What’s (PC) Steam games platform ?

Steam is a very famous games platform on PC and MAC.Players can buy games from Steam.For example <<Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2>>,<<Sniper: Ghost Warrior>> are released on Stream.Players can play games on the internet with other players after buy the game.All the games on Steam are Genuine,they are only accept dollar.Most of the games are very expensive.In fact,there are ... Read More »

How to use EZ-Flash 3 in 1 on the Nintendo DS lite?

The EZ-Flash 3 in 1 is a slot 2 expansion pack originally made as a sidekick to the EZ-Flash V for use on the Nintendo DS lite.You can use it play GBA games on DS lite. It’s open the source code,so other flash cart can use this awesome slot 2 expansion.EZ-Flash 3 in 1 has 3 main functions.GBA,RAM,RUMBLE.In general,It’s a ... Read More »

[tutorial]How to update Ace3ds PLUS with AOS V2.13 ?

Ace3ds plus Now has released the Wood V1.62 1.62compatibility:- ‘smurfs 2, the (europe)’ fixed.- ‘smurfs 2, the (usa)’ fixed. r4i specific:- fixed sound restoring in many games. Step1:  First download the Ace3ds plus AOSV2.13 firmware : Step2:uzip the AosV2.13: Step3:Copy all the files to root dir of the micro sd card (You can format the micro sd card ). Step4:push ... Read More »

How to set Wifi Router?

ForwardYou have just bought a nifty Wifi router or a new DS for yourself, and it won’t connect. Hopefully, you have read some of your router’s instructions to familiarize yourself with it. If not, then you may have a bit of trouble with this HowTo; every router is different, so things may not be as described here. I have had ... Read More »

How To Update R4iDSN Wood 3DS To Work On 3DS V6.2.0-12

Since 3ds has updated to v6.2.0-12, eight cards except ace3ds plus can support the latest 3ds system, that is r4i gold 3ds, r4i-gold 3ds (EU), r4idsn wood 3ds, r4i-sdhc rts 3ds, r4i sdhc dual-core, r4i sdhc rts lite (slive card), r4i gold pro and dstwo. R4iDSN 3DS  also is a good card, it is very popular. If you still don’t ... Read More »

How to use Gateway 3ds flashcart for 3DS/NDS/DSI (deep tutorial)?


  After a long time wait ,the first 3ds flashcart  gateway 3ds released finally .Here will teach you how to use it hand by hand . In general ,Gateway 3DS flashcart include 2 cards —blue card and red card .The blue card use for crack 3DS’s NDS model,the red card use for save 3ds game ROM.The red can only ... Read More »

How to update R4i Gold 3DS wood kernel to V1.62

A few minutes ago ,R4i Gold 3DS official release the V1.62.We know that there are many fake Wood R4 versions which have nothing to do with Wood.only Wood R4 for the original R4,R4i Gold 3DS is the . I’m the first upgrade it. Change log (WOOD R4 V1.62):Compatibility:‘smurfs 2, the (europe)’ fixed.‘smurfs 2, the (usa)’ fixed.R4i Specific:fixed sound restoring ... Read More »

Wood R4 V1.62 for R4i Gold 3ds Released,fix the smurfs 2 problems!

WOOD R4 V1.62 Released,please download for your R4i GOLD Card  (for Both R4i Gold 3DS and R4i gold Non-3DS cards)… [Download Now]Change log (WOOD R4 V1.62):Compatibility:‘smurfs 2, the (europe)’ fixed.‘smurfs 2, the (usa)’ fixed.R4i Specific:fixed sound restoring in many games.fixed bug that cause freeze after leaving rts menu in following games:    disney friends    simpsons game, the buy R4i Gold 3DS Read More »

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