Dstwo+ Plus Full Tutorial|How to use it for playing 3DS,NDS,GBA and SFC games?

Supercard Dstwo+ or Dstwo+ is released for a time, but there are some of the users who don't know how to use the card then felt it was not working at all, in fact, all DSTWO+ from is from the official site and supports 3DS/NDS/GBA/SFC games on 3DS family consoles without issues. You just need to know the right ... Read More »

Which is the most popular and powerful R4 card for DS ROMs in 2016?

Some guys like the 3ds flashcard for playing 3DS Games, but I know there are still other ones are the DS Game fans and want to pick up a well-used R4 3DS card for enjoying the Thouands of Nintendo DS Games. But if you search on the google, you can find many R4 options. What are the out-dateds ones, which ... Read More »

Gateway ultra 3.6.2 updated| Can we use it on 3ds/new 3ds 10.3 for now?

Gateway update is always fast and in time, now the latest version is ultra 3.6.2. The new gateway firmware supports 3ds/new 3ds 10.3 for now? If not, what’s new for the Gateway 3ds ultra v3.6.2? Here you can get the answer! New updates of GATEWAY ULTRA 3.6.2 – Save edited and found cheats to microSD – Choose custom in-game button ... Read More »

Sky3ds Diskwriter v2.03, how to use it to convert game save to sky3ds+?

Not only Gateway updates the ultra firmware, on today, Sky3ds card release its newest diskwriter version as well. Yes, Sky3ds diskwriter 2.03b4 is coming out, mainly for converting game save data from sky3ds to Sky3ds+ card. So if you are sky3ds user and plan to buy the new sky3ds+ card, this diskwriter will let you have all game save on ... Read More »

Gateway ultra 3.6.1 brings GW.3DSX homebrew application and announce supports for 3ds 10.3?

Gateway 3ds can support on higher 3ds firmware, like the 10.3? Boot gateway 3ds mode can from other way-3ds homebrew exploit? Both of the questions are being solved by the latest GW ULTRA Firmware 3.6.1. Yes, GW team released a new firmware again after the Christmas, and this time, the company really bring us exciting news. GW.3DSX homebrew application is ... Read More »

SKY3DS PLUS, QQ3DS PRO or DSTWO Plus, which is the best new 3ds card to buy?

In the end of 2015 to the begainning of 2016, there are three 3ds flashcards are out in the 3DS Hacking market. They are SKY3DS PLUS, QQ3DS PRO and DSTWO PLUS. Which one is really worthy to buy? Which one supports 3ds games on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds consoles bestly? Here is the answer. SKY3DS PLUS This card is the second-generation product ... Read More »

R4I 3DS 2016,is it running 3ds games on 3DS/NEW 3DS as Sky3DS?

R4I 3DS 2016 in 2016 version, is it supporting 3ds games, is it liking Sky3ds or Sky3ds+ card working on 3ds/new 3ds 10.3? For people who want to buy R4 card to play 3ds games, stop what you are doing, you choose the wrong flashcard! R4I 3DS 2016 supports 3DS Games? No, many customers regard the 3DS Compatibility as the ... Read More »

Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds+ or R4i gold deluxe, which to buy in 2016?

Which 3ds flashcard is still working and updating in 2016? Gateway 3ds, Sky3ds+ or R4i gold deluxe,Which is the best one in 2016? In this post, you can find the answer and won't choose the wrong 3ds game flashcard for your Nintendo 3ds/new 3ds consoles Gateway 3ds Gateway 3ds, the first 3ds flashcart in the market and keeps working and ... Read More »

Gateway ultra 3.6 supports in-game menu, game language change and improved Cheats

Gateway ultra v3.6 is updated! The new firmware has really brought a lot of new functions to all the card users. The In-game menu is added for configure and search cheats for CIA/3DS games, game language change is allowed, gateway mode and classic mode can be switched, more imprtantly is that, the cheat function is also improved. Gateway 3ds card ... Read More »

Is Sky3ds plus released really and should we buy it or Gateway 3ds card?

Sky3ds+ is already in stock now? Any sky3ds reseller begain to shipt the card out? No, don't be cheated by the dishonest online sky3ds stores. We have contacted the unique sky3ds team and they replied that is not the truth. Their latest sky3ds plus cards are still in their hand and the earliest releasing time is in the end of this Month. Can you ... Read More »

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