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R4 kernel v3.9b|2017 R4i gold pro, dual core and rts lite V3.9b is released for?

Do you notice the latest R4 3ds kernel v3.9b is released? Is it bring new features to us, like playing 3ds games? How we can update to v3.9b on the 2017 R4i gold pro, R4i dula core and R4isdhc silver rts lite card? Let us show you here.

r4 kernel v3.9b

R4 kernel/firmware v3.9b for 2017 R4i gold pro(dual core, rts lite)

Compatibility 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS: V11.2.0 to lowers.DS/DSI/DS LITE/DSL: V1.4.5 to lowers.
Features Support game hacking, homebrews, emulators, multi-media files, real-time save, region free, user-cheats, softreset and more.
Game Type DS games.

R4 kernel/firmware v3.9b supports any new features(plays 3ds games)?

No, it is just a regular update like before, the v3.9b R4 kernel or firmware still supports DS or not 3DS games, and no new features added too. The latest R4 firmware you can download from official site and the kernel is used for those following 2017 and 2015 R4 3DS cards.

For the cards old users, do you need to update firmware to this one? I will reply, if you play games without problem on old version R4 3ds kernel, you can do not update now. But if you meet some error in future, recommend you update to the latest version V3.9b.

2017 R4 3DS

2015 R4 3DS

  • 2015 R4isdhc snoopy
  • 2015 R4isdhc upgrade

How to update 2017 R4i gold pro, dual core, rts lite card to the latest V3.9b?

Easy to do. As usual, follow our guide here.

Step A: Prepare the microSD card for 2017 R4 3DS or 2015 R4 3ds card.

Connect the sd or sdhc card to the PC with Internet via usb reader, sometimes the R4 package will come with a usb reader, but I will suggest you to prepare a new one. And download SD Fomatter 4.0 here, use it to format your Microsd card by FAT32.

Step B: Download the latest R4 kernel v3.9b from

Download the R4 kernel v3.9b for 2017 R4i gold pro, 2017 R4i dual core, 2017 R4isdhc silver rts lite, 2015 R4isdhc snoopy and 2015 R4isdhc upgrade.

Attention, different cards has different download link. I will list you here.

Step C: Install the R4 v3.9b to the 2017 or 2015 R4 3DS card.

Unzip the file you get after downloading, use WinRAR or 7zip to do it. Then you will get a new folder, copy all the contents in it to the root of you MicroSD card.

Step D: Update R4i gold pro(dual core, rts lite, snoopy, upgrade)+ to V3.9B.

Eject your SD/SDHC card from PC. Insert it into 2017 or 2015 R4 3DS card. Then put the flash card to your 3DS or DS console. Then, you will have R4 3DS menu showing kernel version v3.9b.

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