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SX Dumper V1.0.0: New Switch homebrew supports dump cartridge to .XCI files

The latest news from Team Xecuter: an official homebrew available since yesterday November 14, 2018 for users of CFW SX OS, it is called SX Dumper, currently version 1.0.0. So what is it for? how to use it ? news about the SX OS License update? On the below, you can find the detailed information. What’s the news of SX ... Read More »

SX Pro, the steps to run into RCM mode and SX OS V1.4 news

Now the Nintendo Switch console is hacked, so you can play Switch games for free with a Xecuter SX Pro or OS, and you can install a homebrew launcher to run software, tools. And some players also complaint on RCM mode, and don’t know what’s the steps to run RCM mode. On this article, we will show the information of ... Read More »

SX OS version has been updated to V1.4

Today, Team Xecuter has updated the SX OS to V1.4, some new changes have been updated, and the official site also displays some FAQS about the update of SX OS V1.4. So, on this article, we will give you the detailed information of SX OS 1.4 .  What’s the integrated NSP installer? New is an integrated NSP installer, so that you ... Read More »

Indepth tutorial to launch free games for switch with sx pro and OS license

The latest sales figures of the Nintendo console of March 3, 2017, the switch has made sales figures about 17 million consoles. Hackers open the way to crack the console, they want to make products like r4 3DS flashcards for Nintendo 3DS / 2DS. But it’s been a long time since Team-Xecuter released this product Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter ... Read More »

SX OS v1.3 released with so many news!

The Xecuter team has released version 1.3 of its current product, SX OS, the temporary modification that allows you to start backups on all Nintendo Switch consoles. The team seems to have accepted the incredible amount of requests to remove the brick code from its program, recognizing its existence. In addition to this, version 1.3 finally is able to start ... Read More »

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