How to setup an R4 card or R4i dual core 2018 on a Macbook?

This article is for helping R4i sdhc 3ds, R4i dual core 2018 and other R4 card users with a Macbook to install firmware and download ds games to their 3ds R4i cards. In 2018, R4 3ds card is still hot to buy with easy setup, cheap price and multiple functions, and plus the compatibility with NTRboothax, they are more popular ... Read More »

Mario Kart Tour: New Mario game will be played on Iphones?

Mario Kart for Mobile phone game-Mario Kart Tour is planned to be released within 2018 to 2019, this is said by the latest announcement from Nintendo company. Mobile Mario Kart Tour Nintendo has announced a whole range of new releases that will be coming over the next year. They include Mario Kart for the iPhone, a Mario film made by ... Read More »

Does Ace3ds plus support NTRboothax and how to do?

The cheapest NTRboothax card to buy is Ace3ds plus. Yes, now this ds flashcard can also support NTRboothax exploit on 3DS firmware consoles too. How to use it with NTRboothax to install B9S/Luma3DS CFW and can it be flashed back to play ds games? Here are your answers. Is Ace3ds plus supporting NTRboothax? Yes, the Ace3ds plus card is also ... Read More »

2018 Nintendo Sales, which are the best-selling hardwares and games?

As part of its annual earing report, Nintendo has just released its third quarter results for this financial year, is Nintendo Switch the best-selling hardware and which are the top-selling games from Nintendo, here to take a look. 2018 Nintendo Best-selling Hardware Without any doubt, the console is the Nintendo Switch, which is a hybrid between a home console and ... Read More »

Where to buy Dstwo+ or Stargate 3ds in Germany and Netherlands?

You can find out the seller which can ship you Dstwo+ or Stargate 3ds cards after reading this post. We know that it’s hard for you to find a site to buy Dstwo or Dstwo+(plus) flashcard from the Internet, because the card is already discountinued for a long long time. And for you living in Germany and Netherlands, if you ... Read More »

Sky3ds+ vs Stargate 3ds, which is much faster for hacking 3ds games?

Both Stargate 3ds and Sky3ds+ are hacking 3ds games to play freely on all 3DS firmware consoles in 2018. But which one is better and faster to be used to play free 3ds games? Here we test the 2 cards on a new 2ds xl and an old 2ds to show you the answer. Sky3ds+ Plus Skydock Sky3ds+ is released ... Read More »

NTRboothax cards’ list|Is your flashcard supporting NTRboot on 3DS?

To those of you who are looking for an NTRboothax compatible card to buy or who want to know the answer whether or not your flashcard is supporting NTRboot method, in this article, you can find a full list of NTRboothax flashcarts. Additionally, we will also suggest you which one is the best or the cheapest one to buy from ... Read More »

How to solve Stargate 3ds game card removed, stop working or other issues?

This is a list of Stargate 3ds common errors, issues and their solutions. The Stargate 3ds is just released and with its Unique ability for supporting ds games, 3ds games&ntrboothax, it is having some little bugs and needing to be updated by the official team. Don’t worry, if you can’t get a Stargate 3ds to work by any means, a ... Read More »

Stargate 3ds or 2018 Nintendo selects, which lets us play 3ds games cheaply?

Many more games are added into Nintendo Selects in 2018, what are they? How much to buy them? And are they worthy&cheaper to buy than the Stargate 3ds card? Here you can get the answer. 2018 Nintendo Selects 3DS Nintendo Selects, formerly Player’s Choice, is a marketing label used by Nintendo to promote video games on current Nintendo game consoles that have sold well. Nintendo Selects titles ... Read More »

Nintendo Labo for Switch: what is it and everything you should know

What’s the new way of playing with Nintendo Switch? The company has answered us this question today, it is their upcoming DIY toys’ kit- Nintendo Labo. Which is described as a  “new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with the magic of Nintendo Switch,” according to Nintendo. The labo is developed to extend the age audience for ... Read More »

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