Gateway ultra 3.6 supports in-game menu, game language change and improved Cheats

Gateway ultra v3.6 is updated! The new firmware has really brought a lot of new functions to all the card users. The In-game menu is added for configure and search cheats for CIA/3DS games, game language change is allowed, gateway mode and classic mode can be switched, more imprtantly is that, the cheat function is also improved. Gateway 3ds card ... Read More »

Is Sky3ds plus released really and should we buy it or Gateway 3ds card?

Sky3ds+ is already in stock now? Any sky3ds reseller begain to shipt the card out? No, don't be cheated by the dishonest online sky3ds stores. We have contacted the unique sky3ds team and they replied that is not the truth. Their latest sky3ds plus cards are still in their hand and the earliest releasing time is in the end of this Month. Can you ... Read More »

What’s SKY3DS+ ( PLUS) ? compare to sky3ds Which is better ?

There are many ways of running backups of your favourite games on your N3DS/3DS – some users choose to invest in the famous Gateway 3DS flashcart, others run full-blown custom firmwares. Unfortunately, both of these methods require the system to run an exploitable (9.2.X-X or lower) version of firmware, and finding a system like that can be quite a chore, not to mention a substantial expense. Not ... Read More »

Which 2016 flashcard supports 3ds roms with plug&play method?

Whatever Gateway 3ds card, 3ds cfw and blue sky3ds, they are not using the real plug&play way to support 3DS Roms on 3DS family consoles, so which is the correct 3ds card we should buy for playing 3ds games with the most simple way? The one you need is the latest SKY3DS+ Plus. SKY3DS+ Plus Card Sky3ds+ card comes from ... Read More »

The hottest 15 Questions you must have on Sky3ds+ Plus card

For all of you prepare to buy Sky3ds+ Plus card from online reseller, read my post firstly, then you can have a full understanding on the card and choose the best site to buy the 100% genuine Sky3ds+ item for playing Nintendo 3DS Games freely on 3DS, NEW 3DS and 2DS consoles. Questions on SKY3DS+ Card 1. Is the Sky3ds+ ... Read More »

R4 Wood Firmware or Sky3ds+ Firmware v10, which is better for playing free games and running homebrews?

The latest Sky3ds+ Plus firmware V10 or R4 3DS Wood firmware, which one is more better for supporting free games and homebrews on Nintendo 3DS consoles? And which kind of flashcard to buy for playing free 3ds games via hacking the 3DS 10.3.0-28? Here is the answer. R4 3DS Wood Firmware R4 Wood Firmware supports running DS Roms on 3DS,NEW ... Read More »

Sky3ds+ Step by Step Guide, how to use it to play Mario&Luigi – Paper Jam Bros?

Sky3DS+ Plus is really coming into the market closely, and as reviewed this card supports MARIO&LUIGI – PAPER JAM BROS, MONSTER HUNTER X, ANIMAL CROSSING-HAPPY HOME DESIGNER and other 3DS Games with the simplest steps. After you pre order this card in, you can receive the first batch SKY3DS+ card and download your needed free 3DS Roms. What's next ... Read More »

Sky3ds+ Plus or Dstwo Plus, which is a better 3ds card for playing 3DS Games?

Sky3ds+ Plus and Dstwo Plus both are as the upgraded cards of former version, which one with real better functions and which one is more worth to buy? Here, let’s discuss before you place an order on the 2 new version 3ds game flashcards. Sky3ds Plus Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus, this new Sky3ds card will come into the market around ... Read More »

Which Sky3ds version supports unlimited 3ds games, Sky3ds V3 or Sky3ds V2?

Both Sky3ds V2 and V3 can play Free 3DS Games on 3DS/N3DS 10.3, but which one supports real meaning Unlimited 3DS Roms? It is the lastest SKY3DS V3-Sky3ds+ card. Now, pre-order Sky3DS+ in, you can get the most save way to pay(Htttps), the fastest wayt to ship(DHL/USPS/LA POSTE) and the exclusive rom download code(In Rom2station). Back to the question, ... Read More »

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