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Indepth tutorial to launch free games for switch with sx pro and OS license

The latest sales figures of the Nintendo console of March 3, 2017, the switch has made sales figures about 17 million consoles. Hackers open the way to crack the console, they want to make products like r4 3DS flashcards for Nintendo 3DS / 2DS. But it’s been a long time since Team-Xecuter released this product Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS license.

The XECUTER SX OS from Team Xecuter is the first complete solution to be released on the Nintendo Switch console, allowing the launch of backup games on your favorite console. We have enough stock in our shop. currently, it’s the best selling products for switch owners.

XECUTER SX PRO is the best solution to hack your nintendo switch. You will be able to take advantage of Team Xecuter’s Custom Firmware. The XECUTER SX PRO will allow you to use your copies of game on memory card (Micro SD). SX PRO dongle have already delivered the first stock, and buyers are really amused. A complete equipment that includes a Dongle, a JIG and the same condition of the license.

Here is the detailed tutorial on how to use the XECUTER SX PRO dongle and the XECUTER SX OS license to play free games on the Nintendo Switch.



A Nintendo Switch 1.0.0 to 5.1.0 (All firmwares are supported until the arrival of a new console model with a new SoC.)

  • The Dongle SX Pro
  • The JIG
  • MicroSD card (64GB high capacity)
  • A PC
  • A USB A to USB C cable


  • Your game backups in XCi format
  • - From version 1.0.0 to 3.0.2, it will be a FAT32 format and you will have to split the games.
  • - Beyond version 4.x.x, the exFat format is supported
  • Your homebrews
  • The Firmwares by the team
  1. A license
  2. The CFW SXOS_v1.2
  3. The SX Loader

Start and install the firmware

Step 1: Prepare the SD card and tools

1. Insert your microSD card into your PC

  •  If you are in 1.0.0 to 3.0.2, format it in FAT32
  • If you are in 4.x.x and higher, format it in exFat

2. If you use the SX Pro

  1. Download SX OS
  2. Unpack the archive
  3. Copy / Paste the Boot.dat file to the root of your microSD card

3. If you use SX OS

  1.  Download SX Loader
  2. Download SX OS
  3. Unpack the SX OS archive
  4. Copy / paste the payload.bin and Boot.dat files to the root of your microSD card
  5. Download TegraRCMGui

    NB: Either the .msi version that will allow you to install it on your PC (more comfortable), or the portable version in .zip

4. Insert your microSD card into the Switch

Step 2: Enable RCM Mode

If you use SX Pro

1. Turn off the console

2. Checking the Dongle

  •  Plug in the Dongle SX Pro
  •  Switch on
  • The dongle will turn green

3 Turn off the switch

4. Remove the Joy Con right, insert the JIG

5 Turn on the console by pressing the volume + button and press if Power

6. The SX OS Menu Appears

NB: the RCM mode is launched

If you use the SX pro

It will be, to trigger the exploit, to make boot the console in a mode Recovery (RCM) using a driver. If you are not comfortable with this method, be aware that there are two possibilities, one using a JIG (plastic object printed in 3D with a built-in conductor) or another, with a modified paperclip. I do not advise welding. Whatever object is used, they will make contact with pin 1 and 10 of the console to trigger this mode

This operation is not without risk! If you are not sure what you are doing, you could short-circuit components.

Start TegraRcmGUI.

NB: you will probably need to install the driver. To do this, connect your Switch to RCM mode before installation

Plug the Switch into your PC

NB: without the joycons!

Turn it off!

Switch to RCM mode Via 2 methods:

NB: it is necessary to make a circuit-circuit at the right Joycon rail between pin 1 and 10

With a trombone:

  1.  Take a paper clip
  2. Cut out with cutting pliers so that it looks like a U
  3.  Place the (in the direction of a U upside down) in the notch at the bottom of the right joycon rail
  4. Make contact between pin 1 and 10

With a JIG

Slide it into the rail to make contact between pin 1 and 10

Once done, launch your Switch in RCM mode.

Press and hold the Volume + button and press the power button briefly. Hold down the Volume + button for a few seconds.

NB: If you do not see the logo Nindendo display after 2/3 seconds, your switch was successfully launched in RCM mode

Step 3: Bootter Custome Firmware

If you use the dongle sx pro

  • Click Boot custom FW and then click continue
  • You will need to activate your license
  • The system will create a license-request.dat file on your microSD card

Get the license, Go to the Team Xecuter website, https: //

  • Browse
  • Select your file License-request.dat
  •  The License.dat file is created and then the copies in the microSD card root.

If you only use the SX OS license

  •  TegraRCMGUI tells you that you are in RCM mode
  • Select the payload.bin
  • Click on Inject Payload

And then, follow the steps like even advances.You will have to activate your license.

Have fun with free games.

1. Insert the microSD card into your Switch

2. Switch on your Switch either via the Dongle method or without RCM mode

3. Click Boot custom CFW

4. Click the Album applet

5. Your games appear. Enjoy!

What are the functions and limitations of switch games

Games run

  • 1 2 Switch
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker pack
  • Batman – The Telltale Stories
  • Cross BlazBlue Tag Battle (cart2 dump)
  • Donkey Kong Tropical Country Freeze (flagship 1st party title)
  • DOOM
  • Fifa 18
  • Fire Emblem Musou (Japan region)
  • Gear Club Unlimited
  • Island Flight Simulator (Europe region)
  • Kirby Star Allies (flagship 1st party title)
  • Legend of Kay (cart2 dump)
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (flagship 1st party title)
  • Mario Tennis Aces (cart2 dump)
  • MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame
  • One Piece World Unlimited Red Deluxe Edition
  • Owlboy
  • Shantae Half Genie Hero Ultimate Edition
  • Stern Pinball Arcade
  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
  • Super Mario Odyssey (Flagship 1st party title)
  • Ultra Street Fighter II – Final Challengers
  • Wild Guns Reloaded
  • Wonder Boy – Dragon’s Trap
  • Xenoblade 2 (Japan region)

 Limited games

  • LA Noire (possible bad dump)
  • Nintendo Labo 1 ToyCon 01 Variety Kit (possible bad dump)
  • Nintendo Lab 2 ToyCon 02 Robot Kit (possible bad dump)

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