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Buy Best R4 Card For 3DS(XL)/2DS/DSi/DS

Which card is the best to buy for hacking Nintendo 3DS V11.7 firmware?

We all know that 3DS V11.7.0-40U/E/J has been updated, so, which card can use for hacking games? and How to use the 3ds flashcards, Ntrboot cards and r4 cards to play ds games or 3ds games on V11.7.0-40E? on the below, we will show the answers to you.

What’s new for 3DS V11.7.0-40?

Nintendo overhauled the 3DS in a major way a couple years ago when it added themes, adding a whole separate eShop just for purchasing themes, and though the days of changes like that are gone, there’s something extra in this system update that will probably bring a smile to your face. Here are the patch notes, straight from Nintendo’s site:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Now, on the surface it might not seem like much, but eagle-eyed readers may notice that the word “stability” pops up at least once in this extensive update. We’re just speculating here, but this so-called “stability” sounds like it could potentially be a game changer for the system’s OS.

Which flashcards can work on V11.7.0-40U/E?

 Ntrboot flashcards for hacking 3DS 11.7

install cfw on any 3ds 2017

Ntrboot is a flaw in the system of the Nintendo 3DS family console, thanks to the discovery of the exploits, you can completely crack Nintendo 3DS. So far, there are three R4i b9s 3ds flashcards, R4i Gold 3DS Plus and Ace3ds X, which support both ds and ntrboothax backups.

For all three cards, they are pre-flashed with Ntrboot, it’s easier for you to install the CFW 3DS on your console and reduce the risk of ban. So, a ntrboothax flashcard is a good choice for users who wanted to crack their 3DS console.

  • The benefits of Ntrboothax flashcards
  • Compatible with DS games
  • (including the latest version 11.7.0-40).firmwaresWork on any 3DS model and
  • the HOME menu.inInstall the homebrews on your console and make them appear
  • Save, edit, and restore backups for many games.
  • Play retro games with different emulators, using RetroArch or other standalone emulators.
  • Compatible with NTRboothax.
  • Region-free to play games.

Why choose a NTR card to crack 3DS / 2DS / NEW 3DS / 2DS XL V11.7?

Because you can play free DS games and install CFW easily by using them. Then, after getting a CFW on 3DS, you can enjoy more and more features, for example, play 3ds games in CIA format and install freeeshop to download and play 3ds eshop games.

The only NTR flashcard defect is that they are not easy to use like an R4 card or another 3DS flashcard, you need to take more steps and more time to configure them and none of them play directly to the 3ds game . This 3DS V11.7 hacking method is not suitable for a 3ds beginner or a child.

R4 3DS cards for hacking 3DS XL 11.7.0

play ds games on r4 3ds sd card

As we know, R4 3DS cards are the oldest products to hack DS/3DS/DSI/2DS games on the market. They are not expensive, but quality. So, which R4 3DS card can hack 3DS New2DS XL games on  3DS 11.7.0-40? Here is a list for you:

  1. R4i Gold Pro
  2. R4i SDHC 3DS RTS
  3. R4i Gold 3DS
  4. R4i SDHC Dual Core
  5. R4i SDHC RTS Lite
  6. Ace3DS Plus

All of these cards can support the 3DS V11.7.0-40U/E perfectly.

But which is the best R4 3DS card we will buy to crack Nintendo 3DS 11.7?

The R4i Gold Pro card and R4i SDHC 3DS RTS are your best choice.

The R4i Gold Pro card is a quality card, but not expensive. Each year, it updates the firmware quickly. Now the last version is in 2017. And we guess it will release the 2018 version.

The above R4 cards are not only playing ds games on 3DS but on DS/DSI/DSI XL/DS LITE handhelds. They read free NDS roms on any NEW 3DS or old NDS device, also, they are supporting homebrews, multi-media function, real-time save, user cheats, soft reset, custom skin and many other features. Choose any of the R4 cards to hack your 3DS V11.7.0-40E console, you are paying for 10 to 22 dollars to play Hundreds of free games and enjoy all of these functions.

3DS Flashcards for hacking 3DS V11.7.0

buy r4 3ds,sky3ds, n2 elite with voucher for 3DS or Switch

You can choose your flashcart according to your need. There are players who prefer to play free 3DS games, and there are people who like to play DS, GBA or CIA games.

Sky3DS+ hack 3DS games

All of the 3DS flashcarts, only the Sky3DS+ and Gateway card can hack the 3DS game. So, if like play 3DS game, they are your best choice.

If you want to buy the Sky3DS+ card, here is the review of this card:

Review Sky3DS+
Price 85.00 dollars
Firmware V140
Risk of being banned No risk, very reliable and secure
Installation it supports 3ds v11.6 and plays the 3ds games for you, it is very easy to setup, just prepare a microsd card, download firmware and 3ds roms to the sd card, then insert the sd card to sky3ds plus, it will start to play free 3ds games for you, super easy to use. 
Functions Play 3DS games, support region free with 3DS CFW.
Consoles supported New2DS XL, New3DS (XL, LL), 3DS, 2DS
System supported All 3DS versions up to 11.7.0-40
 Delivery DHL, GLS, USPS,LA Poste,EMS Express.
Package The Sky3D+card, a USB reader, a SkyDock
Payment on games-card Credit card, VISA, Mastercard, JCB
Refund Supported if you are not satisfied with your purchase

Stargate 3DS and 3DS V11.7

Stargate 3ds is a magical flashcard for 3DS. It is playing both ds games and 3ds games on any 3ds firmware and model. So it can be used on 3DS V11.7 firmware as well. In its ds mode, it likes an R4 card, use a DS system file as the card kernel to hack 3DS. In its 3ds mode, it is liking the sky3ds+, no game menu, we should press the buttons on the card to change 3ds games to play.


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