[tutorial]How to setup R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition for 3DS roms(games) step by step

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition  has released for few weeks. It’s soon become the most famous product at current 3DS flashcart market.  Like the Gateway 3DS and 3DSLink, the R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition only support Nintendo system v4.1 to V4.5. Please make sure your 3DS(XL) system version is between 4.1 and 4.5. If not you can only enjoy nds ... Read More »

R4ISDHC SNOOPY will released|R4iSDHC team new product

R4isdhc team has released the news on their official site that they will release new 3ds crads and the new snoopy card. We can see that the new product combined r4,m3 and dstwo features. They also said the new card will suport 3ds games soon. r4isdhc team also alarm that” R4iSDHC.COM will stop selling 2013 version card since Nov.15,no firmware ... Read More »


After a long wait from the original announcement,Nintendo Direct finally revealed that 3DS software will bring Nintendo Network IDs  in December today. This update will combine eShop balances across the Wii U and 3DS, and Miiverse integration. So how much impact will this update bring? This system update will also mark the beginning of Miiverse support on Nintendo 3DS. this ... Read More »

R4iSDHC will release new product Combind R4,M3 and DSTWO technology

The declare that “R4iSDHC products are all upgraded,the latest 2014 version will be ready for sale on around Nov.18. combinded R4,M3 and DSTWO technology,with more functions,Based on their 5 years experience.” The R4iSDHC’s most famous product is r4iSDHC Dual core and R4iSDHC-silver . We can see that R4iSDHC team will release their 3DS card soon.Is it just another clone ... Read More »

3K3Y Firmware 2.05 and New iSOTools released

PS3 3K3Y with new firmware v2.05 is compatible with PS3 25XX, 3xxx and 4xxx models! With the firmware v2.05, you can choose ISOs from your TV. The 3k3y firmware 2.05 will come with new game selection menu system. It fixes Dynamic ISOMENU. And new Mr Waffles WIFI code is available with it. 3K3Y is packed with different packages,Some players prefer ... Read More »

How to setup R4i Gold 3DS wood r4 1.64 step by step ?

R4i Gold 3DS  has upgraded the version number to 1.64 . In this article I will show you how to setup your new card with the Wood R4 Kernel 1.64. Step 1: download the Wood R4 Kernel from the official website. Click the download. Step 2: unpack the rar file you have download   This two files are the total ... Read More »

How to setup R4i SDHC 3DS RTS kenel 1.75B on 2DS/3DS 6.3.0-12

The R4i SDHC 3DS RTS have upgraded their kernel to 1.75B.R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS card is a great flashcard released by official R4-SDHC team(, it is a great R4i card for your nintendo DSL/DSi/3DS3DS, this card can support 3DS V6.3.0-12 and DSi 1.45 out of box. The card eable you to enjoy the Real-time save features, real-time guide features and user-cheat ... Read More »

E3 ODE PRO will release the E3 Manager for more rich styels of operation

We are pleased to announce that E3 Manager for E3 ODE PRO will be released soon.E3 Manger will give the user a variety of styles of operation and brilliant dazzling theme background . Of course, like simple -to-use user can still use E3 OS for normal operation.Here is E3 Manager demo video , the official version released soon. E3 ODE ... Read More »

How to setup R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition to Play 3DS games(roms) ?

Step 1. Format Micro SD card in Fat32. Download the newest Wood R4 kernel , and extract the “.rar” file to get two files below, and then copy them to the ROOT of the MicroSD card. Step 2. Insert the Micro SD card(Preloaded wood kernel) into the “Blue Card” and Running. 1) Click “START” of the WOOD Menu and choose ... Read More »

[tutorial]How to setup the 3DSLink flashcard to play 3Ds games (roms) ?

3DSLink is the newest flashcard that can play 3DS games,it’s a clone of Gateway 3DS,but more cheaper. But exactly how to use it ,where to download the kernel files.Please follow this tutorial.main features of 3DSLink: 1. Support 3ds/3dsxl consoles(Version v4.1 to v4.5)2. Support latest 3d games3. Support latest dsi and 3ds games4. Support all kind of 3ds and dsi console5. ... Read More »

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