2016 Sky3ds Preview and the best Price in this Christmas

What is the future of sky3ds in 2016? Will it region free, will it support new 3ds games and will it support homebrews? By the way, regrading to the upcoming  Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday, can offer the best price on sky3ds card with rom download code service. Sky3ds will be region free in 2016? It is unlikely to sky3ds ... Read More »

2016 R4i gold card supports DS or 3DS Game on New 3ds 10.2.0?

Time flies, now we have the Latest R4i Gold 3DS card-2016 R4i Gold Pro. Does it support on 3ds/new 3ds 10.2? Is it compatible with ds or 3ds game? Where to buy the newest R4i gold 2016 version? All the questions you can find answers here. 2016 R4i gold pro supports 10.2 firmware? yes, 100% confirmed! We checked the r4i ... Read More »

Which is better, Sky3ds and R4 or Sky3ds with dstwo+ for 3ds xl 10.2?

Play only 3ds or ds game via flashcart is outdated, want to knonw how we can play multiple mode games with 1 or 2 flashcarts? Which is the best combination for playing 3DS, NDS, GBA and SNES games in the market? You can find 3 hottest flashcarts for 3DS/DS/GBA/SNES games here for 3ds/3ds xl/new 3ds console even with the latest ... Read More »

3DS 10.2 rom hack, spoof eshop and region free tool-Sky3ds and Homebrew 2.5

During the time many flashcarts, cfws and free hacks being blocked by Nintendo, there are 2 means supports 3ds/new 3ds 10.2.0-28 directly. One is 3ds game flashcart-Sky3ds, the other is Cubic Ninjia hack-Ninjhax 2.1. When they are combined together, we can not only play dowloaded 3ds games, but enjoy cross-region 3ds roms, run homebrews, make own themes and sproof eshop ... Read More »

R4, Dstwo Plus or Sky3ds, which one cracks 3ds 10.2 for homebrews and free games?

R4 3ds, Sky3ds and the new card Dstwo Plus, do you wonder which one cracks 3ds 10.2? Which one supports homebrews on 10.2 firmware? And which one pirates Nintendo 3ds/ds games on 10.2.0-28? If you want to know the 3 cards before purchase one of them, this post you must read. Which flashcart cracks 3ds 10.2, R4, Sky3ds or Dstwo ... Read More »

(Tutorial)How to use Dstwo Plus on Nintendo 3ds (xl) to play free 3ds games?

Dstwo plus card is full in stock in Before you buy it, check the 3ds firmware version carefully! If you are on 3ds v4.1 to v9.2, you can buy this card. If you are out of the firmware range, you should buy this card-Sky3ds to play pirated 3ds games. And this article shows you the latest Dstwo Plus Tutorial ... Read More »

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