What’s the risk for using sky3ds+ without private header and how to avoid?

If you plan to buy the sky3ds+ card, but don’t know about the private header, you shuld read this post. Though Sky3ds+ plus card is very safe to use on 3DS, even support 3ds games on 11.0.0-33 3DS/N3DS/2DS console, for playing online with sky3ds+, you still need to have one Sky3ds+ private header. Sky3ds+ supports online games on 3DS? Yes, ... Read More »

R4i 3DS Mod-What should be expected from the R4i 3ds Chip on 3DS XL?

Without this product, you can’t softmod Nintendo 3DS perfectly! That is R4i 3ds modchip(flashcart), which is the most safe and easiest way to mod 3DS/N3DS to play Free games. If you want to either hardmod or softmod 3DS, you should know this cart firstly. R4i 3ds flashcart softmod or hardmod 3DS/3DS XL? R4i 3ds cart is one kind of 3ds ... Read More »

Gateway new firmware: Support a free Homebrew app(GW Time Machine) and A9LH?

Gateway 3ds finally released something after 2 months passed, but for now the newest gateway firmware will only be send to selected beta-testers. To most of gateway 3ds card users, you can't get it for upgrading and using. Want to know what's new in the gateway 3ds upcoming firmware? Here is the description from their official team. Latest GW update ... Read More »

Sky3ds+ and “New” New Nintendo 3DS XL/LL released only in Japan

In the following June, 2 “New” NEW 3DS XL consoles will be exclusively available in Japan. The 2 machines set to be released on June 9th are in Lime x Black and Pink x White colours. For now, there is no further news about those two new colours will be sold in Europe and North America or not. But one ... Read More »

Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ site updated in May, what we must know?

Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ site has been updated some minutes ago. What's the latest news, Sky3ds V2 supports AP check 3ds games finally after waiting for so long time or other updating? You can know here. Sky3ds site updated for what in May? The site only released a new template for sky3ds flashcard. Sky3DS updated template file [05/13/2016] Change logs: 1.Fixed some bugs. ... Read More »

How to make your Kid(boy or girl) to be the Superhero in cartoon or movies?

Do you always can’t decide what to wear for kids in fancy dress parties, school play, Halloween and other group parties? Your boy or girl like to watch cartton or animation and dream to become one of the Superheros everyday? If so, all you need and your childrens’s best dressing will be the Superhero Costume. Superhero Dress Up Costumes-Batman,Superman,SpiderMan and ... Read More »

Where to buy cheaper 2DS console and 2DS game flashcard in North America?

Want to get a cheaper Nintendo 3ds model? Yes, the right time to buy a 2DS console is coming soon. According to a recent announcement regarding the Nintendo 3DS for North America, from May 20th, the Nintendo 2DS will only cost $79.99, save you 20$ than before. Plus, some of the bundles still include Mario Kart 7 3ds game(pre-installed) with ... Read More »

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