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How to use Supercard DSTWO on Nintendo 2DS

If you have bought a 2DS for your kids,you must buy the Supercard DSTWO  for him/her.If you don’t know what’s the supercard DSTWO click the link to learn more.In this article I will show you how to use the Supercard DSTWO to play thousands of NDS games.What’s more ,it’s all free. You can put them all in one card,it’s amazing.

How to setup dstwo kernel for Nintendo 2DS ?

1) download the kernel from .
    remember download the DSTWO EOS Latest version

2) Unpack the file,copy all the files to the root folder of your micro sd card (yes,you must have an extra micro sd card to contain the kernel files)

3)copy the games you want to play to the root folder of the micro sd card.

4)put the card,start your console enjoy the games.

H….ha… That’s ALL. So easy!

Where to download the NDS games  for Nintendo 2DS ?

You can download more then 5500+ free games from take a look at this page: .


IF you buy the micro sd card together from, We can setup for you ,and install the games you want to play. The services are all free. Free shipping ,free services, So hardworking we are.

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