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News|Sky3ds+ V130 firmware supports Pokemon Sun&Moon and exFat!

Finally, Sky3ds+ new firmware v130 is coming out soon, the recently released a video to show users of Sky3ds+ card can play Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Great news! The video of sky3ds+ with new firmware V130 playing Pokemon sun and moon has been released on sky3ds official site. The video proves that the sky3ds+ new firmware V130 have bypassed the encryption type(AP check 2.0) successfully. From the video, we can see that Pokemon sun and moon works well with sky3ds+ (new firmware V130).

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  • We will release the sky3DS+ new firmware in serveral days!(02/08/2017)
  •     The new sky3DS+ firmware V130 (Pokemon moon and sun AP check fixed, and exFAT support! ) will be releasedin this coming weekend! see video here.

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