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Which cards(R4 or Sky3ds+) work on Pokeball 2ds xl and Zelda 2ds?

Which flashcard plays free games on your upcoming Pokeball 2ds xl or Zelda ocarina of time 2ds console, r4 3ds or sky3ds+? In this article, for you who want to choose a flash cart to either of the 2 handhelds which you bought with a very lower price on this Black Friday, there are some compatible 2ds xl/2ds hacking cards listed here.

Pokeball 2ds xl and Zelda 2ds: What’s the firmware version?

Before mod or jailbreak any Nintendo 2ds xl or 2ds device with a flashcard, the first thing is checking its firmware version. So what’s their system version out of box?

  • The Pikachu 2ds xl:  with firmware V11.5.0-38.
  • The Zelda Zelda ocarina of time: original 2ds:  with firmware V11.5.0-38.

In fact, all the new 2ds xl handhelds should come with v11.4 at least, because when they are being released in this year, the latest 3ds system version is 11.4.0. And to those of you don’t know how to check the console firmware version, here is a guide.

What to Do:

  1.  Select the System Settings icon on the HOME Menu, and tap “Open.”
  2.  The system’s menu version will be displayed on the bottom right of the upper screen.

Is R4 card working on them and which r4 3ds to buy?

install cfw on any 3ds 2017

After knowing your 2ds xl or 2ds system version, then you can begin to choose a flash cart to hack it. If you want to play free NDS games or want to install a Custom Firmware to it easily, then choose from the following r4 3ds cards.

Price $17.9 $25.9 $19.9 $20.5
Offial site
Compatibility DSI V1.45 and 3DS V11.6.0All Old DS series and new 3DS series devices.


Same. Same. Same.
Setup and Functions Play over 5000+ DS games and support plug&play. Let users play free NDS roms and install B9S/CFW. Let users play free NDS roms and install B9S/CFW. Let users play free NDS roms and install B9S/CFW.
Region Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
RTS Yes No Yes No
Pre-flashed with NTRboothax No Yes Yes Yes
Which is best for playing ds games and which is most recommended for NTRboothax?
  • To you only want to play ds games: R4I 3DS RTS SDHC
  • To you want to play ds games and install 3ds cfw both: ACE3DS X

Is Sky3ds+ supporting them or should we choose Stargate 3ds?

buy r4 3ds,sky3ds, n2 elite with voucher for 3DS or Switch

The above 3ds r4 cards work on the Pokeball new 2ds xl or Zelda 2ds model to either play ds games or run NTRBoothax, however, which cart can play 3ds games directly on them? The answer is Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus.

Yes, the Sky3ds+ flashcard is 100% compatible with v11.5 new 2ds xl or old 2ds console.  More exactly, it is playing free Nintendo 3ds games on any firmware version and on any 3ds/new 3ds/2ds/n2ds xl model. In addition, Sky3ds+ is a simple 3ds game supported card, it’s running 3ds roms or 3ds backups just like a commercial game cartridge. When you use it on all 3DS family devices, you are free to access Eshop, play game online, use any other app on the 3ds menu.

All in all, sky3ds+ plus skydock is a correct and good card to buy for playing free 3ds games on the Pokeball 2ds xl or the Ocarina of time zelda 2ds.

Then, how about the Stargate 3ds? Is this card working on the new 2ds or old 2ds machine too? Yes, the Stargate 3ds supports both DS and 3DS games on old 2ds and new 2ds xl machines.However, currently, in terms of playing 3ds games, Stargate 3ds is not as good as the sky3ds+. It can’t play the latest 3ds games and it can’t work with a skydock for support safe online game play. So in 2018, we still recommend you buying Sky3ds+ not Stargate 3ds.

R4 cards and Sky3ds+: Which site to buy with a discount?

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To you who are located in the 2 countries, you can get r4i sdhc 3ds, r4i gold 3ds rts plus, r4i b9s, r4i gold pro 2018, sky3ds+, stargate 3ds in a week. To you are located in UK, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and such European countries, choose DHL/FR-overseas shipment, the flashcard can be sent from FR too. So no Tax, no waiting, and no worry!

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