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[Solved]How to add Monster Hunter Stories free game and dlc to your 3DS?

Buying the Monster Hunter Stories is not the only way to play it on your Nintendo 3DS, here in this article, I will teach you how to add this free game to your any 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/2DS XL device with multiple ways and at the same time, the game will have a free DLC to be released soon. That is the Monster Hunter Stories x The Legend of Zelda DLC.

add monter huner stories free on 3ds

Monster Hunter Stories 3DS Review


  • Developer: Marvelous
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: September 8, 2017
  • MSRP: $39.99 


  •  Cute and expansive world
  •  Battle system is fun and accessible
  •  Monster collecting is really satisfying
  •  Customising your rider is a joy


  •  Lacks the depth of other 3DS RPGs
  •  Performance problems become difficult to ignore

To be clear, while other Monster Hunter games are heavily rooted in RPG mechanics, Stories is a tried and true turn-based JRPG that’s less about min-maxing and dodging and more about understanding your abilities and when to use them. MH Stories is an excellent adventure that channels the colourful world of Capcom’s storied series into a joyous JRPG. It suffers from performance issues on non-New 3DS hardware, but it’s still full of personality, beautifully presented and fun to play, with combat that’s easy to grasp but engaging throughout. Longtime MonHun fans will appreciate Stories as a thoughtfully-made spin-off, but the gameplay template and tone are so different that you don’t need to be familiar with — or even enjoy!

Monster Hunter Stories free Zelda DLC

Want to pretend you are playing Zelda in Monster Hunter? If so, you need this upcoming Monster Hunter Stories Zelda DLC.

Yes, this is a free Legend of Zelda crossover content DLC for MH Stories game players. It will be released in Japan firstly in this week on 28th September, later the DLC is also making its way to the West. Getting this Zelda DLC to your game, you are going to have abiility to unlock a Link costume for your main character, Epona as a party member and even Majora’s Mask for your Palico friend. Wield the Master Sword, wear Link’s garbs, ride Epona, and more! T

How to add free Monster Hunter Stories to your 3DS?

In the following, I will introduce you 4 flashcarts which can let you play free Monster Hunter Stories game and other MH titles on the Nintendo 3DS. The first 2 of them are supporting 3ds games directly while the last 2 ones are playing 3ds games with another format called CIA. Each of them can work on 3DS V11.6.0-39 and is compatible with all 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL, 2DS and NEW 2DS XL consoles. Most importantly, they are your 1 cart solution to play MH Stories and all other 3DS Games.

A: With Sky3ds+

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This flashcard is also called Sky3ds plus, it is the current best one for all Nintendo 3ds family devices to play free 3DS Roms. Sky3ds+ is from, it is their 2nd generation 3ds game flash card, with the best functions and compatibility. Sky3ds+ is playing all 3DS Retail card game,but does not suport eshop rom. Sky3ds+ is working on any 3ds firmware and any 3ds model, no exception. Sky3ds+ is super easy to use and operate, just download sky3ds plus firmware and .3ds roms, put them into an microsd which is inserted into Sky3ds+ later, then put a sky3ds+ to your console slot. You can have free Monster Hunter Stories and other hundreds of 3ds games to play now on the 3DS machines.

Steps for using Sky3ds+ to play free MH Stories on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL

  1. Prepare a high-quality Microsd/sdhc card. Insert the SD card to usb card reader, connect it to your PC with usb reader. Format MicroSD card for Sky3ds+. 
  2. Download the latest Sky3ds+ firmware from Unzip the file and get the firmware.bin.
  3. Drag the firmware.bin to the root of microsd, insert the microSD card into sky3DS+, connect your PC and sky3DS+ with a USB cable(come with), the LED red light will turn on about 5 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing around 5 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully, delete the “firmware.bin” file in your microSD card. .
  4. Download Monster Hunter Stories from online sites, for example, remember to put only .3ds file to the sd card.
  5. Insert MicroSD/TF card to Sky3ds+ and put sky3ds plus to your 3ds model, power on the console to enjoy free Monster Hunter Stories and its DLC.

B: With Stargate 3DS

stargate 3ds buy USA

This flashcart is not really released out, but once it is launched in the end of 2017, Stargate 3ds will be your perfect flash card to buy for Nintendo 3ds devices. Why? The card is playing DS and 3DS games, is working on all 3ds firmware versions and handhelds, is emulating GBA/SNES/NES/Other games, is even compatible with NTRboothax to install custom firmware to you consoles. All in all, Stargate 3ds is one item supports you hacking the 3DS Firmware to do anything you want, from playing free roms, install homebrews to run 3ds cfw, it turns your 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL model to a magical device.

