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[tutorial]How to change(set) Supercard dstwo themes(skin) on Nintendo 3DS,DSi,DS?

Change or instll Supercard dstwo skin is very easy.As the most powerful flashcart,dstwo,the dstwo official provide many skins to choose.In this post I will show you how to change the default skin of dstwo,and make it more beautiful.Let’s DIY our DSTWO.

Here I will take the windows 7 style as a example,other skins are very similar.

Step 1 prepare:

firest you should have a dstwo. buy  supercard dstwo .

download skins installer .

Dstwo offical forum provide many source of dstwo. First you need a skin installer to install it.
click to ownload dstwo skin installer.

You can use this tool to change the EOS skin,plugin menu skins and change the loading screen.

download the skins files

don’t be confused by the donwload page. There are three zip files on the page(click to open).Of course, 3 different buy zovirax tablets online background style.You can choose one you like to download.
Here is the Mario background download link.

After download you will get a zip file,unzip you will get like below:


the unziped to 7.Underground.ds2skin this is the skin file.

Step 2 install:

There are two ways to install the skin.
first, from the PC:

put your micrs sd card into the pc.

1) start the skin installer

2)Choose the skin the install skin.

3) click start to install.

4) After it’s over,the sd card folder _dstwo\ui will add a folder 7.Underground

5) Put the SD card to your dstwo, insert to 3DS,DS,DSi, restart.

In the DSTWO system choose the menu skin, and change to 7.Undergound That’s over.

Enjoy your dstwo.

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