How to use Nintendo 3ds emulator on PC, Mac, Mobile phone and 3DS?

How to use 3DS emulator on your 3DS console,on the PC, MAC or even on your Android phone? Is this possible for using them to play free 3ds games? Which 3ds emulator is the best choice for emulating 3ds games? In this article, i will answer you these questions. In fact, the only 3DS Emulator for good use is only ... Read More »

Where to buy Sky3ds+ and 3DS R4 rom card with paypal in UK and US?

If you live in UK or US and only want to buy the Sky3ds+(plus) card via paypal, here I can tell you a place you can buy from. That is, which accept both credit card payement and paypal way. And ship Sky3ds+ to US customers with USPS service, ship Sky3ds+ to UK customers with DHL or GLS-Overseas in France. ... Read More »

NEW 3DS Update 10.5.0-30|Which Homebrew exploit, R4, 3DS card is blocked by 3DS/2DS 10.5?

10.4.0-29 becomes the old version, we are welcoming a NEW 3DS Update today, that is 3DS 10.5.0-30 firmware. As always, “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience” is in this new 3DS OS. But what’s 3DS 10.5 Influence to homebrew exploit, R4 card and 3ds card? If you are ... Read More »

How to homebrew 3DS/2DS 10.4.0-29 with 3DS Ninjhax and Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds?

Can we still have homebrews on the latest 3ds/2ds 10.4.0 machine? Which 3ds flash card or 3ds software support homebrews on 10.4.0-29? If you are searching the question online, here is your answer. In this post, i will not only tell you how to homebrew 3ds 10.4 but show you the way to play free 3ds games with Sky3ds and ... Read More »

Sky3ds+ v110 firmware|what is sky3ds+ latest firmware for hacking 3ds games?

If you want to download 3ds games to play directly on 3ds, n3ds or 2ds console? If you feel worry or troublesome for using 3ds cfw to play cia 3ds games? Dear everyone, from today, we can have the real easiest and safe way to play free 3ds games on 3ds series machines, that is Sky3ds+ card with its latest ... Read More »

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