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RPwnG: Does the new 3DS Exploit work with Sky3ds+ to support all region 3DS Games?

A new 3DS userland exploit for launching Homebrews on V11.4/11.5 firmware consoles is recently released, it is called RPwnG. It is a fully free 3ds homebrew exploit to use for everyone. However, is it a primary or secondary homebrew entrypoint? How to set it up on a non-hacked 3DS or a CFW installed 3DS handheld? And the last question can it work with Sky3ds+ to support All Region 3ds games for free? Here you can find these answers.

RPwnG: Is it a Primay or a Secondary 3ds homebrew exploit for V11.4/11.5?

rpwng 3ds exploit

RPwnG is a userland exploit for the free eShop 3DS Game, RPG Maker Player! With it, you can run the homebrew launcher and run homebrew like region-free patching and some emulators. But, this Hax doesn’t load a fully-compatible payload for other Homebrews (emu etc.) Please note, this will NOT pirate DS/3DS games, give you CIA installation or CFW!

It’s technically primary, for non-hacked Nintendo 3DS console users, you can run it directly with the official guide. But for people who already have CFW (needed to patch the upload process to preserve the exploit) uploaded hacked games. In the following, we will give you a user guide too. So it’s like this strange middle ground between primary and secondary, but leans more towards primary. Reminds us of doodlebomb. It even can work on the N3DS XL (11.5.0-38U/E), even through it crashes sometimes when you try to start homebrew. But you just need to try and try again until it works. After you can get RPwnGn working, it will be a good idea to install and different exploit like stickerHax or OOThax, because the free eshop title will be easily removed by Nintendo.

RPwnG: How to setup it on 3DS V11.4/11.5 with or without CFW?

Thanks to a redditor called w0jton, we have a very detailed user guide on how to load RPwnG on 2 type Nintendo 3DS family consoles.

A: CFW Users: How to upload RPwnG (homebrew exploit for OFW 11.5 users):

  1. Download
  2. Copy “luma”, “JKSV” folder and “JKSM.cia” file to the root of your CFW 3DS SD Card;
  3. Put the SD Card back in your CFW 3DS, start it up while holding Select, make sure that game patching is enabled in Luma3DS config menu, if not, enable it, and press Start to reboot your console.
  4. Change your 3DS system language to English (System Settings -> Other Settings -> Language).
  5. Download and install RPG Maker Fes -> either buy it on eShop or get the .cia version , I’m not allowed to share it here.
  6. Install JK Save Manager (JKSM.cia) using FBI.
  7. Make sure that your 3DS is connected to Wi-Fi.
  8. Open up RPG Maker Fes. It should ask you if you want to install the update. Press Y, and download the update 1.1.3.
  9. After the update has downloaded, open up JK Save Manager.
  10. Select “Refresh Games”, then navigate to SD/CIA -> RPG Maker Fes -> ExtData Options -> Import ExtData -> RPwnG
  11. Import the extdata from the SD Card. If no extdata is detected, make sure that you have extracted “JKSV” folder to your 3DS SD Card.
  12. After restoring the extdata, close JK Save Manager and launch (now updated) RPG Maker Fes.
  13. In the menu, choose “Load data” and make sure that RPwnG files for New/Old 3DS EUR/USA/JPN are listed there.
  14. Go back to menu, choose “Network”, accept the online terms, type your nickname, let RPG Maker connect to the Internet.
  15. Select “Upload product” and select the file that you want to upload. Note that you can upload ANY of the listed files, console type/region doesn’t matter. If you have a friend that wants to use RPwnG exploit to access homebrew with unhacked 11.5 3DS, choose his region / console type.
  16. After uploading the file of your choice. select “Upload slot check” -> Slot for upload.
  17. Write down your ProductID and:
  • Share it with your friend that has unhacked 3DS and wants to access Homebrew Launcher
  • Tweet it with hashtag: #GetRpwnG (make sure to note what console type / region it is for)
  • Leave it in the comment to thispost.

B: Unhacked 3DS users: How to access Homebrew Launcher using RPwnG exploit:

  1. Download the Homebrew starter kit or just the Homebrew Launcher executable (if you want to download homebrew apps of your choice separately).
  2. Extract the “” or move the “boot.3dsx” file to the root of your 3DS SD Card.
  3. Change your 3DS system language to English (System Settings -> Other Settings -> Language).
  4. Download RPG Maker Player from eShop.
  5. Launch RPG Maker Player.
  6. *In the main menu, select “Download contents”. Let RPG Maker connect to the Internet and download all of the DLC’s. This step is not mandatory, but RPwnG seems to be more reliable with the DLC’s downloaded.
  7. Choose “Download games”, accept the online terms, let RPG Maker Player connect to the Internet, type your nickname.
  8. Choose “Download posted product” -> “Search product ID”.
  9. Type the one of the productID that you got from CFW user or use a code from my list (note that it needs to be for your console type / region)
  10. Download the RPwnG file to any saveslot.
  11. After it has finished downloading, choose “Game play” and load the downloaded RPwnG file.
  12. Homebrew Launcher should be loaded.

Is Sky3ds+ working with RPwnG to play All Region 3DS Games?

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We all know that the Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus is a 3DS Game supported card, which can play free 3DS Games on any 3ds models and firmwares. However, it has a big weak point. Just like the official 3ds game card, Sky3ds+ is region locking to pirate 3ds games on our consoles. So when you want to use Sky3ds+ on your American 3ds/2ds/new 3dsxl/new2ds device to play EU/JP/Other region games, you should Homebrew your console firstly to bypass the region locking.

Yes, the Sky3ds+ can work with the RPwnG to support All Region 3DS Games on your 3DS host system. Just notice, not like Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakyhax, you can use Sky3ds plus to run them directly to install Homebrews. For the RPwnG, which is a eshop 3ds game exploit, the sky3ds+ can’t support it. Only after you finish installing RPwnG on your handheld, you can insert Sky3ds+ to play the cross-region 3DS games. And The Sky3ds+ itself is very easy to use for playing 3DS games, it is a plug & play 3ds flashcard. For more details on this 3ds game hacking cartridge, you can check more in 3DS-FLASHCARD.COM.

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