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Warioware gold released, which card support it on 3DS 11.8 and Switch 5.1?

Warioware gold 3DS finally released, not with the game cartridge, you can still play this game on the Nintendo 3DS V11.8 console. The only thing you need is a flashcard. But which is the 3ds flashcard support playing free Warioware gold and can it also be used on Nintendo Switch V5.1? Here let me give you more details.

Which flashcard supports Warioware gold on 3DS V11.8?

About Warioware Gold

  • Formats: 3DS
  • Price: $34.99
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo EPD and Intelligent Systems
  • Release Date: 27th July 2018
  • Age Rating: 7

WarioWare Gold is a 3DS Game, it is an action video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. As its plan, the game just released in PAL regions in July 2018, and North America and Japan in August 2018. This is the first ‘WarioWare’ game in five years comes to 3DS, similarly to past entries of the series, in WarioWare Gold, the player must complete consecutive “microgames” at increasing paces.

Gold features both new microgames and microgames from past entries in the series for a total of over 300 microgames, the most featured in any series entry to date. These microgames involve pressing buttons, tilting the system, touching the touch screen, and blowing on the system’s microphone. WarioWare 3DS also features full voice acting, the first WarioWare game to do so, with an additional feature allowing players to overdub their own voice over the game’s cutscenes.

Most importantly, WarioWare’s microgames are now split into leagues. Each league is based on a different type of microgame. There’s the Mash League, which features games that use only the D-pad and buttons; the Twist League, which uses the 3DS’s motion controls; the aptly-named Touch League, which uses the touch screen and finally the Ultra League, which includes some brand new microgames as well as those of every type from the previous leagues. 

For a summary, WarioWare Gold is proof that there’s life yet in the venerable 3DS line of handhelds. The microgames on offer are some of the series’ best, and the fully-voiced cutscenes in the Story mode are hilarious. Challenge mode will give you plenty of reason to come back and the unlockable souvenirs are our favourite in the series to date. Though it doesn’t have a Switch version, but it’s clear this game was designed for the 3DS from the ground up. With its absurdist humour, wonderful voice acting (courtesy of Charles Martinet, naturally), immensely satisfying gameplay and stern challenges – many of which will make even the most seasoned players’ palms sweat - WarioWare offers something for everyone. If this does turn out to be the 3DS’ swansong, then it’s going out on a high.

About Flashcard

Flashcards or Flashcarts are the cartridges that working with speical firmware software and memory microsd card to hack the video game console in order to load the free game roms downloded from the Intnernet. The flash card for Nintendo 3DS games is the 3DS Flashcard. Currently, there are two 3ds flashcards can play WarioWare Gold on 3DS V11.8 firmware console. They are the Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds.

Sky3ds+ is called sky3ds plus as well, it is made by It plays only Nintendo 3ds games on your 3ds firmware devices. From v1.0 to v11.8 to future higher 3ds system version, the sky3ds+ card can always work on it without any question. Because Sky3ds+ emulates the commercial 3ds game card for working on 3DS. Sky3ds+ plays free Nintendo 3ds games for you, it is easy to setup and operate on the 3ds v11.8 console. It is no need for any modification and any 3ds exploit, so you are totally safe to use it on your Nintendo 3ds/2ds/new 3ds xl/2ds xl handhelds. Though with price at around 90 dollars, Sky3ds plus will play Hunderds of 3DS Games to you by the help of a sd/sdhc card.

Stargate 3ds is another 3ds flashcart, it’s coming from the Stargate 3ds has a Unique feature, it can play both DS and 3DS games. In its 3ds mode, Stargate 3ds is just liking the sky3ds plus, plug&play, game switch via pressing buttons and with full 3ds console&firmware compatibility. In its ds mode, Stargate 3DS is working as an R4 3ds card, which is the famous brand for playing NDS games on 3DS consoles.

If you want to choose one for playing Warioware games on Nintendo 3DS, we will recommend you the Sky3ds+, it is much more expensive but it is indeed a better 3ds game flashcard. It plays the most Nintendo 3ds games while Stargate 3ds can’t do that.

How to play free Warioware gold 3ds on 11.8 firmware?

This is the Sky3ds+ users guide for 3DS V11.8, you can use the Sky3ds plus card to play free Warioware gold and other 3ds games easily!

  1. Prepare a microsd card for your Sky3ds+, format it with Fat32 or exFAT.
  2. Go to to download the latest sky3ds+ v114 firmware, unzip the firmware file, get the firmware.bin.
  3. Go to online site to download Warioware gold 3ds, make sure you get the .3ds files.
  4. Drag firmware.bin and .3ds files to the root folder of your sd card
  5. Insert the microsd card to you sky3ds+
  6. Put the sky3ds+ into your 2DS/3DS V11.8 console and then play Warioware gold now!

If you also would like to play free Warioware DS games on 3DS V11.8, buy the cheap R4 card-Ace3ds plus.

Can Warioware Gold be played on Nintendo Switch V5.1.0?

Just like the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch has been cracked to for playing free games. So can we play Warioware Gold on Nintendo Switch with Sky3ds+ or Stargate 3ds card? The answer is No. Warioware Gold is a 3ds game, it doesn’t have to Switch release yet. Nintendo 3ds and ds games are incompatible with Nintendo Switch.

Warioware Gold Switch is impossible, but you can buy the Switch flashcard or modchip to play free Switch games as well. The MOST POPULAR Switch modchip is the SX Pro, it is not a really flash card, but it has the same function of a flashcard. SX Pro supports users to play free Switch games.

About SX PRO

Different from the 3ds flashcard, the SX Pro isn’t a flash cartridge, it includes 3 parts, an usb dongle, a joycon jig and the built-in os code. SX Pro is used for booting and loading SX OS CFW on the Nintendo Switch models. Then on the Switch OS CFW, users can play free downloaded games in XCI and NSP format. That’s to say, we can play both Switch and eshop Switch games via using the SX Pro.

SX Pro’s full name is Xecuter SX Pro, cause it is released by Team Xecuter site. The website develpoed 2 products for hacking Nintendo Switch, the SX Pro kit and the SX OS license code. The latter is only a serial code for customers to use on Nintendo Switch.

About SX OS

SX OS, or the Xecuter SX OS, it is the Switch OS CFW license code, only after getting it, you are available to boot the SX OS CFW on your Switch. You must pay for it, it’s not free. Why? Because after OS CFW installed on your Switch, you are able to play downloaded Switch games without buying the game cartridges any more.

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