How to use the Gateway 3DS Ultra to downgrade 3DS system to lower version ?

The Gateway 3DS ULTRA released the ultra 3.0 for 3ds games. And they released the downgrade 3DS 4.5+ systems to lower than 4.5. Include the 9.4.0-21. Now you can follow our tutorial to downgrade your 3DS console to enjoy free 3DS and DS games on  your console. version up to 9.2 and today,gateway 3ds team released GATEWAY ULTRA 3.0.1 PUBLIC ... Read More »

How to setup (use) the gateway ultra 3.0 firmware for 3DS games ?

Gateway 3DS team released the new firmware 3.0 ULTRA for 3ds games and DS games on 3DS 4.1~9.2 firmware. If you got the gateway 3DS, you can setup it follow our tutorials. Buy Gateway 3DS ultra version from USA reseller First and foremost, make sure the wifi on your 3DS is kept OFF at all times to avoid Nintendo Update ... Read More »

Gateway Ultra FAQ

Buy Gateway Ultra for 3DS games and DS games. Because the New firmware ultra 3.0 was released a few hours ago, So many users are confused by the new feature. How do I use this on a New 3DS? You can’t. The support for this has not yet been released due to whatever reason. We will need to wait to ... Read More »

GATEWAY 3DS ULTRA 3.0 for 3DS&DS Games is released

Gateway 3DS finally released the firmware 3.0– ULTRA 3.0. Which support both 3DS and ds games on 3DS system 4.5~9.2. Now if your console 3ds system is lower than 9.2. You can enjoy all the 3DS and DS games on your New 3DS (XL,LL),2DS,3DS (XL,LL) on any versions which between 4.5~9.2. Today we are proud to present our latest achievement: ... Read More »

How to choose 2015 r4isdhc card for play free ds games on 3DS V9.4.0-21?

Which is the newest R4 3DS card in 2015 and Are they worthy to 3ds-linker for hacking 3DS System to play downloded ds games? Here the post introduces you 2015 r4isdhc cards and recommend the proper one for your 3DS/3DS XL with firmware v9.4.0-21. 2015 R4 3DS card R4I GOLD PRO 2015 R4iSDHC silver RTS LITE 2015 R4iSDHC dual core ... Read More »

R4 3DS flashcart For Nintendo 3DS consoles

What's the R4 3DS ? R4 3DS flashcart is a card which you can use it to play all the ds games on your 3DS console. What's more this is only the basic function of R4 3DS flashcart. This card can support more functions.R4 3DS support region free, you can play all the region games on your console. And powerful ... Read More »

What’s the supercard DSTWO Plus for 3DS games on 9.4 firmware ?

supercard dstwo Plus is the new product which is still in develop. The biggest news is that this card will support 3DS 4.x~9.4 firmwares. That's mean you can use the supercard dstwo plus to play 3DS and ds games on New 3DS (XL,LL),3DS (XL,LL) and 2DS consoles. We know the latest 3DS frimware is 9.4.0-21. If the supercard dstwo support ... Read More »

What’s the QQ3DS flashcart for 3DS and DS games ?

QQ3DS is a "new" flashcart. In fact it's just a SKY3DS+R4 Cards. And they said it's the first flashcart which support both 3DS and ds games. In fact it's a 3DS card and a R4 card combination. Let's see the features of the QQ3DS card. QQ3DS Features First Dual-mode 3DS card to support all versions of 3DS/3DS XL,2DS,New 3DS(xl/ll) (JP,US,EU) ... Read More »

Top 3DS games rom source for sky3ds and Gateway 3DS (free downlaod)

2015 is comming,the year of 2014 Nintendo New 3DS,2DS bring more users.This article I will show you the most popular and top 3ds games for Nintendo New 3DS(LL,XL),3DS(LL,XL),2DS console. Of course you have method to play free.(We will keep upgrade this article for our customes.) You can enjoy all these games via the SKY3DS flashcart or Gateway 3DS. #1 Pokemons ... Read More »

Which is the best R4 3DS flashcart for Nintendo New 3DS LL/XL 9.4 ?

NIntendo New 3DS LL or XL 9.4 is the latest firmware.If you want to play free ds games on these consoles. You need 3ds-linker a r4 flashcart. Which is the best R4 flashcart of 2014 ? The famous r4 flashcart in the market is the r4i gold 3ds and r4i sdhc 3ds rts.Both R4I gold 3ds and R4i sdhc 3ds ... Read More »

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