What’s CIAKonPack and How to use it on O3DS and N3DS?

A new 3DS to CIA converter called CIAKonPack has been released recently for both old 3ds and new 3ds console, and whats' more due to its 3ds firmware compatibility, it can work with both Gateway and SKY3DS card too. So from now on guys, we doesn't need complex steps to make .cia files, all you need is the CIA converter-CIAKonPack. ... Read More »

3DS CFW-Pasta 1.2.1 for 3DS 9.7 support?

We all have to admit that the newly released 3DS CFW-CIA installer Pasta indeed an amazing custom firmware, it nealy updates day by day since released, for now the latest version is Pasta CFW 1.2.1, which make the following improvements. UPDATE (28 May 2015): VERSION 1.2.1!!! -Fixed crash in Companion App when system.txt did not exist -Fixed crash when using ... Read More »

Some Advice for Newbie who just get Nintendo 3ds or new 3ds console!

If you are a noob of nintendo 3ds/n3ds console or already order one from online reseller, then welcome to the 3ds hacking world. You can choose play games with retail game cartridge or flashcard, one has the limitation of region locking games, one card for one game and not cheap price, while the other can bypass region lock feature, support ... Read More »

Nintendo 3ds qr code hack for free game(rom)

Nowadays, many 3ds hack use certain Cubic Ninjia game qr code for begainning the whole progress. From the first Ninjhax homebrew loader, Regionthree and four exploit, to the most recent Pasta cfw, the qr code hack for 3ds and New 3ds is becoming more and more mature. And in fact, besides these 3ds hack which included qr code using, there ... Read More »

What’s new in Pasta CFW 1.3 and its comparison with Sky3ds and GW?

The only 3ds custom firmware which support .cia 3ds games now have a Important function with the new version 1.3. That is “Firmlaunch”, which allows launching titles that requires a higher FIRM version that the one you have, fo now, it supports spoof your New 3DS firmware to 9.5 and Old 3DS firmware to 9.6.So that when use Pasta cfw ... Read More »

Which is for 3ds 9.7, sky3ds, gateway or pasta cfw?

In which way or with what device, i can play downloded 3ds roms on 9.7 3ds/new 3ds console? The recent hot items like SKY3DS, Gateway and Pasta 3DS custom firmware, which one should be my option? If you guys have questions like them, read the article here. 3DS/NEW 3DS CIA CFW-Pasta Pasta Custom Firmware, not only the first cia installing ... Read More »

Blue 3DS Flashcart Review

Regarding to the new Blue 3DS Flashcart, we get the latest card and tested it already. Now in the post, i will write the review of blue 3ds flashcart and make comparison between blue 3ds and other 3ds game flashcard(Gateway). Review on Blue 3DS Flashcart Developed by: Blue 3DS Team Sample provided by: Review by: Introduction Blue ... Read More »

How to play GBA game with or without flashcard on Nintendo 3DS?

Conclude the current 3DS Software and Flashcard hacker, we can play gameboy advance game on New 3DS and Old 3DS with 2 totally different methods. One is GBA Flashcard-R4 3DS RTS; the other is Custom Firmware-Pasta CFW and Ninjia Homebrew loader. The following post will show you How to play GBA games with each of them. R4 3DS RTS 3DS ... Read More »

What’s PASTA CFW and How to use it with Sky3ds on N3DS/O3DS?

Finally, we can install cia games to play on N3ds/O3ds with or without flashcart by Pasta CFW. If you still don’t know the hot and newly CFW, or feel eager to learn How to use it for cia games, read the post here. What’s Pasta CFW? It’s a new CFW which released by capito27 to support unsigned .cia installing/loading on ... Read More »

3DS Pokemon Hack: POKEMON NEO Y & X

What is Pokemon Neo X and Neo Y? Neo X and Neo Y are the first extensive overhaul hacks of 6th Generation! Months of hard work and research has resulted into the product I present to you today. The mod is designed to showcase the land of Kalos with an improved storyline, difficulty, diversity and most importantly; greater overall balance ... Read More »

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