Where to buy 3ds Dragon Quest VIII, Pokemon Sun, Mario Party Star Rush with 15% off?

Yes, this week, within the holiday season, if you buy 3ds games in Target and Amazon sites, you can get Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Mario Party Star Rush and other video console games with 15% off. A 15% off on 3DS Games Dragon Quest VIII, Pokemon Sun and more This week, Target launched a ... Read More »

R4 card 2017 FAQ, what are the most important things you should know on R4?

Here for those of you plan to buy an R4 card soon or in the upcoming 2017, there are some importants facts you should know about 3DS R4 flashcard. Before you choose any R4 card for your 2DS/3DS/NEW 3DS or old DS console, pleased read the Newest R4 card 2017 FAQ here. So you won’t make wrong purchase and get ... Read More »

Which nds, gba,snes emulator to use on PC/3DS/Iphone?

Emulator is a Magical software, with it, you can play nds, gba, snes and other old school games on different platforms. Here I will introduce you the ds, gba and snes emulator for PC, 3DS and Iphone, plus how you can use them to play free games. One thing to mention, if you want to use emulator on 3DS, you ... Read More »

When will EZflash Redux come and is it possible for playing Pokemon Moon&Sun?

Toward the upcoming EZFLASH REDUX-new 3ds flash cart, you must have some questions. Here I collected the FAQ of ezflash redux and tried our best to give you answers too. When it will come out, is it suporting 3ds 10.7 and 11.2, can it play Pokemon Moon or Sun… Most of your problems on ezflash redux flash cart will be ... Read More »

How to dump 3ds/ds rom to sd card and play it on 3DS?

Is it legal to play your own 3ds/ds game backup on the 3DS? How you can dump 3ds/ds game cart? Here I will share you the How to guide with or without hacked 3DS. And then, you can play all these games in one microsd card inserted into R4 3DS or Sky3ds+ on 3DS. How to dump 3DS/DS rom without ... Read More »

What’s Gateway 3ds tutorial for playing Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS?

Though Sky3ds+ users need to wait for a new update, for those of you have one Gateway 3ds card, you can use it to download and play Free Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS right now! If you do not know what to do, don’t worry, a very nice guy in gbatemp forum writes the step by step Tutorial, we will show ... Read More »

Which site delivers ds/3ds r4 card before Christmas in USA and EU?

Which Chrismas Gift you will choose for kids, families, friends, if they have the 3DS or DS console? Buy from which site you can receive the ds r4,3ds r4 or other presents before the Festival comes? Read my post here, so you will save a lot time for picking up an Christmas gift and receive it in time. What you ... Read More »

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