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EZ flash 3in1 buying notice: when will new ezflash 3 in 1 be released to US and UK?

Do not hurry to buy EZ-flash 3in1 if you still has not ordered from any online site. Why? Because even after your order, they could either ship you an old version ez flash 3 in 1 card or send you nothing, currently, in the whole market, ezflash 3in1 card is out of production and a new version of ezflash 3 is under development. If you can wait, the new ez-flash 3 in 1 will come out in the middle of July; if you need a GBA game flashcard for NDS/DS Lite urgently, you can change to buy the ezflash IV card.

ezflash iv 4 gba card micro

Where to buy new EZ-flash 3in1 in USA and UK with free shipping?

As one of ezflash cards’ resellers in USA, we is the first site to notice customers formally that the EZ-flash 3in1 is out of the production by its team and will come back in the market with new version in the next month July. We do not want to cheat customers to place an order but have nothing to send. So we write this blog post to tell you the news and share you another good ezflash card, which supports GBA games as well as the ezflash 3 in 1. Being a reliable and active ezflash card dealer, we are worthy your trust and order.

After we get new EZ-flash 3in1 card in the middle of July, we will notice you in the product page here and for every customers who wants to buy it in that time, we offer all these free customer service. If you afraid to miss the releasing of ezflash 3 in 1, just e-mail to our sales here [email protected], we will contact you when new ez-flash 3in1 comes out.

  1. Promo code to buy cheaper new ezflash 3 in 1 card.
  2. Pay for ez-flash 3in1 with paypal or credit card payment.
  3. Send out ez flash 3 within 24 hours after our order in working days.
  4. Deliver the ezflash card to you with free shipping, local shipment and express carrier, tracking number included for all methods.
  5. E-mail you the free game code to download nds, 3ds, gba games.
  6. Teach you to setup the ezflash 3in1 in blog post.

What’s the EZflash IV and does it work on DS/DS Lite?

The full name is EZ-Flash IV or EZ4 MicroSD/SDHC version. This is the first GBA sized EZ4 model to use microSD size memory rather than the now hard to come by miniSD. The EZ-Flash IV is a powerful cartridge that allows you to relive the amazing experience of your favorite GBA classics. With the EZ-Flash IV, you will be able to play games in the best conditions thanks to its perfect GBA game compatibility and its simplicity of use. You will also be able to enjoy NDS games if you own a “passme” device or have flashed your DS firmware with the latest “flashme”. It can support 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB microSD/SDHC memory card directly. MiniSD adapter is not needed anymore, it is much easier to use and can hold more GBA games.

EZ4 microSD version is compatible with all GBA systems, the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Unfortunately the DSi/DSi XL has no GBA cartridge slot, so it isn’t supported. I believe that this device is great value for money, providing an easy way to play GBA roms on your original hardware, compared to other where can i buy zovirax ointment online devices that require outdated connectors such as Parallel port to flash the games. The price is also cheap at only $31, so if you are looking for a cheap way to play your GBA games I thoroughly recommend it.


  • Support all GBA/NDS console
  • Multi-ROM support
  • Cheatcodes support
  • MicroSDHC support, maximum capacity up to 32GB
  • Extend Memory support, Browser compatible
  • 128Mbit PSRAM
  • 256Mbit Nor-Flash RAM
  • Homebrew compatible


Step A: Updating your cart

  1. Get your micro sd card, put it in your computer and format it to FAT32.
  2.  Download the latest kernel from the official site or here (version 2.01)
  3.  Unzip the downloaded file and copy ezfla_up.bin to your microSD card(DO NOT PUT IT INSIDE ANY FOLDER!)
  4.  Put the microSD inside your EZ-FLASH IV and then put the flashcart inside your GBA/NDS console.
  5.  Turn on your machine and hold down R until you get a black screen with some text and a line which has a percentage, let it sit and when it finishes you can reset your device, your flash cart is now up to date!


Step B: Putting games on your EZ-FLASH

  1. Download the EZ4 client from the official site or here
  2. Unzip it wherever you want and open EZ4_Client.exe
  3. Press config and on the “Send Path” field choose your microSD
  4. Press open and select the roms you want on your card(you can select more than one rom if you press Ctrl while selecting them)
  5. Press enter and click on the send button. The roms will be patched and sent to your SD card, now you can put the card in the flashcart and play the games on your gameboy.

 Tips: Try not to select more than 20 roms at a time, the client tends to crash if you do so. If you want to have more than 78 roms on your sd card you have to create multiple folders in your sd card and put at most 78 roms in each.

Step C: Change your flashcart’s language

  1. Put your EZ-FLASH with the sd card on it on your GBA/NDS and start it.
  2. A menu with four icons on the left should appear, select the third from the top.
  3. Select the first option
  4. Select the second option. Your EZ Flash is now in English!

Congratulations! Now you can play free GBA games and homebrews on the consoles, If you still has any question on the setup of ezflash iv, just check this tutorial.

Differences of EZflash 3 and EZflash 4, which is better to buy?

EZFlash IV EZFlash 3-in-1
Compatibility All GBA, NDS and NDS Lite consoles. NDS and NDS Lite
Introduction Dedicated GBA flash cart with miniSD slot NDS flash cart accessory that fits into slot-2 (no memory card slot)
Cheatcode Yes No
Homebrew Yes No
MicroSDHC Yes No
Boot in NDS mode Yes, but “has issues going into NDS mode sometimes” Yes
Boot in GBA mode Yes Yes
power consumption Fast Slow
Price $36 $47

From here, it’s easy to see that ez flash iv microsd version is better to buy than the ezflash 3in1. The ezflash IV or ezflash 4 microsd is supporting more functions and can work alone without using the NDS Slot-1 Carts. However, without the DS flash cart, EZ-Flash 3-in-1 is totally useless. In conclusion, we will recommend you highly by the ez-flash iv not the ezflash 3 in 1. If you feel the price is too high, just e-mail to us([email protected]), we will send you the voucher code to buy ezflash 4 card cheaper.

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