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RPG Maker Fes, will it be the best RPG 3DS Game in 2017 for US and EU?

Those in USA and Europe, you can make your own RPGs with the upcoming game RPG Maker Fes 3ds. The game, first launched in Japan on November 24, 2016, allows players to make their own RPGs using a wealth of pre-made assets without knowing for programminng. According to announcement by NIS America, this game is planned to be bring to 3DS console owners in North America and Europe by way of both physical and digital copies. How is it different from other PRG 3ds games and what we can do to play Free RPG Maker Fes 3DS on 3DS? Answers are in the post.

RPG Maker Fes 3DS, the best 2017 RPG 3DS Game?

For you who want to become a game develper and creat your own RPG using simple but powerful tools, it should be.

RPG Maker Fes is a RPG creation tool for the 3DS published by Kadokawa in 2016 and localized in 2017 by NIS America. This is the first entry in the RPG Maker series in about 5 years. This entry allows players to share their creations online for people to download and play using a free app on the eShop. Creators will be able to customise the characters, stories, combat and more, weaving their own tales around fantasy worlds plucked from their imagination. These can then be shared with anyone that downloads the free RPG Maker Player application, providing friends and RPG fans around the world with the chance to play your creations. The game will also include localized in-game text in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. And always remember that, this game doesn’t require you any programming skills.

Cited from NIS America’s press release:

Ready to become a game developer? RPG Maker Fes makes it easy to develop any RPG you can imagine with no need for programming knowhow. Simple, but powerful tools let you bring to life the amazing stories in your head. Customize the characters, stories, combat and more to become the next great developer. Then, share your creations and play others with the free RPG Maker Player. What story will you share?

Key Features:

RPG Making Made Easy – Ever had an idea for a great RPG? This is your chance to create it! With powerful, but easy to use tools, any story or world you can imagine comes to life!

Customised Content – Simple, but powerful tools let you take amazing fantasy stories from your imagination, and put them into the hands of your friends.

Play and Share for Free – Anyone who downloads the free RPG Maker Player app can play RPGs created by RPG Maker Fes owners for free! Share the fun with your friends and people all over the world!

Where to buy this game or we can play Free RPG Maker Fes on 3DS?

Currently, only pre-order in allowed. A limited edition is available for pre-order via the NIS America Store for $49.99, and includes a copy of the game, 36-page softcover art book, one-disc original soundtrack, and collector’s box.

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Sky3ds+ supports PG Maker Fes, Culdcept Revolt or 2017 3ds games?

Yes,  Sky3ds+ will be able to support any upcoming 2017 3ds games like it supports the exiting 2017 3ds games Pokemom Sun/Pokemon Mooon/Super Mario Maker. It is hacking every 3ds retail cart game to play on all 3ds handhelds(3ds/n3ds/2ds) and 3ds firmwares(11.3 and lower ones), even one day, it can not play one of new 3ds games. The flash card company will release the updated firmware to bypass the game AP check, like the sites do in the past 2 years. All incompatibility for games is short and temporary. The Sky3ds+ is your Best 3ds card to buy for playing nearly ALL 3DS Games in 2017!

How to play Free Dragon Ball Fusion, Poochy&Yoshi’s Woolly World and PG Maker Fes on 3DS?

You should prepare

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  • One USB cable in the Sky3ds+ package.
  • One UBS card reader.
  • PC with Internet.

You should do

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