Where to buy cheaper 2DS console and 2DS game flashcard in North America?

Want to get a cheaper Nintendo 3ds model? Yes, the right time to buy a 2DS console is coming soon. According to a recent announcement regarding the Nintendo 3DS for North America, from May 20th, the Nintendo 2DS will only cost $79.99, save you 20$ than before. Plus, some of the bundles still include Mario Kart 7 3ds game(pre-installed) with ... Read More »

Install homebrews on 3ds 11.0 is more harder than before without flashcard?

3DS 11.0 doesn’t bring users more features, but patch a lot of 3ds exploits with changes in v11.0. If you already unluckily to update and land on the latest 11.0.0 firmware, install homebrews on o3ds, n3ds or 2ds cossole will be very difficult and complex. So currently, for your need to have homebrews is only to play GBA/SNES/NES games or ... Read More »

Sky3ds+ and Gateway 3ds, both supports 3DS Games on 3DS Emunand 11.0.0-33?

Gateway 3ds card is confirmed supporting emunand 11.0.0-33 well by users. Is the best flashcard we should buy for playing 3ds games on 3ds v11.0? Does the Sky3ds+ plus also supports 3ds games on emunand 11.0? Use which flashcard, we can play 3ds games directly on 3ds or 3ds xl 11.0.0-33? Here, your questions will be answered. Gateway 3ds supports ... Read More »

New 3ds update,11.0.0-33U/E/J blocks R4 card,Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ and homebrew hacks?

Not 10.8 or 10.9, Nintendo updated to the 3ds firmare to v11.0.0 directly some hours ago. Is there a big change in the 3ds 11.0.0-33U/E/J? Block the flashcards which are working on 3ds latest firmware all the time or patch the homebrew hacks which have the 3ds 10.7 compatibility? Plus, will the 3ds 11.0 be downgraded too? Whatever, don’t update ... Read More »

Sky3ds and Sky3ds+(plus) are illegal to buy for playing Nintendo 3ds games?

Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ supports pirated 3ds games means we can play Free 3ds roms with the two 3ds flashcarts, but for the Piracy issue, sky3ds or sky3ds+ is illegal to buy? If we choose one of them to play 3ds games, our 3ds/new 3ds/2ds console will be banned by Nintendo? And the last question, after buy sky3ds or sky3ds+, where ... Read More »

R4 3DS Youtube|Test and Setup R4, R4I, R4 3DS card on 3DS(XL) 10.7/10.8

Searching for the 2016 R4, R4I or R4 3DS Youtube Video? No need to waste the time, you can view the latest R4 3DS Youtube here. The following youtube videos show you Which R4/R4I 3DS cards still support on 3DS XL and 2DS 10.7.0-32, and all of these 3DS XL(2DS) R4 cards work on NEW 3DS, NEW 3DS LL consoles ... Read More »

Play Monster Hunter:Generations and other US/EU 3ds games with one Sky3ds+?

It's a good news, if you are the fan of 3ds Monster Hunter:Generations but only have the US or EU 3ds/n3ds/2ds console, in the following summer, you guys can get this game to play on your device directly. Yes, Monster Hunter:Generations is is slated for a summer 2016 release for North America and Europe. By the way, other than buy ... Read More »

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