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Buy Best R4 Card For 3DS(XL)/2DS/DSi/DS

Pickup flashcard 2018-which one to buy for 3DS/2DS/New 3DS XL?

It’s about picking up a flashcard 2018. Which one to buy for 3DS, 2DS, or NEW 3DS(2DS) XL consoles in the next year? If you do have this question, we will let you know the answer in this post.

In 2017, many new flashcartshave be released, such as the Stargate 3ds, R4i gold 3ds plus, R4isdhc b9s, Ace3ds x and EZflash reform. So in the coming soon 2018, which card will be the best to buy for any 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS XL or NEW 2DS XL device?

2018 R4 3DS cards

How many r4 3ds cards are still available and working in 2018? They are listed here, so you are no need to waste your time to do a search.

  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts(from, best for playing ds games)
  • R4i b9s 3ds(from, released in 2017, pre-flashed with NTRboothax)
  • R4i gold 3ds rts plus(from, released in 2017, support ds games and pre-flashed with NTRboothax)
  • R4i gold pro 2017/2018(from, the only R4 brand will have a new version in each year)
  • R4isdhc dual core 2017/2018(from, same with R4i gold pro)
  • R4isdhc silver rts lite 2017/2018(from, same with R4i gold pro )
  • R4i gold eu 3ds(from, an R4i card designed for EU market)

All these 3ds r4i cards are supporting DS Emulation on all 3DS family hand-held systems.  Plus the Ace3ds plus and Ace3ds x, the 9 r4i flashcards for 3ds are all your proper choice in 2018.  Among them, some with NTRboothax compatibility, but others are not. Their price is from $9.9 to $25.9, Ace3ds plus is the cheapest while the Ace3ds x is the most expensive to buy.

2018 3DS Flashcards

3DS Flashcards is welcoming a new member in the last month of 2017, the “Stargate 3ds” is finally released out and can be shipped out from retailers soon within 1 to 2 weeks. However, with the appearence of 3ds stargate, some 3ds game flashcards maybe becoming outdated in 2018. Which are they?

  • Stargate 3ds(from, supports NDS/3DS games in one cartridge)
  • Sky3ds+(from, the best 3ds game supported card until now)
  • Sky3ds(from, an old version of sky3ds+)
  • Gateway 3ds(from, it’s ever the most powerful 3ds flashcart, but stop updating since 2017)
  • EZflash redux(from, the only 3ds game flashcart from EZ team, but can’t work on the latest 3ds firmware)

So it’s easy to see that, the old Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds and EZflash redux will be the out-dated 3ds flashcards in 2018.  In the new year, don’t buy any od them. Your right options are either Sky3ds+ or Stargate 3ds.

Which is the best card to buy in 2018?

For playing ds games

play ds games on r4 3ds sd card

That’s the R4i sdhc 3ds rts, it is playing nearly all NDS games, working on 3ds v11.6 and dsi v1.45. Supports all functions of an R4 card but with the most advanced RTS feature and a wifi download engine. For years, R4i 3ds sdhcrts is your best ds game flashcard to buy.

For playing 3ds games

buy r4 3ds,sky3ds, n2 elite with voucher for 3DS or Switch

That’s the Sky3ds+, till to now, Sky3ds plus is the best card for playing free 3ds games. It is working on all consoles, any system version, supporting plug&play, having an updatable firmware, playing the latest 3ds roms include the Pokemon Ultra Moon&Sun. So, there is no reason you buy other 3ds flashcard not Sky3ds+ to play 3ds games. 

For installing 3DS CFW/B9S

install cfw on any 3ds 2017

Choose the Ace3ds x or R4i gold 3ds plus, both of them can be a good option for your need to play ds games and install cfw. If you care more about ds emulation, the better is R4i gold 3ds rts plus, because it’s working with a newer wood kernl V1.64. If you want to choose a more simple one, Ace3ds x is it, the card has a button on the surface, you have no need to open the flashcard to switch from NTR mode to DS mode.

Which is the cheapest card to buy in 2018?

r4i b9s ntrboot ds games

You can buy either Ace3ds plus or R4i b9s, the former is really the cheapest flashcard to buy for 3ds in 2018, only costing 9.9$, however, it just lets you play free ds games, emulates some old titles and use ds homebrews. The latter, R4i b9s, this card is the cheapest for supporting NTRboothax and DS games, suits for those of you want to pickup a flashcard to play free ds roms and install custom firmware to 3DS.

Which card supports all games on 3DS in 2018?

stargate 3ds buy USA

That is the latest 3ds card Stargate 3ds, according to the description, it supports NDS and 3DS games natively, moreover, it can emulates GBA/SNES games on 3DS, in addition, it’s also compatible with NTRboothax, which means after using it to install CFW/B9S to your console, you can play eshop 3ds roms with CIA format or enjoy free 3ds eshop contents via Freeshop.

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