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Where to buy N2 Elite(Amiiqo V.2) in USA and does it work on Switch?

In this article, I’d like to solve the 2 most concerned questions about N2 Elite or Amiiqo. Where to buy N2Elite in USA, only looking for the reliable American site. And can we use N2 Elite on the latest Nintendo Switch to emulate the amiibos.

Where to buy N2 Elite(Amiiqo) in USA?

Searched online and found many N2 Elite buyers complained that they could not find a good USA based site to buy N2Elite. Those sites listed on the N2 elite reseller pages either don’t work or have been compromised and are riddled with viruses. Even they googled online, the result was disappointing. Now let me help you t check the USA N2elite resellers one by one. Site do not work.
  • Sketchy one, you can see the Chinese word”中毒“ on the site banner.
  • 2 shipments, free one or DHL/UPS one, must from China. This may be the only one seems working and normal, but the price of N2 Elite plus USB Reader is too high,$114.99 not count the shipping fee. Do not recommend it too. Weird site, everything it sells are out of stock or in pre-order.

So which site we should go to buy the item with safe payment, cheap price and fast shipping? Here, I do not mean promoting ourselves but just share you some services supports. Yes, we also sell the N2 Elite and N2Elite USB Reader to customers in worldwide and try to offer your the best shopping experience. What we can do for you are listed here.

What is and why you are not in the official list?

If you search or buy flash card for 3DS or NDS console online, you should know us. We are a 4-year USA online shipping store to sell flashcards, microsd card and other items. Why we are not in the list of N2 Elite resellers, we indeed get the product from them but we are considering whether or not we should stay together with those not good sites in a webpage. In fact, you can find us too if you google “N2 Elite”, we are among the top 10.

What’s the price of N2 Elite?

  • A single N2 Elite disc: $52
  • A single USB Reader for N2 Elite: $38
  • If you want to buy both: E-mail to [email protected] to get Coupon.

Worry about Payment? supports Paypal now, you can send payment in directly, we do not have any info of your credit card or any debit, gift card.

Shipping is fast or free? owns stocks in USA and France, but sorry, the N2Elite is not shipping from the 2 countries. We now support free shipping or express service for the product. You are free to choose each one. And we can promise you, no matter which one you choose, you must get N2 Elite tracking number and finally receive it in time.

Can you get Refund or Exchange?

Yes, of course. If the item is missing, break or not working at all after delivery, we support the full Refund and the free Exchange. It is your legal right, and we can guarantee it.

Does the N2Elite work on Nintendo Switch?

100% working. The official site already confirmed the compatibility some days ago. So from now on, the N2 Elite is not merely working on 3DS, N3DS, WII U but Switch gaming consoles too. Awesome new!

06/03 – N2 on Nintendo Switch

Just a quick confirmation that N2 is fully compatible with Nintendo Switch.

We are working on our next major update all of you will enjoy, meanwhile, have fun with the Switch!

Ending: For you still never hear of N2 Elite(Amiiqo) and For you have the 3DS or NEW 3DS console.

What’s the N2 Elite(Amiiqo V.2)?

N2elite,maybe you have known,is the updated version of Amiiqo, it emulates the Amiibo figures by allowing you to backup and restore the data to their own multi-slot NFC disc. Having the ability to hold up to 200 figures data on the disc means that you can store all your figures in the one device. For short, N2Elite is an Amiibo emulator currently supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines! Here are its functions and compatibility, if you want to read a review, go to link here

  • Support all versions of Nintendo 2DS™, 3DS/3DS™ XL via Nintendo® Amiibo reader (sold separately)
  • Support all versions of Nintendo New 3DS/3DS™ XL consoles
  • Support all versions of Nintendo Wii™ U console
  • Support Nintendo Switch
  • Allows copying dematerialized amiibo™ figurines
  • 200 figurines storage capacity
  • Selection of figurines by pressing a button
  • Android smartphones equipped with an NFC chip
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Compatible with Android smartphones equipped with an NFC chip
  • Compatible with N2 Elite USB Reader / Writer NFC module PC)
  • Storage banks order and range can all be configured with the help of the Amiiqo app from N2ELITE.COM.
  • Scheduled to come from Amiiqo are features such as added compatibility, cheat system, and new transfer/control methods & apps

Which hacks 3DS or NEW 3DS to play free games?

The N2elite can emulate the amiibos, the flashcard can hack ds or 3ds games. If you have the need, I can introduce you 3 items here.

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Sky3ds+/Gateway 3DS: They are supporting 3DS Games on your 3ds handheld system device. Sky3ds+ is working on all firmware versions, Gateway 3ds is only compatible with 3ds v4.1 to v9.2. They are with a little high price, but 3ds game cards are not cheap too, yes? If your 3ds is played by children mainly, I recommend you buy each of them to save the money to pay for the exspensive game cartridges.

Dstwo+: It allows your old NDS or new 3DS machine to play ds, gba, snes and nes games. If you are the game fan of these titles, you can choose this item. All the flashcards you can buy in our site, e-mail to [email protected], you can get a Voucher code to purchase any of them.

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