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How to use R4i Gold Pro,make it works on 3DS V6.2.0-12 directly

R4i Gold Pro is compatible with 3DS(XL) V6.2.0-12 directly now.If your R4i Gold Pro (click to buy)buy at current time(2013.09),you don’t need to update. The card send by our shop will run on 3DS(XL) V6.2.0-12 without any problem. In this article I will show you how to update your R4i Gold pro (buy before 2013.09) to support 3DS(XL) V6.2.0-12.

upgrade R4 Gold Pro step 1:

download the upgrade patch from official page: or directly click here;

There are two types of files.The Upgrade firmware area and Kernel download area.If your card is new one.After download do next steps:


1) unpack the fwUpdate_V6.20  you will get a same name folder:


2)open this folder and copy all the files to the root folder of you micro sd card.

3)download the latest kernel(if you have installed the kernel, just skip this step)
   click to download R4i Gold Pro Kernel.
   unpack the package copy the _rpg and _DS_MENU.dat to the root of your micro sd card.

4)Put the micro sd card (not the 3ds sd card) into your R4i Gold Pro,then put the R4i Gold Pro cartridge into you 3DS(XL). (remember the 3DS(XL) system must below V6.2.0-12)

5)Turn on the 3DS. Press A on the R4i Gold pro kernel icon.



after you upgrade success. you can upgrade your 3ds(XL) system to v6.2.0-12



Now enjoy your games.

If you have any problems,feel free to contact with me: [email protected]

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