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Stargate 3ds testing video, is it working on V11.6.0 to play DS/3DS/CIA games?

Confirmed, the upcoming 3ds card Stargate 3ds is 100% compatible with 3DS V11.6 and it is really playing both DS/3DS games on your 3DS family handhelds. Here is the latest Stargate 3ds video to give you more details on the flashcard, also in the post, we can tell you more about Stargate-3ds card you may not know.

Stargate 3DS Test Video

Any other news or updates about Stargate 3DS?

1. Another Stargate 3ds feature is added. Besides all the features we already know from the Stargate-3ds site, there is another new Stargate 3ds feature be added. It is “Fully updatable”. Which means the Stargate 3ds will use firmware or kernel to hack the 3DS System and the software can be updated again and again for bypassing Nintendo patch or adding new functions. The Stargate 3ds firmware is not released yet, when it is available, you can download from here

2. Releasing date of Stargate 3ds is delayed. According to the official website, it is written that “We are getting closer to Stargate 3DS official public launch in mid-October”. That’s to say, currently, all Stargate 3ds sellers still can’t get any flashcart from them until the next month. No matter you buy from anyone, you just pre-order the card, for really having it be shipped out, you still need to wait for some days. Just be patient, the amazing Stargate 3ds will worh your waiting.

What can we know from the Stargate 3ds first official video?

  • The Stargate 3ds really works on 3DS FW V11.6, just like the Sky3ds+.
  • The Stargate 3ds doesn’t have a 3ds game menu, for switch gaming, you have to change the 2 black buttons on the card.
  • It is very easily to switch Stargate 3ds from 3DS Mode to DS mode, no need to take out card to install anything else.
  • The Stargate 3ds really has a DS game menu and DS Mode GUI, very convenient for playing ds games.
  • The Stargate 3ds supports DS games, 3DS games and NTRboothax, it is the fact.

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