3DS/NEW 3DS 10.7.0-32, is the new 3ds firmware blocking any Nintendo flashcard or locking homebrew exploit?

Well, Nintendo 3ds does his every month’s work, updating 3DS Firmware to the latest 10.7.0-32 version. As usual, all the system update just described by one sentence “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”. It’s not hard to guess, Nintendo want to patch or lock the Homebrew for 3DS ... Read More »

Why we can’t find and buy R4 3DS card in Amazon USA?

Plan to purchase the 3DS R4 card but only want to buy from the Famous and Reliable online site, for example, So what you should do, just go and search R4 3DS keywords in the site? If you ever tried to do it, you would know only one R4 3DS Flashcard was sold in the Whole Amazon. That is ... Read More »

Sky3DS+ Plus Compatibility, list here all 2ds/3ds/new 3ds firmware verion Sky3ds+ supports!

This page is for the Sky3ds+ card customers and users, if you are not sure whether or not Sky3ds+ supports your 3DS/N3DS/2DS console firmware version or a little worry about updating the 3ds family handheld to the latest system. You can find answer here. Yes, this post shows you Sky3ds+ plus card compatibility for DIFFERENT 3DS Firmwares! Nintendo 3DS Latest ... Read More »

Pokémon Sun&Moon, when can we play the 2 games on Nintendo 3DS with Sky3ds+ 2016?

Dear, Pokémon game fans, you will have the 7 generation Pokémon games Pokémon Sun&Moon to play in late time of this year. The news is confirmed by a special Pokémon-centric Nintendo Direct, which is held on Feb. 26. The 2 upcoming Pokémon games will be another new generation of fully original Pokémon titles developed for the Nintendo 3DS, following the release of ... Read More »

Can we play GBA/SNES games by put emulator to Nintendo 3DS(XL) SD Card?

Like i write in the title, if some of you has the idea that download and put GBA/SNES emulator to 3DS XL SD Card, so that you can play GBA and SNES games on your Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL console. You are terriblely wrong! All the 2016 GBA or Snes Emulator for 3DS should work with Homebrewed 3DS(XL) consoles. ... Read More »

3DS Game Collection|Which RPG/Action/Strategy 3ds games to play on 3DS/NEW3DS 10.6.0?

Nintendo 3ds games are great to play, but among the sea of unlimited 3ds games in the market, which type or genre is more suiting for you. The role-playing games, actions games, adventure games, strategy games or others? Here, i will recommend you some worth playing 3ds games in different genres, whatever which type is your taste, you can search ... Read More »

3DS Emunand 10.6 and How to play 3ds games with or without Gateway emunand?

3ds emunand for latest firmware 10.6.0 is supported by Gateway 3ds, RXtools, Reinand and CakeFW. If you are using one of them to setup Emunand software, you can update to 10.6 version on 3ds or new 3ds console. Gateway 3ds card with emunand function can let you play downloaded 3ds games on emunand 10.6 directly, while the other free 3ds ... Read More »

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