Supercard Dstwo Plus Review on 3DS 10.7.0-32

Plan to buy the dstwo plus card for 3ds 10.7 firmware? Want to know how well the dstwo+ works on 10.7.0-32? Let me help you with this post, the dstwo plus card review on 3ds/new 3ds 10.7 is written here. Dstwo Plus card short review If your console firmware is v9.2 or lower,i’m strongly recommend you buy this card.Because it ... Read More »

All you should know about Hyrule Warriors Legends in 3DS or NEW 3DS version

2 days after, Zelda Hyrule Warriors Legends game will be launched in 3DS version to the worldwide. Are you prepared well to play this game on the 3DS or NEW 3DS console? For letting you know more about the upcoming zelda 3ds game, I’ll share you all its important info online here. Hyrule Warriors Legends release date Hyrule Warriors Legends ... Read More »

What’s 3ds+ card, a new 3ds game card or the one pirates 3ds games on 3DS/NDS?

Recently, one 3ds+ card is very hot among 3ds/3dsxl/new 3ds game handheld users, it is called Sky3ds+. What’s 3ds+ card? What we can do with Sky3ds+ on Nintendo 3DS console? Is it worthy to buy compare with other 3ds cards? Let me show you here. What’s 3ds+ card? It is certainly not a normal 3ds game card. The 3ds+ card ... Read More »

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