Orange button Sky3ds+ or Blue version Sky3ds, which is better to buy in 2015 and 2016? release two products currently, sky3ds+ with 2 orange buttons and sky3ds in 1 blue button version, both supports 3DS Games on Nintendo 3DS Family consoles. But which is better to buy in 2015 and upcoming 2016? I will give you my opnion here. Orange button SKY3DS+ New product will be released formally in next week, in the middle of ... Read More »

Sky3DS+ VS Gateway 3ds VS R4 3DS, which one to buy for 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3 and 10.4?

Sky3ds+ which supports AP check 3DS Games and Homebrews is set to be released soon. For the current 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.3 or future 10.4 firmware, which is the best flashcard to buy, new Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds or R4 3DS ? Read this article, you can find what you need for playing Nintendo 3DS/DS games on the latest 3DS System version! ... Read More »

Where is the safe and reliable site to buy the SKY3DS+ PLUS ?

The SKY3DS official team has just released another new 3ds game capable flashcart, the sky3ds plus or sky3ds+ cart. Basic on the very popular and powerful sky3ds flashcart, the sky3ds plus flashcart comes with all the great features of the original sky3ds,  but also has some advanced features. Base on the news from the official team, the sky3ds plus is a wondeful ... Read More »

Sky3DS+| Sky3DS 2nd version supports new 3ds games, homebrews and switch game freely!

Sky3DS+ is out for new features, now the latest Sky3DS version 2 is released to the public with AP check 3d game compatibility, homebrews running, more flexible game switching and no need for diskwriter tool. The new Sky3DS card with two oranges button, users can select games to play not only always forward, but go back too. We will ... Read More »

Sky3DS Diskwriter 2.02 VS Dstwo Plus Plugin 1.04, which is better for Nintendo 3D games?

Here compares the Sky3DS Diskwriter v2.02 and Dstwo Plus GW Plugin v1.04  for you, hope you can choose the right one to writing Nintendo 3DS games into your 3DS and NEW 3DS system handhelds. Sky3DS Diskwriter v2.02 Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.02b1 [04/17/2015] Change logs: 1. Tiny bugs fixed. 2. Added microSD card space management feature. Note: You have to convert your ... Read More »

Which 3ds sdhc card to buy for playing DS and 3DS Games on Nintendo New DS XL?

Among the 3DS SDHC cards in the market, which one supports DS/3DS Games on the Nintendo NEW DS XL? If you have the same question as one of our customers, let me solve this problem here. Firstly, you should figure out your game console is Nintendo NEW 3DS XL, not NEW DS XL. The DS System handhled is old machines. ... Read More »

Where to buy Sky3DS in Belgium and France with unlimited 3ds roms?

Find a Sky3DS reseller is not difficult online, but find a store which supports 3ds rom download with free cost and unlimited times is hard, have you even seen one before? Here, let me introduce you the site It is not only an USA based flashcard shop, but keeps stock in France and other places. For customers in France ... Read More »

US Pearl White NEW 3DS XL|Where to buy and Which flashcard to choose?

Before the Chrsitmas, the Pearl White Nintendo NEW 3DS XL US version is going to come out. It will be releasing with full NTSC U/C compatibility early December 2015 in Asia & Japan, with no word of a domestic US release yet, but you guys can pre-order from here US NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL (PEARL WHITE) Picture Features: Improved ... Read More »

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