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Why to buy R4 3DS for kids like to play DS Games(Christmas Gift)?

Already pick up a good Christmas Gift for your kids? Or you need advice on how to choose a cheap but high-quality present for your children who has a 3DS/DS console. Here introduce you the item R4 3ds card, which is better than the normal retail ds game card for little kids to play Free DS games.

Why to choose R4 3DS card for Kids’ Christmas Gift?

If your family has the N3DS, 3DS, 2DS or DS, DSI, DS Lite console and the kids love to play games on it, the inexpensive and multi-functinal R4 3DS card is the most suitable gift.

Your kids will be very happy with this low-price R4 3DS.

Yes, pay less than $20, you can buy your kids an Amazing Christmas Gift. It supports many features in 1 cartridge.

  • All DS Game supporting, it allows your kid to play any downloaded DS roms online or their own ds game backups.
  • Region Free supporting, it allows your kid to play all region DS games on their 3DS/DS consoles.
  • Homebrew supporting, it allows your kid to use Moonshell to watch movie, listen to music, read e-books, view photos.
  • Emulation supporting, it allows your kid to run old school game emulators such as GB, GBC, SNES, NES on 3DS or DS.
  • Real-time save and AR-cheats supporting, it allows your kid to save real-time, cheat freely, get guide in DS gameplay.

Your kids will not fight each other by getting the R4 3DS.

You certainly do not want to buy the same ds game card many times for your 3 to 4 or more kids. But if they all want to play this game, you must do in order to avoid the fighting between your kids. The good news is that, if you prepare R4 3DS cards for your each child, they should be very satified with it and never fight with each other. They can have their own game saves, even multiplely, which won’t be destroyed by others.

Your kids can lean a lot by using the R4 3DS.

Some ds games are very educational for your kids. While playing them with the R4 3ds, you child can learn on Math, Draw, Language, Spelling and so on. Here are a part of these games.

Your kids can spare long free time without feelling bored with the R4 3DS.

R4 3ds is the multi-functional card, your kid can do many things with the R4 3DS besides playing the ds games. So in their long free time, they can have more fun and will not feel bored. Then you can leave them alone if you are busy with something.

3 Reasons R4 3DS is better than DS card for 3DS/DS console?

You may ask then Why to choose the R4 3DS not the Retail ds game card for kids. There are 3 reasons.

  • DS card is old ones. No need to buy now. R4 3DS is the replacement.
  • DS card only supports one game per cart. R4 3DS supports over 1000 ds games.
  • DS card only supports ds games. R4 3DS supports many other features as the above shows.

Where to buy 3DS R4 with the best price and fast shipping?

3DS-FLASHCARD.COM now supports the best price and fast shipping on 3DS R4 card, if you buy now. We will give you 3DS R4 voucher code after e-mail to [email protected], and we ships from USA or France with choosing local carrier, so the shipping will be faster than ones send from HK.

If you want to have the cards before or on Christmas, just catch the time and place the order now!!!

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