For SX OS users, SX Tools is here to download and use on Andorid device

Such a quick update, Team Xecuter releases a free Andorid app for SX OS code users, it is called SX Tools, which supports users to install SX OS on Nintendo Switch console with an Android phone more easily and conveniently. SX Tools, what is it? SX Tools is A modified version of NXLoader. It is used to launch SX Loader ... Read More »

Xecuter SX Gear Review for Modding Nintendo Switch

The first Xecuter SX Gear Review is here to read and discuss. SX Gear is an upcoming kit for hacking Nintendo Switch consoles as well from Team Xecuter. If you have the SX OS code or intend to install other free Switch CFW on your Nintendo Switch, you are 100% need the cheap SX Gear. Xecuter SX Gear Besides the ... Read More »

Which is the legit and cheapest site to buy SX Gear in USA and UK?

Xecuter SX Gear is coming soon in September for hacking Nintendo Switch for the SX OS code users. It is not the SX Pro, but a new SX product which will be released by Team Xecuter in the next month. If you want to pickup a legit and cheap place to pre-order it in USA and UK, read our article ... Read More »

What’s SX Gear,its difference with Xecuter SX Pro and where to buy?

Team Xecuter announced the Third “SX” product for hacking the Nintendo Switch, that is the Xecuter SX Gear. What is it exactly? Which functions does it have? Is it better to buy than SX Pro? Here we will tell you the answers. What’s SX Gear for Switch? Check the below news from the Team Xecuter, the SX Gear is the best companion ... Read More »

Where to download NDS, 3DS and Switch games to play freely?

This article is to tell you where to download NDS, 3DS and Switch roms on the Internet. Plus, we will also teach you how to play free downloaded DS/3DS/Switch games on your consoles. Just read and follow our guide. Where to download NDS and 3DS games on the Internet? Go to, this is a free, safe and simple site to ... Read More »

FAQ, Dons and Don’ts, User experience of SX OS V1.5

SX OS V1.5 released by Team Xecuter one day ago, in this article, you can read about its FAQ, Dons and Don’ts, first batch user experience. If you are a little confused between the SX OS V1.5 and the SX OS code, the former is the Switch CFW OS latest version, the latter is the OS CFW license code. SX ... Read More »

Nintendo switch emulatator VS SX Pro, which supports free games on Switch?

As a reliable video game fan, there is no one who is not passionate about Nintendo Switch, the latest Nintendo console. With the success of E3 in 2018, more and more games for the Switch would come soon. On the other hand, thanks to the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, we can even play free games on ... Read More »

Warioware gold released, which card support it on 3DS 11.8 and Switch 5.1?

Warioware gold 3DS finally released, not with the game cartridge, you can still play this game on the Nintendo 3DS V11.8 console. The only thing you need is a flashcard. But which is the 3ds flashcard support playing free Warioware gold and can it also be used on Nintendo Switch V5.1? Here let me give you more details. Which flashcard ... Read More »

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