Does Sky3ds support Cheats when play free 3ds game?

I plan to buy a 3ds game flashcard for my 3ds xl console and hear of the sky3ds is the best for now. I want to know that whether or not can I use sky3ds card for cheat codes when playing the downloaded games. Can you tell me? In these days, i have received e-mail or messges about sky3ds cheat ... Read More »

Should we buy Gateway 3ds for NEW 3DS or 2DS?

Gateway is the first and a very powerful 3ds game flashcard, but when mention its console compatibility, the card need to be improved a lot. Here I want to warn the NEW 3DS and 2DS console users, Gateway 3DS is not a good option for your 3DS Game Play. Gateway 3ds for 3DS Nintendo 3ds or 3ds xl is the ... Read More »

Supercard dstwo 2015 | is it compatible with 3ds game?

Now the Supercard dstwo is backing to the market is not a news for us. However, as for the supercard dstwo released again in 2015, we have many questions to ask. If you are a dstwo card fan, you should know all the following about 2015 supercard dstwo before buying. Does 2015 Supercard dstwo support DS/GBA/SNES game? Yes, we have ... Read More »

Which is a safe site to buy r4 3ds card and download r4 rom in UK?

For 3ds/new 3ds console user who live in UK not United States, don’t worry, here is a professional seller you can choose for 3ds-linkering R4 3DS flashcard and 3ds game flashcard too, that is Promise 100% safely to customers in all over the world, as long as you place an order, we will send the card out with 24 ... Read More »

How to play 3ds game Dragon Ball Z – Extreme Butouden on 3DS for free?

Some days ago, a great 3ds game Dragon Ball Z – Extreme Butouden released for only JP version, it's a very anticepated 3ds game, considering the new television series Dragon Ball Super coming this summer, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse shipping 1.5 million copies as of March, 3ds game fans seems can get lots of fun from the game demo. So, here ... Read More »

how to use 3ds emulator to play free 3ds game on New 3DS XL ?

This article will show you how to use emulator on 3DS,PC, MAC OS and android even ios to enjoy 3ds games and ds games.Use the emulator on PC and 3DS console are two totally different field.But now you will see how to use these emulators on 3ds and other platforms. How to use the emulator to enjoy 3ds games without 3ds ... Read More »

How to make r4 3ds support 3DS Game on 3DS?

Whatever you know or don't know that R4 3DS is not for 3ds game, but for 3ds firmware, in this post, what we are discussing is that how to make r4 3ds card play 3ds game on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds console? If you want to know the answer, here it is. R4 3DS Game Compatibility? Many of you only know that ... Read More »

Supercard dstwo will release back, where to buy?

Recently, our supplier in Chinese has leaked us the news that Supercard dstwo may come back again in June, if we still wants the card, contact them so that they can try their best to get more dstwo 3ds cards from the official site. But guys, stay calm with the hot news, even our supplier said dstwo is being reproduced, ... Read More »

Which is a easy way to run Homebrew on 3DS?

For now, how many ways we can use to run Homebrew on Nintendo 3DS? Which is free cost? Which can support on the latest 9.8 firmware and which is the most easiest method? All you want to know about Homebrew running on 3DS is here. In fact, if we want to have homebrew support on 3DS, there are just two ... Read More »

New Monster Hunter title|Monster Hunter Cross will be released for 3DS

With the upcoming Nintendo E3 conference, we have many great 3ds games can be expected to released in the year 2015. Here introduce you an officially accounced amazing one Monster Hunter X (Cross) 3DS. Monster Hunter X (Cross) 3DS Like the best selling Monster Hunter game MH4 Ultimate, the Monster Hunter X Cross will be a 3DS-exclusive one. It is ... Read More »

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