Top 11 flashcart questions, which Nintendo 3DS/DSI R4 card to buy?

It’s hard for you to pick up an R4 card for Nintendo 3DS or DSI firmware console, cause there are so many options in 2018 and they look very similar, but don’t worry, our post here will help you know the flash card better and make the correct purchase. Which Nintendo 3DS R4 cards are there in 2018? In 2018, ... Read More »

What’s DS Card and can it be used on DS/DS Lite in 2018?

DS Card(DS Flashcard), do you know what is it? Can DS card equal to R4 card? Lastly, in 2018, which R4 or DS card is best to buy for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite? Here you can find all the answers. What’s DS Card(Flash card)? DS Card or DS Flashcard, the full name is Nintendo DS flash card, it ... Read More »

EZflash Omega released, which seller to choose and how to buy with paypal?

EZflash Omega finally be released by the official site, you can see some pictures about this last GBA flashcart from our post here. Also, you will know which ezflash official seller to choose and how to buy the flashcard with paypal on the Internet。 EZflash Omega-GBA Flashcard work on Nintendo DS/DS Lite EZ flash Omega Play free GBA/GB/GBC/NES games with ... Read More »

Where to buy cheap 3ds/ds download code in USA and Canada?

Do you looking for the cheap 3ds or ds download code? Are you searching for a webshop that selling the eshop 3ds digital code with lower price in USA or Canada? Don’t worry, we will try to give you some help in this post. What’s the 3DS/DS download code? Now on the Internet, there are many 3ds or ds download ... Read More »

Ysmenu 2018-How and why to setup it to R4isdhc or R4 sdhc 3ds?

If you are looking for the R4 YSmenu or you are requiring a tutorial to boot Ysmenu to R4isdhc cards(gold pro, dual core or rts lite in 20XX version), just read our post here. R4 YSMENU What is it: YSMenu is a homebrew version of the ttmenu that loads faster than the original menu and looks similar to an unskinned ... Read More »

Waring: Don’t update Nintendo Switch firmware to V5.0 and why

V5.0.0 Firmware for Nintendo Switch came out and was available to download on March, 13th. From Nintendo Switch V4.1 to the most recent V5.0, what are the major changes and are you recommended for updating to Switch firmware v5.0, here are the answers. Nintendo Switch V5.0 Firmware Improvements About Parental Controls Using the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, add specific ... Read More »

Kirby Star Allies, how to play it and kirby 3ds games freely?

The first Kirby game for Nintendo Switch is on the way to us, if you would like to know more details, such as price, demo, review, amiibos and so on, you can just read this post. Plus, if you are one of the Kirby game fans and love to play kirby 3ds games too, there is one solution for you ... Read More »

EZ Flash Omega, what can it do and where to buy in USA/EU?

The EZ FLAHSH site will soon bring us a new gba flashcart in the following month, they call it the “EZFLASH OMEGA”. According to videos and features’ list from the, this will be another great GBA game supported card to buy in 2018 with a reasonable price. Here you can dig into more on the EZ-Flash Omega. EZFlash Omega ... Read More »

Nintendo Direct:Switch Super Smash Bros, 2019 3ds games, and others

This year’s second Nintendo Direct has just passed, a fair number of new 3DS games including a remake of Lugi’s Masion and some amazing Switch titles for example, the Super Smash Bros Nintendo Switch version have been revleaed. If you are waiting for a post to check all the important news from the latest Nintendo Direct in March, it’s here. ... Read More »

What’s Stargate 3ds v2.0, a new version Stargate or a new firmware?

Stargate 3ds v2.0, if you have seen it online but can’t get any further news from the official site, don’t worry, we will explain to you here. Yes, Stargate 3ds v2.0 will come and has been planned and will be updated on the Stargate-3ds site soon. But this is not a new Stargate 3ds flashcard. To all customers, your Stargate 3ds won’t ... Read More »

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