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Stargate 3ds card-The latest leaking pictures and other information

Stargate 3ds is going to be released finally within the following 2 weeks. For now, we already get a testing Stargate 3ds card and will receive more for selling flashcarts after 1 or 2 weeks as the time of writing this post. And here, the aim we write this article is to share you the latest information and pictures about the Stargate 3ds.

Stagate 3ds card

Stargate 3ds usb reader

Stargate 3ds package

What can we know from the Stargate 3ds images?

  1. There are 2 buttons on the card as liking the sky3ds plus, but they are in white colour.
  2. The Stargate 3ds box will include a Stargate 3ds card, an Usb Card Reader and a USB cable too. The cable you may not see in that picture, because it’s covered by the flash card in the box.

Is 3DS-Flashcard getting Stargate 3ds in stock now?

For now, we don’t get many flashcarts in stock. Just one Stargate 3ds for testing. We will later make a video on that and share it toyou in our product page. But don’t worry, after 1 to 2 weeks, we will get Stargate 3ds cards in stock finally, at that time, we will send them out firstly for customers who pre-ordered the flashcard. Then, we will ship many Stargate 3ds carts to our American and French stock, so customers who live in US and FR can get it with a short time and a cheap shipping cost.

Additionally, if you are located in United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and other countries in EU, we 3ds-flashcard site can ship you the Stargate 3ds from French warehouse too. When placing the order, choose DHL/FR-overseas carrier, use the Christmas voucher to buy it much cheaper, so your Stargate 3ds will be from EU directly, no Waiting, no Tax!

Update: Stargate 3ds is already full in stock of our American and French warehouses. Place an order now, you can buy the card with cheap and fast local shipping.

Where to download games for Stargate 3ds?

Don’t worry, it’s won’t be a problem for you. You can download 3ds/nds games from our private site Every customer of our site can get free, lifetime and unlimited game code for downloading games from that site. After your order, you will receive the game code in e-mail with a tracking number. If you don’t receive it, e-mail to us [email protected] We will send the game code to you immediately.

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