, we will give you the Paypal Guide.


  • Q.Can I pay via paypal? 

       A. Yes, just click the "Payment" button, and send an e-mail to [email protected]

  • Q. If I can't receive the card, any guarantee ?

       A.Yes,If customer can't receive the product, we will refund full money back or re-send a new one.

  • Q.If the card can't works, Can I return ?
    A. Yes.If the card can't works, you can return the product back to change a new one or refund. 


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