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Mod Nintendo Switch V5.1.0, are Xecuter SX Pro and OS still working or not?

Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 arrived finally, will the Xecuter SX Pro and OS CFW work on it? Should we update Nintendo Switch to the latest V5.1.0 if we want to hack it? Read this article, your question on Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 and Xecuter SX products wil be answered.

xecuter sx pro switch v5.1.0

Nintendo Switch Firmware V5.1.0

At the last day of May, we finally get a new Nintendo Switch operating system version, that’s V5.1.0. It’s a very small and normal update, doesn’t bring us new features other than a general stability improvement. It seems that Nintendo doesn’t prepare to patch those hot Nintendo Switch exploits today until for now. Or maybe they can’t block it by simply updating the Nintendo Switch firmware version, cause the most recent Switch exploit is a bootrom bug or a hardware flaw. Unless the Nintendo releases another new version Switch console, they can’t stop the exploits.

Can Xecuter SX Pro and OS CFW work on the Switch V5.1.0?

All the time, the Xecuter says their OS CFW and SX Pro can work on all firmwares and regions of Nintendo Switch. How about their compatibility to the latest V5.1.0? Don’t worry, we have talked with the Team Xecuter, the official site give us a reply like this” After testing, our SX OS CFW supports the Nintendo Switch V5.1.0 and any other future firmware update, this won’t be patched by Nintendo Switch”. So to any SX Pro or SX OS buyer or potential buyer, you are safe to update your console to V5.1.0, then you can use the SX OS on it as well for installing CFW, Homebrews and playing free Switch games.

Also, if you are the ones still don’t know the Xecuer SX Pro or SX OS? Let me give you some introduction here too.

Xecuter SX OS: The Nintendo Switch CFW(Custom Firmware), which is designed and will be released by Team Xecuter team. This Switch CFW is not a free one, it is sold as commercial product by the official site, if you want to buy it, you should order it from one of its sellers. SX OS is able to work on any Nintendo Switch firmware and model console, supporting many poweful functions, such as booting CFW, running Homebrews and playing Free games on the Switch. For installing it on your Switch, you need to modify your console firstly by a jig and a usb dongle, which we can find in the SX Pro kit, provided by Team Xecuter too.

Xecuter SX Pro: The Xecuter SX Pro is a hacking kit for Nintendo Switch console, it comes with a OS activation code and also includes the tools which you need for loading the OS CFW on your console, they are a jig module and a usb dongle. Both OS and Pro are in pre-order status, they are set to be launched out in the middle of June, pre-order now, you will get the first batch of them. In these days, Xecuter SX OS and SX Pro are becoming more and more Popular on the whole Internet, don’t miss the chance, you should buy one for a try, they are playing the Expensive Switch games for you at a very lower price, only around 45 dollars.

Where to buy the Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS CFW with Paypal/Credit Card payment?

buy xecuter sx pro

Here, we are proud to recommend you us, We are the legit and official site to buy Xecuter SX products, we are keeping warehouses in Asia, America and France, in the same time, we can support both Credit Card/Paypal payment. So if you are looking for a place to buy SX Pro or SX OS, we are your best Choice. Plus, we are doing Promotion on the Xecuter SX items, no matter you want to buy the SX Pro or the SX OS, you can get a voucher code to use, so price will be cheaper. If you buy from us, here are some facts about Xecuter SX Pro and OS, you should know.

  1. We will ship the Xecuter SX Pro once the TX releases it out, no late, no waiting!
  2. We will e-mail you the Xecuter SX OS software code, this one is no need for shipping.
  3. Xecuter SX Pro is more expensive but it lets you hack the Nintendo Switch much easier than simply buying the OS software.
  4. For wholesale need, e-mail to [email protected]

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