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Stargate 3ds first update: Can it play Pokemon Ultra Sun&Moon on 3DS?

Some hours ago, the Stargate 3ds team releases their first kernel update. Can the 3ds flashcart support Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon or other newer 3ds games or is there a GBA or SNES emulator adding into the DS System Files with the update? Let’s see in the following article.

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Stargate 3DS Card Update

20/12 – First Stargate update

Today we release our first update with some fixes and improvements on issues and feedback provided by users & reviewers.

Change log:

  • Fixed freeze on language change
  • Fixed ExFat with larger MicroSD cards and nds mode
  • Minor improvements to menu sub system

We thank you again for your feedback, this is only the beginning, much more is to come, and we welcome your help & ideas. Please CONTACT US for suggestions and bug reports.

New files can be found in the DOWNLOAD SECTION.

Can Stargate 3ds support Pokemon Sun&Moon?

Not yet, this new update is mainly for fixing the bugs in DS Mode of Stargate 3ds. It does not improve or change anything for the 3DS Mode of Stargate. The flashcard is still pirating the Nintendo 3ds games with the pre-loaded V1.0 firmware, which is not compatible with newer 3ds roms such as Mario Party The Top 100, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Metroid: Samus Returns for now.

So if you buy and get a Stargate 3ds card currently, you can play all DS games and most of 3DS games, but for some new 3ds titles, you need to wait for another Stargate 3ds update to play them.

Can Stargate 3ds play GBA or SNES games?

It is able to play GBA and SNES games, because it is supporting Homebrews in DS Mode, but there is no GBA or SNES emulator be released for this 3ds flashcart. So presently, you are not recommended using 3ds Stargate card to play GBA or SNES roms. The official site ever mentioned the SNES emulator in the last News, but when it will come, there is no exact date.

So how we can play GBA and SNES games with a flashcard, very simple, buy the current most popular NTRboothax flashcarts(R4i gold 3ds plus or R4i b9s) to install a CFW to your 3DS, then you can play many retro games, including GBA, SNES, NES and so on. Even you want to play these roms without using a card, it’s ok too. Google Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakyhax, install Homebrews to your 3DS, you can also play the old classic school games freely.

Should we buy Stargate 3ds or Sky3ds+ for playing 3DS Games?

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After Stargate 3ds updated again, which is proved to be a better 3ds game flashcard? Here, I have to say, the answer is Sky3ds plus. In terms of playing 3ds games, the Sky3ds+ is better than Stargate 3ds card. Why?

  1. Sky3ds+ is supporting More 3DS Games than Stargate 3ds. It supports both old and new 3ds titles, no exception.
  2. Sky3ds+ is playing 3DS Games online without ban worry. It works with a Skydock to dump private header from a retail game card to itself.
  3. Sky3ds+ is already been used for over 3 years, more stable. While the Stargate 3ds is a totally new 3ds card.

So here comes the conclusion that, In 2018, for playing 3ds games, choose Sky3ds+; for playing 3ds and ds games with one card, buy Stargate 3ds.

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