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Stargate 3ds review: Pros, cons and things you don’t know

Stargate 3ds pre-release version is out, here is the current best Stargate 3ds review for reading. It is from the, with nearly every details on the latest 3ds flash cart. Cause it is a rather long review, we will shorten it here and show you some keypoints, such as its pros, cons and things you must know.Note: Stargate 3ds is already in stock and available to ship by Now order from us, you can get a voucher code to use and select a faster shipment(USPS from America, LA POSTE from FR or DHL).

Stargate 3ds latest and best review

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The Stargate 3ds package will include a small box, within the box is the Stargate 3DS as well as a MicroSD to USB adapter with a nice Stargate 3DS logo printed on it. The inner box also has the Stargate 3DS logo and has a flap secured by a small transparent circle sticker.

The card itself

The Stargate flash cart comes equipped with a small set of two white buttons, a micro USB female port, and an LED changing color light indicator for operation.

  • The two small buttons are for selecting 3DS ROMs and also support users swtich between DS/3DS modes when be pressed at the same time for a second.
  • The micro USB female port is used to update the internal firmware of the Stargate 3ds, for now it is no useful, stargate 3ds will come with a pre-flashed firmware v1.0.
  • For the light indicators, when the LED is red, that means there is a problem with the microSD card that is inserted. Green indicates that it is reading the game image and a momentary purple flash indicates that its status is OK.

Setup and Firmwares

This flash cart is really plug and play and can switch between DS and 3DS mode on the fly as well as within its DS menu.

Stargate 3ds is the easiest one to set up and use for playing both DS and 3DS games. All that is required is copying the firmware / menu and ds/3ds roms to the MicroSD card and inserting the flashcard to your consoles. Once this is done, you are free to play most of 3DS games and all DS games. This flash cart can also be ejected and removed and put back in while the system is operating just like a retail cartridge.

3ds Stargate can be installed well on your any 3DS model with the following steps in this video.

No need to download firmware to this flash cart, it is already having v1.0 kernel.  The only files you should install to the Stargate 3ds is the DS menu system files, which you can download officially from here

Console Compatibility

After testing, it works on any 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL and NEW 2DS XL consoles. Of couse, supports 3DS system v11.6 to v1.0, no exception.

Game Compatibility

For 3DS Games

Note: In order to change 3ds games to play, you need to press the left or right buttons on the flash cart, just like you are using the sky3ds+.

It can play most 3ds games, but some newest titles are not compatible for now. For example, the Mario Party The Top 100, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Metroid: Samus Returns. 

Also it doesn’t play out-of region 3ds games, eshop 3ds roms and online games

  • Compatibility with late 3DS games was also an issue. Every ROM ran fine up until Mario Party The Top 100, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Metroid: Samus Returns.
  • Nintendo eShop 3DS ROMs are also incompatible with the Stargate 3DS. They will not run and if the user manages to select the game on the main screen of the 3DS, it will not display an icon for the game.
  • It does not support *.3dz files. *.3dz games do not display in its menu and cannot be launched.

For NDS Games

Note: How to play ds games on a Stargate 3ds? In order to access DS mode, press both buttons on the flash cart together while the system is on. The Alex Rider: Stormbreaker game icon will then be displayed and upon launching will take the user to the DS menu.

DS games are directly launched and played from within this menu. If a 3DS game is selected, it will take the user back to the 3DS system menu and display the icon for the game there.  All Nintendo DS games work fine and do not freeze.

Things you must know

  1. MicroSD: In DS mode, the microsd used for Stargate 3ds must be formatted as FAT32, otherwise you will get two white screens and be forced to either go back to the main system menu or power off the console. Currently this flash cart does not support exFAT for DS games.
  2. Sticker: Removing the cartridge is easy but it may not come out as smoothly as a retail cartridge due to the sticker being just thick enough to cause it to be a tiny bit snug inside the console.
  3. Firwamre: If you are running the incorrect system firmware revision, newer games will refuse to load. So make sure that you are running the appropriate version of the system firmware for the games you are playing. This is a ROM software issue and not an issue related to the Stargate 3DS itself.
  4. CFW:  CFW is not currently officially supported by the Stargate 3DS. If you already have CFW on your system and need to uninstall it, use the B9S-Uninstall script after launching Godmode9.
  5. Update: This flash cart is only a review unit, team Stargate is prepared to support this product for several years with updates to both 3DS and DS modes. We should be seeing better compatibility of games, DS cheat mode, better exFAT support, region free, and more in the future.


  • Supports all Nintendo 3DS and 2DS console variants.
  • Supports all versions of System NAND (all of the 3DS console’s internal system “Version”).
  • Fully plug and play.
  • Supports 99% of 3DS games per console region.
  • Supports all DS games.
  • Supports exFAT and FAT32 file systems (older 4GB 3DS ROMs do work in exFAT).
  • Drag and drop ROM file support to microSD card.
  • Does not require any files to be installed on the console’s internal SD card.
  • Does not require the 3DS console to be software or hardware modified.
  • Supports both DS and 3DS games.
  • On the fly switching between DS and 3DS mode.
  • 3DS and DS ROMs supported within the DS mode menu.
  • Updates for years to come (no need to buy a new flash cart later).


  • DS games do not work from exFAT microSD cards (FAT32 file system is required, this will be addressed in a future update).
  • The latest 3DS games do not currently work (this will be addressed in future updates).
  • Nintendo eShop 3DS games do not currently work (eShop titles are tricky even on CFW).
  • Not officially region free (this should be addressed in future updates).
  • Does not officially support CFW (custom firmware).
  • Does not support *.3dz ROM files for online gaming (this will come in a future update).
  • Does not support Gateway 3DS split rom format (use exFAT for large ROMs greater than 2GB in size).
  • Does not have a spring loaded microSD card slot. (some people prefer it this way)
  • Stargate 3DS sticker can easily get caught on the 3DS chassis when inserting the cart. (Since this is a pre-release of the product, this will be addressed on the final version of the cart)


In its current state, it is excellent as a plug-and-play flash cart for playing both DS/3DS games but lacks a few features that people are used to seeing in a 3DS flash cart package.

Price and sellers

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