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How to play free Switch and eshop games with a sd card and a SX Pro?

Yes, on your Nintendo Switch, you can play free Switch and eshop games with only a sd card and a SX Pro. The sd card is your Switch sd card, while the SX Pro is a very speical hacking kit for your Nintendo Switch. What is that? and how to use it to play free Switch and eshop games, in this post, you can get answer.

SX Pro or Xecuter SX Pro

sx pro

SX Pro, the full name is Xecuter SX Pro, it is made by a famous xbox flashcard company Team Xecuter, they are popular in the hacking market because they always produce cheap but good flashcards or modchips.

The SX Pro is their ultimate and complete hacking kit for Nintendo Switch. In the SX Pro box, it is including a joycon jig, a pro usb dongle and an os cfw license code which is built-in the usb dongle. The 3 items makes every user jailbreak the Switch firmware in minutes and play hundreds of Switch games freely.

How does the SX Pro work? Firstly, we need to use the Jig to turn the Switch into RCM mode, then we should activate the os code from the usb dongle, finally we can boot SX OS CFW on our Nintendo Switch, from now on we can install homebrews, play free games and use emulators on our consoles.

The SX Pro is supporting All Nintendo Switch firmwares, the V5.1.0 is not an exception. It is also simple and easy to use, no brick, no ban as long as you don’t play games online. For anyone of you get an Nintendo Switch machine, the Xecuter SX Pro is a must to buy, not only it saves you a large amout of money for buying game cartridges, but also it supports homebrewing your console to run emulators and other free softwares&games.

How to use SX Pro to play free Switch games(.XCI)?

sx pro USA


  1. One SX Pro
  3. Switch with Internet
  4. PC, Mac, or Linux

Section I -Boot SX OS CFW

  1. Format your Switch microsd card on Switch and take it out, also re-format the sd card on your PC with exFat.
  2. Go to the official site to download the latest SX OS version, extract the SX OS .zip archive and place the contents of the archive on the root of your microSD card.
  3. Go to some online site to download Switch games in .XCI format and drag them to your sd card root folder too.
  4. Maku sure your Switch is power off and isn’t plugged in any other device.
  5. Slide the Jig into the right-hand joycon rail and push it down until it is secure in the place, next,
  6. Plug the dongle into the usb-c port on the botton of you switch, now, while holding the vol+, press the power button until you can see the SX OS bootloader. You can now remove the jig and install RCM according to instruction and then Select the “Boot into custom FW” option.
  7. When you preform the first boot of SX OS, a unique file will be created on your microsd card, for activating it, just pressing the Album icon to enter into the Game Selection Menu of SX OS and then pressing R. Make sure your Switch is connected to the internet

Section II-Play Free Switch Games

  1. Now you get SX OS loaded on your console, selecting the Album icon with no button held will open the game selection menu for you to play free Switch games.
  2. Holding R while selceting the Album will open the homebrew menu, this required the homebrew menu files to be present on your sd card. Switch homebrew apps can be download from here

How to use SX Pro to play free eshop games(.NSP)?

sx os 1.4 nsp

In the beginning, the SX OS CFW only supports the backups of the Switch games in .XCI format, since the launch of SX OS V1.3, eShop games can be installed in NSP format too. But the operation is not simple for all players, if you would like to install a .NSP file, you need a legitimate copy of the DevMenu, which can be launched now via LayeredFS. It’s a little complicated.

However, with the release of SX OS 1.4, we finally have an easy way to install nsp files. Because in the SX OS V1.4, it has a built-in NSP installer in the menu, you can easily install the NSP titles to play free eshop games on Switch. 2 ways you can choose.

  1. Download NSP with CDNSP, put on SD card, install from SX OS. That’s it.
  2. Download and copy the .NSP files to the root of the SD card. Boot up SX OS 1.4. Go to Albums, go to Installer and have fun.

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