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R4I B9S Flasher, does R4I B9S support DS Games/NTRboot on 3DS with it?

The R4i b9s card can be set to support DS games with their recent released software called B9S Flasher. This good news is from their official site R4I-SDHC.COM and they also show us a simple instruction on how to switch back R4I B9S to NDS flashcart after using it for NTRboot method. Here you can see the tutorial, and now with the B9S Flasher V1.0, the R4I B9S cart is our another great choice for playing free ds games and running Ntrboothax on 3DS/NEW 3DS/NEW 2DS XL consoles.

r4i b9s ntrboot ds games

R4I B9S Flasher V1.0

The B9S flasher is a free software made and released from, currently, the latest version is v1.0. It is used for flashing R4I B9S to NDS flashcart to play ds games on 3DS or DSI firmware consoles. Meanwhile, if you want to switch R4I B9S to NTRBoot flashcard, this flasher supports too.

R4i team just released a B9S flasher that can flash B9S to NDS flashcart or reversely, more details: click here. [2017-10-10]

R4I B9S Flasher v1.0 Download link is

R4i-sdhc B9S flasher modify from

How to switch R4I B9S to NDS flashcart to play ds games?


  1. Copy r4i-sdhc.firm to SD: Luma\payloads
  2. Copy r4i-sdhc.bin to SD: nrtboot, create “ntrboot” directory if not exist.
  3. Press “START+POWER” button to run r4i-sdhc.firm.

r4i b9s ds games 1

r4i b9s ds games 2

r4i b9s play ds games 3

Note: This can only be used for flashing R4i-B9S card to NDS flashcart or reversely. The R4I B9S is a 100% R4I SDHC 3DS RTS card when be switched back to NDS Mode, so for using the cart on your any 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/NEW 2DS XL or DSI/DS/DS Lite handheld, you should download its kernel from

Can R4I B9S with B9S Flasher play 3DS and DS games?

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The R4I B9S card can play DS games with the flasher v1.0. However, this flash cartridge is not playing 3ds games still. Keep this in mind, if you are looking for the 3ds game flashcard, only Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds are correct to buy. R4i b9s card supports NTRboot method for installing B9S/LUMA CFW to your any 3DS system version console, but you still can only play CIA games, not 3DS games.


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