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How Can I play 3DS roms freely on 3DS XL via Flashcart ?

Which flashcart support 3DS roms on 3DS XL or 3DS console ?  or Should I buy the R4 flashcart or buy 3DS mode flashcart ?  You can get the answer from this article.

Here,we only talk about the 3DS console include the 3DS/3DS XL/3DS LL/2DS. ( in this article I will call them with 3DS console or 3DS,because they use the same 3ds system)

There are two main type games can works on 3DS console. The old DS games and the 3DS mode games. We know that the DS gmaes are designed for DSi/DS consoles and the 3DS mode games are only for 3DS consoles. Nintnedo has many limits on games, so you can buy more games and upgrade your 3DS system. So the 3DS games which desigined only for 3DS console can’t works on DS consoles . But the DS games can works on DS consoles and 3DS consoles.   OK, That’s all. Two main kinds games, one designed for DS consoles, We call it DS games can works on all the consoles. One designed for 3DS console, only work on 3DS.

Problem is coming, Dose the flashcart support all of the games.  Unfortunately, the answer is NO! The first generation flashcart is the R4 flashcarts. The Most famous r4 cards ( R4i SDHC 3DS RTS ,R4 Gold 3DS, SuperCard DSTWO ) Can only support DS games. That’s mean you can’t play the 3DS games( Pokemon X&Y, MH4). These r4 flashcarts can works on all the 3DS and DS consoles.
Summary: You can use R4 flashcarts enjoy DS games on 3DS and DS consoles, support all the system version. Support region free and wifi, you don’t need worry anything,works well, and do what you want.

How Can I play 3DS games on 3DS console via flashcart ?

The only limit is that you must have a 3DS console with the 4.1~4.5 firmware. Yes, that’s the only limit. If you console is the latest 3DS 8.1.0-18, you can’t play 3DS games via flashcart. Because all the 3DS game flashcarts only works on 3DS 4.1~4.5. Don’t ask why, that’s true. Because these 3DS flashcarts use the bugs on 4.1~4.5 firmeare.
If your are luck enough have the 3DS 4.1~4.5, now you can buy the Gateway 3DS, MT Card or R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition to enjoy 3DS games.

Summary: 3DS game flashcarts only works on 3DS 4.1~4.5. You can use these flashcarts enjoy 3DS and DS games on your 3DS 4.1~4.5 consoles.

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