Steps for using Stargate 3ds to play free MH Stories on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL

According to the Stargate 3ds official site, it is also a plug&play flashcart like the Sky3ds+. But as for the step by step installation of Stargate 3ds, we still don’t have. Once gets the Stargate 3ds in October, we will test the card and put its user manual here.

C: With R4i gold 3ds/Other NTRboothax flashcart

ntrboot flash card

The Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds are expensive ways for supporting 3DS Games on your console, is there any cheap card to buy for pirating Monster Hunter Stories and other games? The answer is Yes. The R4i gold 3ds and other NTRboothax flashcards will let you play any 3DS Game with CIA format on 3DS. And the price of these flash carts are lower than $21. R4i gold 3ds itself is a ds game flashcard, means it supports user playing free NDS games on your DSI or 3DS firmware consoles. Like the Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds, it is also working on 3ds v11.6 to any lower firmware versions. And better than them, R4i gold 3ds rts can work on the old DS/DSI XL/DS Lite machines with V1.4.5.

But how to let it support 3DS games as well on our 3ds handhelds? In 2017, we finally have a relatively simple way to install 3DS Custom firmware to our 3ds/new 3ds/2ds xl/2ds machines. That is called NTRboot method. This Ntrboothax exploit,  when working with ds flashcarts like the R4i gold 3ds can run Boot9strap/3DS CFW to any 3ds system machine. After installing 3DS CFW, we can run CIA format 3ds roms, that’s to say, we can play 3ds games without buying the expsensive Sky3ds+, Stargate 3ds or official game card.

Steps for using R4i gold 3ds to play free MH Stories on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL

Firstly, you should have some basic knowledge about 3DS CFW, CIA and NTRboothax.

What’s 3DS Custom Firmware: The modding scene of the Nintendo 3DS involves both flash cartridges which emulate an original game cart (which can be solely used to play untouched game cart ROM backups) and custom firmware (software which patches the official firmware “on the fly”), which requires an exploit to obtain control of the ARM9, the 3DS’ security coprocessor. The current most widely used CFW is Luma3DS, developed by Aurora Wright and TuxSH, which allows unsigned CIA (CTR Importable Archives) files to be installed on the Nintendo 3DS devices, provides region-free features, exception handling for homebrew software developers etc.

What’s the CIA: CIA stands for CTR Importable Archive. This format allows the installation of titles to the 3DS. Under normal circumstances CIA files are used where downloading a title is impractical or not possible. For the most part, you can only install/run these after getting CFW installed. There are exceptions to this rule called Legit CIAs. CIAs are installed to the home menu just like normal digital titles and do not require private headers to play online with.

What’s Ntrboothax: Normmatt, kitlith, SciresM, hedgeberg and d3m3vilurr have released ntrboot exploit for 3DS which was formerly known as MagnetPWN (MagnetHax).

Then you should flash NTRBoothax to your 3DS console with different means.

Flashing ntrboot (3DS Single System) unhacked 3DS and a compatible flashcart.
Flashing ntrboot (3DS Multi System)  a second 3DS family device that is already running some kind of custom firmware (such as boot9strap or arm9loaderhax).
Flashing ntrboot (NDS) a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite that is compatible with your flashcart.
Flashing ntrboot (DSi)  a Nintendo DSi that is compatible with your flashcart.

Finally, you can begin install B9S/CFW to your console to play CIA Monster Hunter Stories game.

D. With R4i B9S

r4i b9s

R4i b9s is the newest flashcard launched by an old and famous R4 site It is being produced only for installing Boot9strap/Luma3DS CFW to our 3DS consoles. So it can’t play nds games like the R4i gold 3ds. However, it is better than R4i gold 3ds or other ntrboot flashcarts, due to the pre-installed Ntrboothax and a reasonable price($19.9). If you just need a flash card to install CFW to your 3ds handheld, R4i b9s is the best choice.

The official site provides a very detailed and clear user guide to every card buyer, you can check here. And R4i b9s is also working on 3ds v11.6 after tesing, so don’t worry about 3ds update. This flashcart won’t be patched by Nintendo easily, unless it releases a new hardware for 3DS. 

Steps for using the cheapest R4i b9s to play free MH Stories on 3DS

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