Which R4 card is flashing NTRboothax on 3DS/2DS XL to install CFW easily?

It’s not a news that we can use a DS flashcart or an R4 card and a Magnet to hack any 3DS console to install CFW(Boot8strap) easily without hardmod and dsiware. But do you know which are the R4 cards/DS flashcards support NTRBoothax/Magnethax? Is R4i sdhc 3ds, R4i gold pro or Gateway 3ds blue card working with it and the ... Read More »

RPwnG: Does the new 3DS Exploit work with Sky3ds+ to support all region 3DS Games?

A new 3DS userland exploit for launching Homebrews on V11.4/11.5 firmware consoles is recently released, it is called RPwnG. It is a fully free 3ds homebrew exploit to use for everyone. However, is it a primary or secondary homebrew entrypoint? How to set it up on a non-hacked 3DS or a CFW installed 3DS handheld? And the last question can ... Read More »

Stargate 3DS FAQ: What do you must to know before get the Stargate 3DS card?

To you who just hear of Stargate 3DS or plan to buy the Stargate 3DS card, please read our this post firstly. Currently, the 3ds flashcart Stargate 3ds is in the pre-order state, you can buy it with cheaper price than formal releasing in 3DS-FLAHSCARD site, the sooner you buy, the faster you can receive the flashcard in this September. Stargate ... Read More »

Stargate 3DS Flashcart, what is it and where to buy in USA, Canada and Australia?

The 3DS Flashcart which can support both DS and 3DS games on FW 11.5.0-38 is finally coming. Yes, that’s the upcoming 3ds flashcard which is set to be released in September from new company And this card is named Stargate 3DS as well. If you want to know more about the 3ds flash cart and wonder that where is ... Read More »

On a New 3ds/2ds xl (11.5.0-38E/U), what’s the easiest way to pirate games?

Are you looking for the easiest way to pirate games on a New 3ds/2ds xl console with 11.5.0-38E/U? If yes, you can find the easiest and the most safe method here. After use this way, you will not only be able to pirate ds or 3ds games, but to homebrew your 3ds device. More importantly, this game hacking method also ... Read More »

What’s the best way to play Dragon Quest 1-11 games on Nintendo 3DS?

In this month, we will soon can play all Dragon Quest main series(1 to 11) on Nintendo 3DS, with the announcement that the first three Dragon Quest games set to be released for 3DS and PS4 on 10th August. So in this post, we will share you a better way than buying the retail game cartridge to play the full ... Read More »

Dstwo+/Gateway 3ds/Sky3ds+ Review and User Guide on N2DS/3DS XL 11.5

To you who plan to buy Dstwo+, Gateway 3ds or Sky3ds+ for Nintendo 2DS/3DS XL console with 11.5.0 FW and you don’t know how to setup Gateway 3ds/Dstwo+/Sky3ds+ on this most recent 3DS firmware consoles, this post is written for solving the problems. We is not just selling flashcarts to the worldwode, but always here to give you help ... Read More »

Nintendo Switch: 3.0.1 system is out, what to notice?

Nintendo Switch system is updated again, this time we have the newest version 3.0.1. It is not a major upgrade compared with the last v3.0, but if you are the Switch console users who suffer from the terrible battery power displaying issue, I will strongly recommend you to do this system update and resolve it with v3.0.1. At the same ... Read More »

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