Which supports free game on 3ds 9.9, Citra 3ds emulator or Sky3ds?

In 2015, is the Citra 3ds ok to use for play free 3ds games? Or the Sky3ds 3ds game flashcard still our only way to play multi-3ds games on 9.9 firmware? If you have questions on 3ds emulation to support free 3ds games, you can find reply here. Citra 3DS Emulator Citra 3DS is a work-in-progress 3DS emulator. Citra can ... Read More »

Breaking News|To all Nintendo 3DS game and DS game players in France!

Dear every Nintendo 3ds game and ds game fans in France, from now on you can have the chance to get one certain product for playing multi free 3ds games and ds games on 3DS, NEW 3DS and 2DS console. They are Nintendo Flashcard Sky3ds, Gatway 3ds and R4 3DS. Each of them supports you play a lot of games ... Read More »

Which R4 3DS supports on DSI (XL) v1.4.5 and where to buy?

For those who have old DSI or DSI XL console users, here is a warning for you. Don't buy R4 DS card any more from any site. They are out dated products for a long long time. Even you still can find out one online store to buy this item, you can't get official help from card company, they are ... Read More »

Where to buy genuine Gateway 3ds for 3DS 9.9 in Europea or in US?

How to tell from real and fake Gateway 3ds in 2015? Is the card supporting 3ds games on 3ds 9.9.0-26 firmware? Where is the local site to buy Gateway 3ds in European or United States? Here, I will answer you all these questions. Keep in mind that, if you want to buy Gateway 3ds, read the post firstly. How to ... Read More »

How to use AMIIQO on New 3DS 9.9.0

AMIIQO Support unlimited  Amiibo figures for WII U and NEW3DS. Thant's mean you will have as much as amiibo as you can. The only this you should do is the amiiqo which has hack the New 3DS NFC feature and let you use the funciton as the amiibo.It is really economical that you can use one AMIIQO to play 200 Amiibo  characters. ... Read More »

Tutorial: How to crack N3DS/3DS/2DS with or without 2015 3ds exploit ?

Learn to crack the Nintendo new 3ds/3ds/2ds to enjoy free games here! In this post, i will show you how to crack N3DS, 3DS or 2DS console with free 3ds exploit or charged R4 / 3ds flashcart. They are both the mean which can let you play free games on Nintendo 3ds family hand helds. Choose which one rely on ... Read More »

R4i sdhc or Supercard dstwo, which supports 3DS Game on 2DS or DS?

R4i sdhc rts 3ds or Supercard dstwo, which is compatiblie with 3ds 9.9.0-26? Which supports 3ds game? An which runs multi-3ds rom also on 2DS or DS consoles? If you have the questions too, bread my post here carefully! Play 3DS Game on 2DS or DS console? You can play 3ds game on Nintendo 2ds without 3D function but you ... Read More »

How to crack 2ds 9.9 to play free 3ds/ds/dsi/gba games?

Is your 2ds console only a game card running machine for now? Want to play free 3ds/dsi/ds/gba games to play on 2ds 9.9? Dear guys, there is your tutorial. Add free 3ds games to play on 2ds 9.9 Sky3ds from is what you need. It’s a 3ds game supported card work on 2ds/3ds/new 3ds console without firmware limitations. You ... Read More »

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