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EZflash redux update, can we buy the card now and which is the best reseller in USA?

Good news, the new 3ds flash cart-EZflash redux is finally comes, customers who pre-order EZFLASH REDUX cart in out site, your pacakges already be shipped out. If you do not get tracking number, just e-mail us to get. To those who do not buy the card still and want to know more about EZflash redux, I will tell you what we know about the 3ds flash cart here.


The link here is not the public one, but do not use it for EZ-flash redux card now. The official team tell us wait 2 more days, they will release an official version soon in the weekend, so you can check it firstly but do not use it.


  • Play 3DS Games: support to run free downloaded .3ds roms on the 3DS, NEW 3DS and 2DS console.
  • Support Multi-rom and Menu:support users to play Multiple 3ds roms and choose a 3ds game to play on the screen menu.
  • Emunand and Sysnand: work on 3DS Sysnand and support Emunand on 3DS/N3DS/2DS handhelds.
  • Restore 3DS savegame: restore the retail cartridge game save from SD card.
  • Backup 3DS savegame: backup the retail cartridge game save to the SD card.
  • Backup 3DS Game Cartridge: backup the retail game cartridge rom to the SD card.

EZ-FLASH REDUX Simple User Guide

A. Preparation

using A9LH exploit

1. copy game roms to the microsd and plug in to EZ-FLASH REDUX card

2. copy launcher.dat and luma folder to the root of internal SD.

3. rename the down_ezr.bin in luma\payloads folder to KEY_YOU_WANNA_TO_PRESS_ezr.bin or leave it

be. for example: left_ezr.bin .

4. hold the key which you set in previous step and power up the console, default key is DOWN if you skipped the

previous step, the A9LH will load the launcher and inject it.

using 414 exploit

1. copy game roms to the microsd and plug in to EZ-FLASH REDUX card

2. copy launcher.dat to the root of internal SD.

3. use the 414 exploit to boot the launcher.

B. Game List

in the console main interface, press SELECT to popup the Game List in the upper screen.

ezflash redux menu

use L and R to change the page and use direction pad to browse game.

press A when the game is selected, the game will be loaded and displayed in the lower screen.

the Game List window displays the SYS or EMU to confirm the system you are using.


Press L when the EZ-FLASH splash screen appearing in the upper screen, the REDUX menu will be displayed in the lower


ezflash redux mode

REDUX mode: boot the system into REDUX mode. you can use the Game List and EmuNand.

ezflash reudx mode 2

Classic mode: boot the system in to Classic mode, you can use the retail game cartridge and EmuNand, but no Game List.

ezflash redux mode 3

Format EmuNand: create the EmuNand partition on the SD card. everything on the SD card will be erased. please backup your data before use. the REDUX and Classic mode will automatic load EmuNand after it be created.

format emunand redux

FIRMWARE UPDATE: upate the firmware of EZ-FLASH REDUX card.

ezflash redux firmware

NOTE: for the security and safety reason, we don’t provide SysNand operation. please choose the third-party tools to

operate the SysNand.0

Where to buy EZ flash redux in USA, which is the best site/reseller?

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