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Sky3ds+ vs Stargate 3ds, which is much faster for hacking 3ds games?

Both Stargate 3ds and Sky3ds+ are hacking 3ds games to play freely on all 3DS firmware consoles in 2018. But which one is better and faster to be used to play free 3ds games? Here we test the 2 cards on a new 2ds xl and an old 2ds to show you the answer.

Sky3ds+ Plus Skydock

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Sky3ds+ is released in 2015, it is the third version 3ds game flashcard from the sky3ds company. Better than the 2 versions, it can play Pokemon (ultra) Sun&Moon and all other new 3ds titles with solving the Anti-piracy check. It has 2 buttons to use for chaning 3ds games, users even can select a certain game to play by pressing one button several times quickly.

More importantly, this sky3ds+ flashcard has a firmware to use for hacking 3ds roms not using adiskwriter tool any more. You are no need to flash 3ds roms via a diskwriter to 3ds, just download sky3ds+ firmware and the free 3ds games to a microsd card, then insert it to a Sky3ds plus, you can start to play free Nintendo 3ds games.

Plus, from the last year, with the releasing of sky3ds+ v140 firmware and the skydock, you can go online with sky3ds+ card safely on 3DS without any Ban worry. Because the skydock is the product supports users of Sky3ds+ build their own private header by getting from a game header from one of the original 3DS game cards.

All in all, Sky3ds+ is being better and better since its releasing. Currently, this 3ds flashcart with a prefect compatibility and a stable performance to hack 3ds games on any of your 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS XL, 2DS and NEW 2DS XL console.

Stargate 3ds supports DS/3DS games

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Stargate 3ds is only produced for around 2 months, it is coming from a new team called Stargate-3ds. However, there is a rumor that Stargate 3ds is made by the same team of Gateway 3ds card. This flashcadseling point is its support to both 3DS and NDS games. After testing, yes, the 2 modes are indeed working well on the Stargate 3ds flashcart. It’s also the easiest cad to use for playing ds&3ds games on any 3DS model without firmware restriction. But there are some issues too.

  • Stargate 3ds can’t support the latest 3ds games for now with the current firmware, such as Pokemon (Ultra) Sun and Ultra Moon and Mario Party The Top 100 .
  • Stargate 3ds is not compatible with CFW in DS mode, it will display garbled screens.
  • Stargate 3ds doesn’t support .3dz file, you should rename is to .3ds to play on your console.

Video on Stargate 3ds VS Sky3ds+

Conclusion, which is better and faster for hacking 3ds game?

Maybe the result we get from the video is not that correct, because we use the Sky3ds+ on a new 2ds xl but the Stargate 3ds on an original 2ds. But at least in this video, sky3ds+ is much faster faster when changing 3ds roms while the Stargate 3ds is more quickly when reading 3ds games on the 2ds. The speed is not a big difference for the 2 3ds flashcards. The key is the game compatibility, if Stargate 3ds won’t support those new 3ds games in a short time, we will recommend you buying Sky3ds+ plus skydock still.

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