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Top 5 best selling R4 cards in 2017: Which and why are they?

By the end of 2017, let’s have a look at all R4 cards support 3DS system handhelds in this year.  What are they? Which are the top 5 best selling flashcarts and why are they being so popularity? All the answers you can find in this post.

Working and Available to buy R4 cards in 2017

R4i sdhc 3ds rts From
R4i gold 3ds plus From
R4i gold pro 2017 From
R4i sdhc b9s From
Ace3ds X From
R4isdhc dual core 2017 From
R4isdhc silver rts lite 2017 From
R4i gold eu 3ds From
Ace3ds Plus From

These R4 flash carts are all the ones work in the whole year of 2017 and they will also support 3DS/DSI firmware consoles in the next 2018 too. Among them, the R4i gold 3ds rts plus, R4i b9s and Ace3ds X just come out in this year, but due to the good compatibility for NTRboothax, they are being sold very well since releasing.

Top 5 best selling R4 cards in 2017

Throughout the whole year, we get this Flashcard Sales Figure.

best selling r4 card in 2017

Not count in the 3ds game flashcard Sky3ds+ and Nintendo Switch Amiibo emulator N2 Elite, the top 5 best-selling R4 cards are as the following.

  • No.1 R4i sdhc 3ds rts
  • No.2 R4i gold 3ds wood
  • No.3 R4i gold pro 2017
  • No.4 R4i B9S
  • No.5 R4i gold 3ds plus

Why are they the most popular R4 cards to buy?

R4i 3ds sdhc rts always comes the first, it is best to buy for playing free Nintendo ds games, we have tested 100 DS Games including Super Mario Bros, Pokemon Black&White, Mario Kart DS and Yoshi’s Island DS on the card, the result is all games running well on the card, no exception. Plus, it has a regular update kernel and uses the most-advanced RTS features. So most customers in our site, if all they want is to play DS games, they will buy the R4i sdhcrts 3ds card.

R4i gold 3ds rts wood, this is also a very famous and old 3DS R4. Being use the woodR4 kernel, this flash cart has a stable performance and a good game compatibility. Many of you should hear of it, it’s the only wood R4 card in the market(very simple to use). However, the wood kernel is not keeping update for a long long time, that’s the reason, it is not that popular as R4i-sdhc 3ds rts.

The R4i gold pro 2017, it’s a cheaper R4i gold card to get. Price is low to 14$, but with similar functions of R4i sdhc 3ds rts. It can play most of DS games and supports Real-time save, user cheats, homebrews, region free and many other features as an normal 3ds R4 card. Its price and functions make it A very hot-sale R4 card too.

R4i sdhc b9s and R4i gold 3ds plus, they are the new R4 in 2017.  Both of them are just released for less than 2 months, but they already be sold with quantity over 1000. Why? That is because the 2 cards support both DS games and NTRboothax.  Not only let users play free ds games but allow they to install a custom firmware to any 3DS device! So users can do nearly anything on his or her 3DS, for example, play 3DS Games in CIA format.

Then, are they still your good R4 cards to buy in 2018? Yes, except for the R4i gold 3ds wood, it can be replaced by R4i gold 3ds rts plus. And if you are looking for 3DS&DS game flashcard, the Stargate 3ds will satisfy your need. It just come out recently, so many of you maybe don’t know it.

one card for ds 3ds roms

Stargate 3ds is the Unique flash cart to buy because only it can play both 3DS and NDS games directly with plug&play method on any 3ds firmware and any 3ds model. We has this card in stock and is able to send you from USA!

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