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Gateway 3ds supports to play Zelda:Tri Force Heroes on 3ds/new 3ds with the ultra 3.4.1

The newest 3ds game legand of Zelda:Tri Force Heroes EU version is released recently. Gateway 3ds card with the latest FW ultra 3.4.1 can support this game on both Nintendo 3ds and New 3ds consoles via bypass the AP checks. So, guys don't worry, you can always play the new 3ds games with Gateway 3ds flashcart for now or for future. On the other hand, if you want to play 3ds games always on the latest 3ds latest system, then choose Sky3ds card.

Gateway 3ds by pass 3ds games uses AP checks

Yes, GW with the latest launcher automatically patches the code that checks for the system version and all the "cryptofix" crap ONLY applies to eshop downloads of the game.

Gateway 3ds supports Zelda:Tri Force Heroes?

Yes, GW is 100% running this game roms on 3DS and N3DS consoles. But you should setup emunand to play this game! Your sysnand (real system) has probably a firmware version not high enough to play those games and so you will have to format emunand (with the option in GW Menu) in order to create it. After it's created, you'll boot into it by default every time you boot GW Mode and you'll see "GW3D" when you enter the system settings. You'll also be able to update emunand to the latest version through system settings if you have a O3DS. N3DS only support emunand up to 9.5. Then you can play Zelda:Tri Force Heroes EU rom without issues.

How to play Zelda:Tri Force Heroes EU rom with Gateway 3ds?

Play Zelda:Tri Force Heroes EU with Gateway on 3DS V4.1 to V4.5

In the firmware range, 3DS can be cracked by Gateway card with the most simple steps. All you need is Gateway blue card, Gateway red card, a new micro sd and 3ds roms.

The traditional booting methoud is Gateway Blue Card Boot Method

As we know that gateway 3ds package includes one blue card and one red card. The blue card is used for booting the gateway card on V4.1-V4.5 3ds firmware. So you can just use this blue card boot method to use gateway 3ds with ULTRA V3.4.1, don't know what to do still, no need to worry, the post here can help you.

Play Zelda:Tri Force Heroes EU with Gateway on 3DS V4.6 to V9.2

Pre-Setup Tips:
- Make sure you have a valid wireless profile in your 3DS/N3DS, but DO NOT switch it on yet
- Format your MicroSD for the GATEWAY CART as ExFAT so you can place files over 4GB in size on them. Windows 7 and higher natively supports this from the Format menu in Computer/This PC. The SD card inside your 3DS/N3DS should be FAT32, as it will not recognize ExFAT.

Part 1    Setting up the sd card

Download the latest gateway 3ds firmware here: ultra V3.4, you should get the zip firmware below.

R4 3DS

Extract it,open the folder to get the contents,Open the “GW_Ultra_3.4(Public Beta)” folder,copy and paste it to the root of your sd card (which is put inside of the 3ds console).

R4 3DS

the sd card should have contents below,Then insert the sd card into your 3ds/3ds xl console.

R4 3DS

Part 2  Access the gateway 3ds mode

Currently you have two methods to access the gateway 3ds mode, using blue card or using internet browser without blue card. It all depends on the firmware version of your 3ds/3ds xl console. Cause the blue card one is just liking before and very easy to operate, here we talk about the second Gateway setup method.

  • For 3ds v4.1 to v4.5, blue card booting mode.
  • For 3ds v4.6 to v9.2, website booting mode.

Step 3  Setting the wifi connect.(Notice: make sure do not update your 3ds firmware accidently after you set up the wifi internet.) After you set up the internet connect, just click the internet browser icon.

R4 3DS

Type url address  “” and access, the screen should turn black and flash, then go to the gateway 3ds mode, because you need to do this step everytime when you want to go to gateway mode, so you need to bookmark this url, and just click the bookmarks. click the url there which is easier. 

  R4 3DS  go.gateway 3ds

Step 4  Click confirm, you will meet the problem like below pix shows.


Step 5  The error happened because the wifi is off, so the page is not loading.So you just push the wireless button to turn on the wifi. And the top screen will show enabled.

Step 6  Now click refresh icon below


Step 7  You will go to the page and then the screen will turn black and then restart, and you will see the pic below which means you access the gateway mode successfully.

gatewqay mode

Step 8   Insert your gateway 3ds red card into the 3ds console and click boot gateway mode. If your gateway 3ds is not the latest version, you will see this and just update your card follow the steps below, press A, press start to update.Then wait!  when updating complete, click A to go back to the gateway mode.

R4 3DS

R4 3DS

R4 3DS

Step 9 Click the first icon boot gateway mode. The screen will turn black and restart, then just press select , the game list will show, then use Select button to choose one game to play.

Part 3 Setup Emunand

It's important that you DO NOT EXIT your Settings menu at any point before or during the setup and updating of your emunand, doing so will push you out of the exploit and back to sysnand and you MAY UPDATE YOUR SYSNAND FIRMWARE.

Step 1: Get back to the Gateway menu by re-launching the web browser exploit (see above). After the bottom screen turns white, hold down L so that your 3DS doesn't boot straight back to the Home Screen.

Step 2: Select "Format Emunand" from the menu (I hope you copied your NAND backup to your PC already!) — this will ERASE YOUR SD/MICROSD INSIDE YOUR 3DS/N3DS and configure it for Emunand.

Step 3: Once it has finished (it will take awhile) choose the option to boot to Gateway Mode. Open your system settings and look for the GW3D Firmware.

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