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Nintendo Switch(NX) Trailer released, what are the facts you do not know?

In this post, you can only get to know the importants facts about Nintendo NX-Switch, no rumours, no guess, we are collecting the real things of Swtich. Plus, you should not miss the First Nintendo Switch Trailer here.

The first, at the beginning, is most like a standard console: a black box sitting next to the TV, with a handheld gamepad. But then, its owner — who’s playing Zelda — gets up and reveals that the main controls slide off the frame of the gamepad, then slide onto the sides of a small tablet nestled in the box. Pull it out, and you’ve got a handheld console.

In some situations, you can also prop it up with a kickstand and use one half of the controller in each hand.

If you like, you can put the Switch back into its living room console box, but use a more traditional controller instead.

With friends, you can prop up the Switch with its kickstand and turn each half of the controller into a simple gamepad. In this case, we’ve got four players in total, playing against each other on two separate Switches.

What’s Nintendo Switch or Nintendo NX?

The Nintendo Switch — known before its announcement as the NX — is one of the weirdest and most interesting pieces of major gaming hardware we’ve seen for a while. It’s a modular device that can be used as a portable console or placed in a dock for living room gaming.

It is also a handheld system with a screen that’s bookended by two controllers – named Joy-Cons – that can be attached and detached as required. A built-in stand allows the screen the device to stand upright, allowing you to use the controller(s) to play games.

As well as playing on the move, you can also connect the Switch to a base unit or docking station, so games can be displayed on a TV screen at home. It’s essentially the reversal of the Wii U, with a fully independent games machine complete with local multiplayer, that can also be hooked up to a TV.

Is Switch a console and a handheld device?

The successor to the Wii U and 3DS is a portable handheld console with detachable controllers, with the option to connect to a TV, and will be powered by Nvidia Tegra technology.

Is Switch supports game card or discs?

nx card

The Switch uses DS-like GameCards. They’ve been described as “cartridges” before, but they’re essentially the kind of little cards that players of portable Nintendo games will be familiar with. They pop right into the side of the tablet.

What is it looking like?

nintendo switch

How about its controller?

Nintendo describes each small half-controlleras a Joy-Con, with an analog stick and four face buttons on each. As we see above, they can be used separately, slotted onto the side of the main Switch body, or secured to a Joy-Con Grip accessory.

There’s an optional “Pro” controller as well

Nintendo is making an interesting play for e-sports fans in the trailer video: a Splatoon team practices together before an event, then members walk on stage and slot their consoles into stands on the desks to compete for real. To do that, they’re using what Nintendo refers to as the optional Switch Pro Controller, which is conceptually similar to the older Wii U Pro Controller — a traditional gamepad for a non-traditional console.

Nintendo Switch supports which softwares?


Nintendo has published a list of 48 software partners for the Switch, hoping to allay concerns. These include game development companies like EA, Bethesda, Capcom, Activision, and Ubisoft, as well as middleware and game engine companies like Unity and Havok.

Is Nintendo Switch backwards compatible?

While not fully confirmed, like the Wii U and 3DS before it the ability to download games digitally is likely to be supported – with sources suggesting at one point the Switch was once considered to be digital download only.

Some Wii U titles such as Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 also made an appearance. This means Nintendo Switch must support some manner of backwards compatibility, most likely in the form of digital purchases or fancy ports. It’s clear Nintendo’s new console is fully capable of powering some fairly demanding titles, meaning it’s likely on par with PS4 and Xbox One in terms of raw power.

Which games you can play on Nintendo Switch?

  • The Legend of Zelda
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
  • Mario Kart
  • An NBA game
  • A new Super Mario game
  • Splatoon

Each game shows off the console’s features. First-person and open-world games like Elder Scrolls have struggled to find a home on mobile consoles in the past. Mario Kart and the NBA game emphasize local multiplayer, while Splatoon makes it explicit that the Switch will target e-sports. And a new Super Mario is the backbone of new Nintendo hardware.

It’s unclear if both Mario Kart and Splatoon are the Wii U versions of those games, or new versions built specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch supports local multiplayer?

Nintendo Switch doesn’t merely feature multiplayer games — the hardware is designed for them. Each Switch comes with a Joy-Con controller that’s meant to be split into two halves for local cooperative play. And the consoles itself, a portable tablet, is meant to be played at home and on the road. The Switch feels the antithesis of the popular trend of online-only multiplayer, with a portable console that you can take literally anywhere and play together with anyone at any time.

Nintendo’s announcement trailer goes out of the way to highlight this fact, whether it’s showing friends playing some Mario Kart together in the back seat of a car, controllers being passed around at a rooftop party, or a group of four friends just sitting in a circle for some digital basketball. Forget the current generation standard of needing to buy a second console, or even the old norm of having to buy a second controller — the Switch is designed from the ground up to already come with everything you need to play locally right out of the box.

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