Gateway 3ds or Blue 3ds, which to choose for free 3ds game?

One is the most powerful 3ds game flashcard-Gateway 3DS, the other is the latest 3ds card-Blue 3ds, which is a better choice for playing multi free 3ds games on 3DS/3DS XL? This post is aiming on this. 3DS Game Flashcard-Gateway 3ds It is the first 3ds game supported flashcard in the market cause a long lon time ago, there was ... Read More »

Buy Sky3ds to play code name: s.t.e.a.m. linclon vs alien on 3DS 9.9.0

The only 9.9.0-26 3ds game flashcard-Sky3ds can support JPN 3ds game code name: s.t.e.a.m. linclon vs alien with its 05/08 template file. How to play this game on 3DS 9.9 firmware via Sky3ds and What are the other 3ds games Sky3ds support? I will show you here. New Sky3ds Template File * Sky3DS updated template file [08/04/2015] Change logs: 1.Fixed ... Read More »

Looking for the best R4 to run 3DS/NDS/GBA emulator on N3DSXL 9.9?

Feel not sure which R4 flashcard to buy for N3DSXL 9.9? Don't want to be guided by biased shopping site? ok, i will explain to you the following things, so you can choose the flashcard accoding to yourself. First off, how do most of R4 work? Are they plug and play after you load some roms and do initial config, ... Read More »

Is it right to buy R4 for playing 3ds games on JP 3DS/NEW 3DS console?

Please read this post before you buy R4 card for playing 3ds game! It is not a single case that 3ds gamers who want to play free nintendo 3ds games buy the R4 3DS card by mistake in our, so we want to claim that No R4 card can be purchased for 3ds game roms in this artticle. And ... Read More »

What are the top DS and 3DS Games supported by R4 flashcard?

I’m very new to the Nintendo 3ds but i know the ds and 3ds game is very funny to play. So which nintendo 3ds game or ds game that i should never miss while using the R4 flashcard? Can you give me some recommendations? Yes, here is my answer for you. R4 card supports 3DS and DS Game? Partly yes, ... Read More »

Tutorial|For all sky3ds users who can’t play Fire Emblem IF on 3DS!

For 3ds gamers  plan or already have sky3ds card to play Fire Emblem IF on Nintendo 3ds, if you don’t know how to play this game with sky3ds, here is the guide.  We have to write the post because you can’t play 3ds game Fire Emblem IF with normal way via sky, hope you can enjoy this wonderful 3ds game ... Read More »

How to play region free 3ds game on 3DS 9.9 with Sky3ds or not?

This article will tell you How to play region free 3ds games on 3ds 9.9 with or without flashcard SKY3DS. Hope you can choose the better solution for playing free other region 3ds games on your 3DS/NEW 3DS XL handheld with 9.9.0-26 firmware. Region free on 3ds 9.9 with Ninjhax 2.0 3ds game and 3ds console both are region locking, ... Read More »

R4 or Ninjhax 2.0,which supports cost-free NDS Rom on 3DS XL 9.9?

Is Ninjhax really can working on 3ds xl 9.9? Does it also support pirating NDS Game? Will it be a better option than R4 3DS card use on Nintendo 3DS XL console? The article below will give you answers. R4 3DS What is it: This is a real product, a perfect device for Nintendo 3ds xl, new 3ds xl, 2ds ... Read More »

How to downgrade 3ds/new 3ds/2ds firmware 9.9?

The 3ds latest firmware can be downgraded? Both new 3ds and 2ds with 9.9.0-26 version are supporting downgration? If i updates the 3ds/new 3ds/2ds console to the 9.9 version, should i downgrade it for playing free 3ds game? These questions all are replied in the post Downgrade 3DS 9.9 Firmware? No, you can't. It is the Gateway 3DS card which ... Read More »

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