Gateway Emunand 3DS 10.0 or Sky3DS, which can work on 3DS V10.0.0-27?

Sky3ds and Gateway 3ds, do they both support 3ds latest firmware 10.0.0? If so, which one is a better 3ds game flashcard? In fact, Gateway 3ds can’t be the hacking card to play 3ds games on 3ds firmware version higher than 9.2. This card only woks on 3ds v4.1 to v9.2 for the time being. Don’t get confused by gateway ... Read More »

3DS system upgraded to 10.0.0-27U, which r4 3ds or sky3ds support 3DS 10.0 ?

NIntendo upgrade the 3DS system to a new version 10.0. Dose the R4 3ds card and sky3ds,gateway 3DS still work on the new 3ds 10.0.0-27 ? We have upgrade the 3ds to the latest 3ds system. Official news: Version 10.0.0-27U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have ... Read More »

8 R4 cards compare on 3ds console | which is the best r4 3ds flashcard

The SKY3DS and Gateway 3DS are the most popular 3ds flashcart in the current market. But the R4 cards still have it’s users. If you have a kids or you want to enjoy old ds mode games. You should buy a r4 3ds flashcard. In the 2015, many old classical r4 cards were disappeared,the AK2i and many other old r4 ... Read More »

This Hello Kitty New Nintendo 3DS Console

Nintendo release a new speicial 3ds edition, the hello kitty new 3ds. Cute as a button North American Nintendo fans may be over the moon about the fact that the smaller New 3DS console – the one with the collectable cover plates - is finally coming to the US, but over in Japan they've got through quite a few special editions ... Read More »

Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer and how to play on r4 3ds or sky3ds card ?

If you have a 3DS or DS console, you must should have played the Mario games. Super mario has many verisons. Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer? – 30th Anniversary Edition. Unless you've been living in an internet-free cave you'll be aware that the Super Mario 30th Anniversary is almost upon us, with 13th September being the big day. ... Read More »

R4I Gold Pro V3.6b kernel is released for hacking NEW 3DS/3DS 9.9

One day before, R4i gold pro 3ds in is updated with newly kernel v3.6b. Other R4isdhc 2015 cards also get the latest 3.6b firmware. For now, if you have r4i gold pro, r4isdhc dual core, r4isdhc silver rts lite, r4isdhc snoppy or r4isdhc upgrade cards in hand, you should download the r4isdhc v3.6b to setup these 5 cards. Cause ... Read More »

New 3DS in Animal Crossing bundle|The First NEW 3DS system released in North America

According to the news, Nintendo prepared to release two new 3DS hand-held consoles in the U.S. this fall. The New Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing bundle will launch on September 25 and a Hyrule Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL will be released on October 30. It is the first time that Smaller New 3DS System is released in North America. Want to ... Read More »

Which supports free game on 3ds 9.9, Citra 3ds emulator or Sky3ds?

In 2015, is the Citra 3ds ok to use for play free 3ds games? Or the Sky3ds 3ds game flashcard still our only way to play multi-3ds games on 9.9 firmware? If you have questions on 3ds emulation to support free 3ds games, you can find reply here. Citra 3DS Emulator Citra 3DS is a work-in-progress 3DS emulator. Citra can ... Read More »

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