How to use real tiem save (RTS Feature) on r4i gold 3ds rts for 2ds 3DS xl

R4i Gold 3DS  is one of the famous flashcard for playing nds games. It support almost all the consoles. If you have bought this flashcard,you should enjoy the real time save features (RTS). You can save the game states at any time during the game time. and loading back. In this article I will show you how to enable and ... Read More »

How to upgrade DSTWO r4i firmware 1.25 to support 2DS/3DS XL 7.1.0-16

Supercard dstwo bought before 2013.12.25 from need upgrade. (The latest dstwo from support 7.1.0-14 directly) How to upgrade ? firmware v1.25 support DSi 1.45 and 3DS 7.1.0-14x Download from here. Important: Please make sure the power is enough! And don’t do anything unnecessary! Q:How to upgrade DSTWO firmware? Step 1: Download the firmware.. Step 2: Unzip and copy ... Read More »

[user guide] How to seupt mt card to enjoy multi-3DS roms ?

Mt-Card  is the first flashcard that support multi-roms on one micro sd card. In this article We will show that how to use the mt card. Step1: Prepare the BlueCard A) Prepare the BlueCard and a MicroSDcard, and formatted the MicroSDcard as FAT32; B) Copy all files from BlueCard folder to the ROOT of the MicroSD card. Step2: Run MT_INSTALLER.NDS ... Read More »

How to upgrade R4i SDHC 3DS RTS Kernel 1.76B to Works on 2ds/3DS(XL) 7.1.0-14

R4i SDHC 3DS RTS support 2DS/3DS(XL) 7.1.0-14 directly. If your card is old and blocked or you want to upgrade your 3ds firmware. You should upgrade the flashcard first.   With a few simple steps, you can upgrade your flashcard to works on the latest 7.1.0-14x system. Step 1: download the kernel 1.76b [download] Step 2: unzip the file R4i-3DS V1.76b ... Read More »

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition firmware 3.2 released

Deluxe Edition firmware 3.2 is released ! (2014-01-03) change log:1.fix the saver issue2.please check readme.txt attached firstly[Download Now] R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition  is the latest flashcard of It support play 3ds roms on 3DS(XL)4.1~4.5. [ATTENTION] Not for other consoles. some users are confused by the “emuNAND 7.1.0-14″, it’s not mean works on 7.1.0-14. Just emulate the 7.1.0-14 system ... Read More »

How to setup r4i sdhc 3ds rts firmware 1.76b on 3DS(XL) 2DS 7.1.0-14 ?

R4i-SDHC team released the firmware 1.76B. Now you can download and setup for your r4i sdhc 3ds rts . The firmware was released on 2013.12.18. Step 1: format your micro sd card to FAT32. download the latest 1.76B firmware from here: the right language you want.unzip the file. You will get these files: Copy all of them to the root ... Read More »

MT Card is avaible ! first batch sent out

The first batch of samples sent out today,We will test this card when we got it.   Latest videos1)pressing key switching games2)selecting games in Menu3)Key locked in the game, No action in game4)The menu interface Key can be arbitrary switching game5)Save game LED flashes,After the completion of can directly pull out the card Read More »

How to setup R4iSDHC SNOOPY flashcard on 2DS/3DS(XL) 7.1.0-14 ?

R4iSDHC Snoopy supports 3DS/3DS XL Ver. 7.1.0-14U directly! No update! The R4isdhc Snoopy red card is a new flash card released by R4isdhc team. With a lovely Snoopy on the card box, it looks cute. R4isdhc Snoopy red card can be used on 3DS/3DS XL Ver. 7.1.0-14U/7.0.0-13U directly. How to Set up R4isdhc Snoopy Card for 3DS/3DS XL Ver. 7.1.0-14U ... Read More »

MT-Card new 3DS games flashcard support multi-roms built-in CPU

This new brand 3DS games flashcard support the multi-roms,but this card works on 3DS 4.1~4.5 too.  I believe other 3DS flashcards will support multi roms soon.It’s not a big step. Here is the video:   Due to the design defect of the previous 3DS card with hardware architecture, too much inconvenient problems are coming out. In order to solve these ... Read More »

3DS system has upgraded to 7.1.0-14 Which flashcards support 7.1.0-14 ?

Nintendo has released the latest system 7.1.0-14, the 7.1.0 support is a little upgrade. No new flashcards is blocked this time It’s a good news to all the players. Version 7.1.0-14U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Improved system stability and usability: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance ... Read More »

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