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Stargate 3ds release date confirmed, where to buy this card in USA and UK?

Finally we know the release date of Stargate 3ds card from the offiical site, if you go and view, it has just released a news about Stargate 3ds latest progress and tell us we can have more videos and reviews to check very soon. Now read this article you can know more about stargate 3ds launching and purchase guide.

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Stargate 3ds release date

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Finally after the usual last minute problems & issues to solve, Stargate 3DS has entered production.

First shipment will go out first to reviewers and retailers next week, which will leave you plenty of time to all enjoy a Merry Christmas with your Stargate.

More videos and links to reviews will be posted here soon.

What’s the exact releasing date of Stargate 3ds?

That is not being announced by, it just says the first bunch of Stargate 3ds flashcarts will come in the next week. Some reviewers and official retailers can get it between 20th Nov to 26th Nov. For customers who already pre-ordered Stargate 3ds cards in our site, we will try our best to get more flashcards from the manufacturer and send them out as soon as possible. However, if you just prepare or plan to buy Stargate 3ds cart in our store recently, you may need to wait for more days on the shipment of Stargate 3ds.

The first bunch of Stargate 3ds must be in a small quantity, so we are sorry but the truth is not every card buyer can get it in the first time. To be short, the sooner you pay, the faster you will get the card.

On the other hand, after the first shipment, Stargate 3ds formal releasing to the public is coming nearly. Because in the news, the official site promises that a large number of Stargate 3ds will be available before the Christmas. That means if you buy a Stargate 3ds card one week ahead of Christmas, you can have a good time during this holiday season with this DS&3DS game flashcard.

Where to buy Stargate 3ds card in USA, UK and Belgium?

stargate 3ds ship from usa/eu

The Stargate 3ds seller supporting shipping from USA and France is us, Though now we just give you one shipment option DHL for buying Stargate 3ds, we indeed keep a warehouse in both USA and France. After the formal releasing of Stargate 3ds card, we will send it to our American and French stock, so you can enjoy a faster shipping with a lower price.

Usually we need 1 week for sending Stargate 3ds to USA and 2 weeks for shipping Stargate 3ds to France, so if you can wait for more days on this card, you can choose USPS/LA Poste carrier in your order. Lastly, when Stargate 3ds arrives in our French stock, to you who live in United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany or other countries in Europe, you can also choose DHL/FR-Overseas shipment, then this flashcart will be sent from France too, no Tax!

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