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N2 elite: Is it the best Nintendo Modchip to buy, better than the Xecuter SX?

N2 Elite, also called amiiqo that is a product and is an NFC emulator that can collect free Amiibo action figures. Today, Team N2 Elite brings us a new evolution: a new system of cheating. What’s up ? You can find the answer here.

What is an Amiibo?

To enrich his market on video games, he launched a “video toy” in the form of a figurine. The amiibo are interactive action figures or cards that interact with your games, use a amiibo when playing Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS or compatible Wii U software and you will discover surprising new features! For example, in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, if you use the Wolf Link friendibo, you can summon Link Wolf to act as your partner in the game. In practice, just put your Friend on the NFC point of contact of the console and different effects will occur depending on the game: you can unlock new modes, weapons or character enhancements, or boost the capabilities of your friendibo to make a formidable ally or enemy!

N2 Elite, what is it for?

N2 Elite is an emulator NFC toy that can support all existing Amiibo miniatures, including some special action figures that are not officially launched.To emulate free Amiibo action figures. It is a round box, which has the capacity to store 200 figurines of Amiibo characters. It takes an Android smartphone equipped with the NFC function to copy all your Amiibo data on a device, if you do not have a NFC smartphone, no problem of course, the N2 NFC reader helps you solve your problems. This product will help you save a lot of money, because Nintendo has already launched hundreds of Amiibo, if you would like to collect all you would like, it’s absolutely a great budget. With this product, you could easily play free games on your console Switch, it will also use a USB dongle and a white chip make contact in the port JoyCon joystick right. With the release of this new product for hacker NS, more and more people start to attack the Nintendo Switch console, but do not forget another product that works so perfectly on Nintendo Switch is N2 elite, which is a NFC device for Amiibo cracker.

What’s up ?

Your n2 tag is no longer simply an Amiibos manager, you can now have a cheat code manager. Another good news: once this update is installed, you will no longer need to update via Google Playstore or by downloading the PC application to be up to date with the latest Amiibos or tips. In case of need, the application will directly receive all the latest data directly from our server. We only retain the data used to optimize the memory of your device. Better support, faster! Finally, a new “Randomize Serial” function allows you to work around the limitations that exist in some games and that allow you to scan an Amiibo only once a day. Well no more! Now it’s possible for N2 Elite users for now.

Is it possoble to play free games on the Switch by N2 elite?

N2 elite is only an emulator that allows you to enjoy the functions of Amiibo, it is impossible to play free games on Nintendo Switch. For now, if you’d like to crack the Switch and play the free games, do not worry, the Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS product can make your dream come true. Both products belong to the product of “SX Family”, it’s a new CFW, once you install it on your console, you could enjoy not only free games and also varied applications by a Hombrew launcher. It is the most popular hack product on the video game market.

Where can you buy N2 elite at a low price?

The N2 Elite is compatible with Nintendo Switch, 3DS and Wii U. You could buy it from our website, it is the best choice for all users. But using this product, it is impossible to play free games on Nintendo Switch, because it is not a linker for Switch cracker, it is used to hacker amiibo, you could enjoy Amiibo free figurines. Currently, more and more Nintendo role models are out, if you would like to collect all the roles you prefer, it’s really a great budget. The N2 Elite is a more economical choice, do not hesitate to order from us, you can enjoy the best service here, welcome to our site.

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