10 Biggest E3 2018 Nintendo Switch Games and How to play them freely?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, Fortnite and all the 10 biggest E3 2018 Nintendo Switch Games will be checked from this post. Plus, you can get a easy guide to download and play these games freely on your Nintendo Switch console. 10 Biggest Nintendo Switch Games at E3 2018 No.1 and No.2 Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eeevee Nintendo unveils more details ... Read More »

Xecuter SX Pro/OS will be shipped from this Legit Reseller on 15th June

Finally, the Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS will be formally launched out from June 15th. So to all of you plan to buy it or wait for its releasing to buy it, you should catch your time to make a pre-order now, it’s your last time for getting the first Batch of SX Pro befor the releasing date. Which ... Read More »

SX OS vs Atmosphère Switch, what are their differences and which is better?

The SX OS CFW and the Atmosphere Switch CFW, what are their differences? Which can support playing game backups on the Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 and should we buy the SX Pro to install OS CFW or wait for the Switch Atmosphère? You can find answers here. Nintendo Switch CFW Custom firmware, if you’ve never heard the term before, is essentially ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch V5.1.0|Easy Homebrew and CFW Installing Guide

Nintendo Switch has been updated to V5.1.0, how to install Homebrews and CFW on the latest Nintendo Switch V5.1 firmware console, you can read the Tutorial here. You can choose the free way or you can choose the “Xecuter SX” method, we will show you them both here. Free Method-Install Homebrews and CFW on the Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 This is the ... Read More »

Deep analysis on FAQs from TX|Must read before buying SX Pro/SX OS

This post is for analyzing some Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS FAQs for you, you may feel some of them are a little confusing, so we are writing this article to clarify some important questions to you. Then before you buy the Xectuer SX Pro or SX OS license for the Nintendo Switch, read our post firstly! Analyzing SX Pro ... Read More »

Mod Nintendo Switch V5.1.0, are Xecuter SX Pro and OS still working or not?

Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 arrived finally, will the Xecuter SX Pro and OS CFW work on it? Should we update Nintendo Switch to the latest V5.1.0 if we want to hack it? Read this article, your question on Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 and Xecuter SX products wil be answered. Nintendo Switch Firmware V5.1.0 At the last day of May, we finally get ... Read More »

How to setup CFW on any Nintendo Switch without using flashcard?

Your Nintendo Switch, even it is staying on V5.0.2 firmware, you can also install a CFW on it to play free games after reading our article here. What is SX OS CFW? How to set it up on any Nintendo Switch firmware console and do we need any flashcard or not to install the custom firmware? Here let me tell ... Read More »

[Tutorial]How to homebrew Nintendo Switch without a flashcard?

Nintendo Switch can be installed with a homebrew launcher to run some third-party free softwares, tools and games. Here we will show you the latest step by step guide for homebrewing your Switch console. The whole progress is no need for a Switch flashcard, no matter it’s the N2 Elite or the TX modchip. Hack the Switch without a flashcard ... Read More »

Buy Xecuter SX OS|Download and play free Super Mario Odyssey to Switch

Super Mario Odyssey can be downloaded to play on your Nintendo Switch once you have installed the Switch OS CFW or get the SX OS software license from the Team Xecuter. You are no need to buy the Super Mario Odyssey with price higher than 44$, at the same time, with the Xecuter SX OS, no more Nintendo Switch game ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch V5.0.2: Which card(R4,Sky or Gateway) can work on it?

A brand new Nintendo Switch firmware was released again, that is V5.0.2. As like the last update on March, it is a regular Nintendo Switch system update, no big features added but fixed 2 tiny bugs. Here you will get to know updates on Nintendo Switch V5.0.2, HB/CFW status and Flashcard options for a Nintendo Switch console with the latest ... Read More »

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