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SX Pro, the steps to run into RCM mode and SX OS V1.4 news

Now the Nintendo Switch console is hacked, so you can play Switch games for free with a Xecuter SX Pro or OS, and you can install a homebrew launcher to run software, tools. And some players also complaint on RCM mode, and don’t know what’s the steps to run RCM mode. On this article, we will show the information of SX Pro and OS  for hacking Nintendo Switch.


The RCM Reliability-Centered Maintenance mode is basically a backup mode that can also be called Recovery mode. It allows the base to Nintendo to correct any software errors of the console, update that went wrong etc

For the Hack

For the hack its utility will be different, it will allow to inject unsigned code to start on a custom firmware, like the SX OS with the help of a PC, a phone or the SX PRO.

Its major disadvantage is that this mode does not allow to recharge the battery which could cause problems but which will all be resolvable, some will require a disassembly of the console for the resolution.

So read the following to avoid problems with this mode

How to put your console in RCM mode?

There are 3 ways to put your console in RCM mode

  • Using a JIG and pressing for 3 seconds the Volume + button and while still pressing Volume + a brief press on Power
  • Bricker the Nand: This is the Auto RCM function of the SX OS
  • With the right Joycon of the Switch, applying a solder on a specific point of the Switch’s joystick (the shop will propose this modification soon)

Once you are in this mode and you have launched a HACK the problem of charging the battery disappears.

If the hack does not start, you have a black screen and the battery does not charge.

Problems Encountered with this Mode and the SX PRO

The SX pro can inject the Hack of the Switch without the help of a PC, however the module allows to start the Hack 7 times by full recharge.


  • The SX PRO does not have a battery or battery.
  • The Xecuter team’s power mode is very clever, the module can be recharged in 2 different ways.

Directly from the switch by plugging it into USB port C

Or via an external device via the Micro USB output of the SX PRO

The energy is stored on 2 capacitors, it allows to start 1 time the Hack by reloading.

1. Resolving Black Screens and not launching RCM mode with the SX PRO

  •  If you do not activate RCM Auto Mode (Shop Recommended Solution)
  • Press the Power button on the Nintendo Switch for 9 seconds without releasing, then briefly press Power.
  • The switch will restart on Nintendo logo and if your SX PRO is connected to it, the module will be reloaded in a few seconds
  • Then launch the Hack with the JIG

2. If you have activated the RCM Auto mode (Black Start Screen)

Connect your SX PRO via the Micro USB output for more than 10 seconds.

Then plug the SX PRO into the Nintendo Switch

Press and hold the Power button on the Nintendo Switch for 9 seconds, then briefly press Power.

The SX OS will automatically start

SX OS V1.4 has been updated

Today’s release has quite a long list of improvements that they’re bringing to the table. They’re quite prolific with their releases, so let’s just get into the changelog of this new release before they up and release another update!

  • Integrated NSP installer

    With our last update we introduced the possibility of installing eShop NSP titles. However, this relied on using external tools and wasn’t very user friendly. In this release we bring our own integrated NSP installer as part of our menu system. This is the neatest and easiest way of installing NSP titles, enjoy!

  • LayeredFS fixes for 4.1.0

    There were certain issues with ‘LayeredFS’ for people on firmware 4.1.0. If you use ‘LayeredFS’ on that specific firmware there’s good news for you: these issues have been identified and fixed!

LayeredFS is the latest discovery of SciresM that allows among other things (because it is not a Loader of backups) to use backups, mods and to be able to save. Its function allows to make and replace specific files of a game with modified copies that are loaded from the microSD card.

NSP eshop games are supported. No more explanation at this level. Basically, if you have a backup .nsp, it can be started.

The Team in front of the recent exploits of developers and the discontent of users withdrew its code which brick console if the user tries to install a CFW SX OS crack to come or not. As a result, the NAND eMMC is not impacted if this happens to be the case.

As far as the battery is concerned, this is certain to solve the problem of some users after using Linux Switch.

Basically, the Team exploits all the work done by other developers of the underground scene Switch and offers updates (RCM, Card2, LayeredFS etc). Even their CFW SX OS with open source code and a license that comes from the work of SciresM.

The only merit is to have released and proposed their solution before.

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