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(Tutorial)How to use Dstwo Plus on Nintendo 3ds (xl) to play free 3ds games?

Dstwo plus card is full in stock in Before you buy it, check the 3ds firmware version carefully! If you are on 3ds v4.1 to v9.2, you can buy this card. If you are out of the firmware range, you should buy this card-Sky3ds to play pirated 3ds games. And this article shows you the latest Dstwo Plus Tutorial on Nintendo 3ds or 3ds xl console for multi 3ds game play.


  • Nintendo 3ds, 3ds xl(ll) console
  • Dstwo plus card like this one
  • Dstwo plus kernel and gateway plugin
  • A micro sd card and usb reader
  • A computer

Tutorial: How to setup(install) Dstwo plus on 3ds (xl) for playing free 3ds games?

1.Download the latest dstwo plus kernel from here: EOS firmware kernel V1.14 and the gateway plugin from here:DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin V1.0  Unzip the two files, you will get 2 folders. Open these folders and put all files in them to the root of your micro sd card.

2.Also download 3ds roms freely from and copy these 3ds roms into the sd card too. Then, you can see all the contents.

3.Now, it’s time to insert the supercard dstwo plus flashcart into your 3DS console . Power on , then you can see the supercard dstwo plus icons as below :

4.Switch to the gateway plugin icon, Click it to set up the gateway mode.

5.Press A, choose the version, then press A again.

6.Your console will restart and you will see the pic below, then press HOME button to go to the menu, DO NOT click power off button.

7.Then we should go to the gateway mode, Click “System settings–other settings–profile-Nintendo DS profile”. The 3ds console will restart and then turn on, you will see

8.Press select button, you can see the game list. Congratulations! You can play the downloaded 3ds games from now on.

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