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Nintendo 3DS 11.2.0-35, how to update to it safely to use r4 card, sky3ds+ or homebrews?

New Firmware version 11.2.0-35 is released for Nintendo 3ds family consoles, it is using on all 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS XL machines. So if you are one of the console owner, for enjoying the features of latest 3DS V11.2, you can considerate update 3DS/N3DS/2DS firmware to the new version. But before do 3DS firmware updating, read our post here, then you will not regret update to 3DS V11.2 but can’t hack your 3DS to play free games&homebrews any more.

3ds 11.2.0-35u

New features on Nintendo 3DS 11.2.0-35?

Update released:October 24th, 2016

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

As usual as before, the company just uses One Sentence to describre the new 11.2 firmware, but these are changed in 3ds 11.2.0-35.

  • Cver
  • Nver
  • Friends module
  • eShop (Maybe Only in Europe version)

But 3DS scene hackers are advising the homebrew community to stay away from the update until it is confirmed what is patched, what is not. So if you are the one who want to use Homebrew exploits on the 3DS, just follow the advice.

Homebrews on 3DS 11.2.0-35?

In the following, you will see the exploits works on 3ds v11.2, patched by 3ds v11.2 and the ones still need to be confirmed. Overally, only a few homebrew haxs are still working, so do not update your 3ds/n3ds/2ds firmware for now.

  • Ninjhax: Works
  • Stickerhax: Working
  • Basehax: Needs Payload
  • Freakyhax: Works
  • OOThax: Works
  • Steelhax: Works
  • SuperMysteryChunkhax: Works
  • Smashhax: ?
  • Vhax: ?
  • Humblehax: ?
  • BASICsploit: Still Patched
  • Ironhax: Still Patched
  • Browserhax: Still Patched
  • Menuhax: Still Patched
  • Memchunkhax2: Still patched

R4 card hacks on 3DS 11.2.0-35?


Yes, we just do the tests on some popular R4 3DS cards, they are all supporting 3ds 11.2.0-35. So if you have those 3ds R4/R4i flashcard and only want to use them, you can update to 3ds v11.2.

  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts(from with 1.84b, THE BEST DS game flash card for 3DS)
  • R4i gold 3ds wood(from with wood 1.64b)
  • R4isdhc gold pro 2016/2015(from with 3.8b)
  • R4isdhc dual core 2016/2015(from with 3.8b)
  • R4isdhc silver rts lite 2016/2015(from with 3.8b)
  • R4isdhc snoopy 2015(from with 3.8bb)
  • R4isdhc upgrade 2015(from with 3.8b)
  • R4i gold eu 3ds(from with 1.72b)
  • Ace3ds plus(from with AOS 2.13)
  • Dstwo+(from with EOS 1.14,THE BEST DS/GBS game flash card for 3DS))

3DS card works on 3DS 11.2.0-35?


Here I list you the 3ds game flashcarts you can use on 3DS 11.2.0-35, and the ones don’t work on 3DS V11.2 at least in this year.

  • Sky3ds+ plus: Yes, confirmed work on 3DS V11.2 directly, with firmware v112.
  • Sky3ds: Yes, confirmed work on 3DS V11.2 directly, with DiskWriter V2.03b4.
  • QQ3DS: Yes, but it is the clone card of Sky3ds and R4 card, so don’t buy.
  • QQ3DS PRO: Yes, but it is the clone card of Sky3ds+ and R4 card, so don’t buy.
  • Gateway 3DS: Still patched, this 3ds card only works on v4.1 to v9.2 firmware version.
  • BLUE 3DS: Still patched, same with GW.
  • MT-CARD: Still patched, this 3ds card only works on v4.1 to v9.5 firmware version.
  • R4I GOLD 3DS DELUXE EDITION:Still patched, same with MT-card.
  • 3DSLINK: Still patched and its official site disappers, so do not buy too.

Emunand 3DS 11.2.0-35 is accessible?

  • RXtools: Yes, Rx Emunand 11.2 is working
  • Reinand: Works
  • Luma3DS: Works
  • CakeFW: Works
  • Corbenik: Works
  • GW: Yes, GW Emunand 11.2 is supported by ultra firmware 3.7.2.
  • A9LH: Works

Can 11.2 can be downgraded to 9.2 or lower firmware version?

On the last 3ds 11.1 firmware, we can downgrade it with Dsiware and Hardmod, we are not sure about can they work on 3ds 11.2.0-35. So everybody, DO NOT UPGRADE to 11.2 if you’re thinking about dsiware/hardmod firm downgrade. And, if someone has confirmed the 3ds 11.2 downgrade online, we will add it to our post here and link you the tutorial. Just notice, downgade 3ds is never an easy job to do, you not only put the 3ds console under risk, but have to do a a lot of complicated steps to downgrade 3ds.

Update: Hardmod and Dsiware for downgrade are still working on 3DS 11.2.0-35. This time, hardmod 3ds 11.2 for downgrading, you need a new software called autofirm, which was modified from‘s autofirm which was modified from ‘Raugo‘s original autofirm (with permission).

Both the 2 methods are will working on New 3DS, Old 3DS, and 2DS (although the DSiWare method has some restrictions).

  • Use this link to downgrade your Firmware with a hardmod.
  • Use this link to downgrade your Firmware with DSiWare and a second 3DS (which already has CFW).

How to update 3DS without blocking any R4 card or Sky3ds(sky3ds+)?

Cause the 2 flashcards are working directly on the new firmware, you just update 3DS firmware as usual as before. And after the updating, you can go online, access eshop and play all online games.

update 3ds 11.2

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