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How to play free games on Nintendo 2DS ?

Nintendo 2DS is a good choice for kids.It’s cheap enough,but has almost all the features of 3DS(XL). although there are many games for Nintendo 2DS,but most of them need you pay the order.Some user want to play classic games like “Pokemon soulsilver”,”Animal crossing wild world”… they have to cost money to pay it. We think it should be free.Now you can use the R4i Gold 3DS  card to achieve your goal. In this article I will teah you how to use the flashcard to play free games.

What’s R4i Gold 3DS Card ?

R4i Gold 3DS Card is an original R4 Card for Nintendo 2DS/3DS/DSi/DS consoles. It’s a flashcard, you can use this card to play almost all the nds games. you just need to download the games rom then copy the rom to the r4i gold 3ds card. So you don’t need to buy thousand  games. Yes, for almost all the nds games.It can run well on Nintendo 2DS.

Where to buy the R4i Card for Nintendo 2DS ?

The R4i Card can buy from the reliable USA reseller You can buy it directly from this site. It provide free games roms and can setup them for you before send the card to you.   Buy4i Gold 3DS .

How is R4i Gold 3DS works on 2DS?

You only have only 2 simple steps to use the card.

1) copy the kernel to the root folder of a micro sd card.
2) copy the games to the root folder of the micro sd card.
3)put the card into the 2DS,then use it like a normal game card.

More flashcard that can run on Nintendo 2DS:

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